Protect Your Family with a Few Clicks of the Mouse

Last week it was a pet food scare that had pet owners worrying for the best friends.  Monday, the Washington Post reported that food contaminate with Aminopterin, or rat poison, might have resulted in at least 15 cats and one dog death.  Last month, frantic parents filled the emergency rooms and clogged phone lines to their pediatricians when they suspected that their children’s peanut butter was contaminated with salmonella.  Recalls.GovThese cases are just a couple of the most recent ones and those most publicized, but recalls happen on a daily basis.  Are you aware of all these recalls?  Are you sure you’re safe?

Would you be willing to make a few clicks of your mouse, if it meant that you and your family could be safer?  Well that’s what the Consumer Product Safety Commission is hoping.  They recently launched a “Drive to 1 Million” campaign in homes of getting consumers to visit their website to sign up for email notices on recalled information.

 “It is vital for consumers to check their own homes for hazardous products that have been recalled,” Acting Chairman Nancy Nord said.  “Consumers can literally save lives with the click of their computer mouse.”

 This service covers recalls for not only food, but children’s products (toys, clothes), household products, electronics, outdoor products and power tools.  The CPSC is also suggesting that consumers be on the look out for hazardous recalled products when doing spring cleaning of closets, garages and other storage areas. 

I, personally, have found this service to a valuable.  Last year my twins got a present from a well meaning family member that was on the recall list (why it was still being sold in stores is questionable).  But the list told me what to look for (model, type, etc.) to determine if the product was truly recalled and how to contact the company for a replacement part.  It was a fairly painless process, but had I not got the recall email I might have spent a night in the emergency room.

 I’ve signed up for this service, have you?

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2 Responses to Protect Your Family with a Few Clicks of the Mouse

  1. The issue about rat poisons that accidentally got into some Menu Food pet products teaches us to be very vigilant about the things we’re buying. Every time I read about this issue I can’t help but remember one case of food poisoning that happened here in our place. There’s this street vendor who sells pancakes and hotcakes outside a public school. One day almost 50% of the students were absent and the ones who came to school complained about chronic headache and loose bowel. When the school doctor examined them, they all suffered from one common thing – food poisoning. The doctors from the general hospitals investigated the matter and it was found out that one poisonous ingredient was ingested by the children. And this substance was one of the powdery sulfate containing substance used as fertilizers in the farm. The issue ended up with the results stating that the street vendor accidentally mixed that sulfate-containing substance to her hotcake mixture. She thought it was flour and she used it when one time she ran out of flour.

  2. vacelts says:

    portrait, what a terrible incident. Another good reason not to keep poisonous chemicals in the kitchen with the things you eat.

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