Are the Final 5 Cylons on BSG from Earth?

Battlestar Galactica fans everywhere are full of questions after BSG’s third season finale which revealed four of the final five Cylons.  Although tight lipped on the details, Executive Producer Ron Moore assures us that answers are coming in Season 4.

But I can’t wait.  I’ve come up my own theory about the final five Cylons.  I’ll forewarn everyone right now that this theory is far fetched.  I’m not really basing this on anything, but my own imagination.

I think that the final five Cylons are from Earth.  Earth was the 13th colony, right.  Why couldn’t it come up with the same technology? 

I think that the humans on Earth also developed Cylons.  And I’m guessing they did it much earlier than the other 12 colonies.  I believe that the relationship between the Cylons and the humans on Earth have evolved (maybe not without their share of conflict along the way) to a point of peaceful, integrated coexistence.

I theorize that those on Earth know about the situation in the 12 colonies (I haven’t quite figured out how yet) and right before the original treaty between the Cylons and the 12 colonies was signed decided to send four (or five depending on who you believe is the last Cylon) to infiltrate the colonists.  Earth leaders foresaw (whether from their own experience or some other premonitory means) the coming war and sent these Cylons as stealthy guides to guide both the colonists and the other Cylons to Earth — and ultimately to a peaceful coexistence.

In order not to compromise their position, the Final Cylons were not even allowed to know their own identity, but as they approached Earth they “felt” their counterparts on the lost planet; hence, the Watchtower music.

Tyrol and BabyIn this theory, Hera is so important because she represents the first union between the colonists and their Cylons — the first step towards unification.  The Chief’s baby is not as significant since his model has been interbreeding on Earth for some time.

In this hypothesis, at least one (probably D’Anna) of the original Cylons was also really one of the Earth Cylons introduced into the Cylon fleet for the same reason as those infused with the colonists.

Now, who is the final Cylon?  I don’t believe it’s Roslin.  She heard the music because of her Cylon treatment of cancer.  Starbuck is still a possibility.  But truly, I believe the final Cylon is on Earth and is responsible for guiding everyone to Earth.

As I said, it’s just speculation.  Go ahead and start poking holes in my ideas.

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86 Responses to Are the Final 5 Cylons on BSG from Earth?

  1. UberPuppy says:

    fifth cylon: Kara.

    Why? Well, figure this: she gets blown up in a random patch of space – as far as we can tell – and pretty convincingly does the whole fireball thing. And then later she rocks up again in the season finale, saying she’s been to Earth. We already know cylons resurrect, so perhaps that `random’ patch of space is actually close enough to Earth, and Kara simply resurrects. Fits with your wee theory above I reckon 🙂

    Only on bummer about that – where does her vipyer come from? hhmmm /:7

  2. vacelts says:


    Valid points. And if the last Cylon is someone we’ve met, then I agree it must be Starbuck.

  3. Walid Ismail says:

    interesting, u definately have a wild imagination. however, i would like to post my theory. i think that gilian, tori, samuel, and saul are not like the other cylons. There’s a reason we only knew about the 7 other cylons, and i just don’t think that the final five fit the others’ profile. They are… special cylons. They have a unified purpose that i think we will see in the fourth season. The final cylon, well, that could be ne1s guess. but i would hope that he/she would be the leader of the cylons, or the one to enlighten them, or have a unique purpose. for this reason. i also believe that it is definately not william adama, nor lee, starbuck, roslan, and gaius. it could be ronwall lampkin, but that’s a tiny possibility, actually no, its not him. duala? maybe, but unlikely. she doesnt fit the profile for the super-cylon. tom zarek? possibly. or it could be a “dead” person. like billy, or ellen (i mean, gaius baltar wouldnt reveal whether or not she was a cylon after he tested her), and its definately not gaieta cause no one but the final five know who they are. The cylons don’t even know, i mean how could they, they know there are five others, and know their importance, but there is a mysterious divine force that decides when they should be recognized. God? Cylon God? Gods? who knows, only God knows, and Ron Moore. Gun to my head, its…… AHHH I DONT KNOW

  4. vacelts says:

    Walid, I told you it was a far-fetched theory. I like your idea that the final cylon is of some importance — a leader.

  5. Louis-Phil says:

    I think starbuck is too obvios as the 5th cylon! All arrows do seem to be pointing to her but it could be a smokescream for some crazy plot twist where low and behold Lee was switch at birth and he is in fact the 5th! At this point, if it turns out to be Starbuck, this show will have become to predictable to be interesting. Frankly I thought that giving us these four the way they did was too much and more anti-climactic than anything else. They could have spread it out more, with individual turmoil, fears of dimentia in one, another fearing schyzophrinia and in their malaise discover the other. Four in one episode… come on! what a waist!

  6. j_brujah says:

    I don’t think Kara died in the explosion, remember there is a very very short scene just before her viper gets oblitareted where she is trying to reach for the ejection lever ( the black one with yellow stripes ) so i really think that means something . A big clue is about D’Ana when she says “i’m sorry” to one of the final five , it’s like it was a tone of respect for that character and that should be the question, who has gain her respect as to motivate such a regretfull line. And call me a bit crazy here but i think the final five are something different than cylons or humans , why do they appear in the visions in the opera house of the ancient gods ? Even cylons when talking about them well when avoiding to talk about them they use the same reverance as they use it when talking about “god” . There is a posibility that the 5th cylon and the cylon god are one and the same …entity ( for lack of a better word ) . And also let’s not forget the wave of energy that powered down the entire fleet just at the moment the 4 were becoming fully aware , i think a can bat my ars that the cylon fleet experienced the same problem . What really puzzles me is the 3 women and their dream about protecting Hera , i read the theoryes about how Laura could connect to Athena and Caprica but … that’s a “how” not a “why” and i am really missing the why here . Oh and by the way , the ending of the last ep of the series was so tense i though i will go trough the roof , i mean they showed us so much yet at the same time revealed so many questions i just hope they don’t dissapoint ( in the force of the plot i mean ) with the 4th series

  7. BAdboy says:

    The last Cylon in the ship….Galactica. Don;t ask me how or why…I just have a feeling….

  8. Badboy says:

    I wouldn;t be at all surprised if the last Cylon to be revealed is the ship itself – Galactica. Don’t ask me how or why – I just have a feeling…

  9. alejandro says:

    thought about this alot. Probably untrue but it got me thinking about president adar. He was the leader that ruled the 12 colonies. He would of had a choice choosing who made the denfenses on the 12 colonies, and could have appointed gaius to make it, bringing through the subsequant genocide. he choose to bring roslin with him as he rose through the ranks in his presidential quest, in a way he was grooming her for her path. She mentions him alot through quotes. When d’anna says shes sorry, wudnt she be sorry if she realised that the cylons had killed president adar? speculative, but just something that links together a few facts. all and all it heavily depends on what the writers have decided to do with earth. if its not adar, i would think it would be some1 in the main cast, as they arent gonna blow an explosive storyline like this on a minor cast member

  10. vacelts says:

    alejandro, I hadn’t thought about Adar. Interesting theory.

  11. sirbaz says:

    there are 12 cylon models, how come if the final 5 were created first, the other seven are numbered 1 – 7 and not 6 – 12

  12. vacelts says:

    That’s an excellent point sirbaz.

  13. AndyVGR says:

    j_brujah, I think D’Ana is saying sorry to the Cylon that looks like Tigh, because they ripped his eye from his socket, Tigh never mentions who did it, but I bet D’Ana sure knew it happened. On one note, 12 Cylons, 12 Colonies, are all of the cylons from different colonies?

    And what about the Adama’s having “Day Dreams” that they are somewhere else, Lee when he is in space vision’s himself in the water, and then Bill while he is walking in the ships sees him self at his old house, very interesting.

    But I do think that everything is mis direction and the Cylon is in plane sight.

  14. TheOneWhoKnows says:

    Here’s an off the wall suggestion, whats if the missing/unknown cylon is one of the current known 7 cylons.. well rather an original version of one of them if you will. Could D’Ana be saying sorry to Caprica Six, or asking for forgiveness from Brother Cavil.

  15. vacelts says:

    The one who knows, interesting theory. You might have a point.

  16. Dan West123 says:

    i thought it could be Lee Odamas bro, zach? remember lee oban? when speaking t othe president before he was sucked out the airlock? ‘commander Odama is a cylon’ . Im sure we learn in a early season that Zach was promoted to a Commander before he died, or as an honorary possition because he was KIA. Pluss we are told that lee oban speakes in ‘both lies ad trueths’ i think the lie was that it convinced the prez that it was Commander Odama and the trueth that it was, just it was his son Zach instead?

    guess we wll have to find out

    (sorry for spelling mistakes guys)

  17. vacelts says:

    Dan, I can’t remember if Zach was a commander or not? But you might be right and that’s a good argument.

  18. chris says:

    it could either be roslin,

    she had a relationship with the former president “adar” , (like 6 with baltar)
    over the top hatred of cylons
    the visions she shares with other cylons (she claims its because of hera’s blood)
    cylons in the airlock
    remeber that RDM lies!!! (ie death of starbuck for good!)

    or baltar

    if its baltar, he’s the incarnation of the cylon god. it would explain a lot… his visions, head 6, the knowlege he has been given numerous times from head 6

  19. vacelts says:

    Chris, I think it would be ironic if it was Baltar considering they already told him it wasn’t him, but who knows.

    I thought I read somewhere that it definitely wasn’t Roslin, but I can’t remember where.

  20. Jardine says:

    I think that the final 5 or who appear to be the final 5 are not really cylons as we no it or not cylons at all. Since the chief that has had a child with a human, if he is in deed a cylon, his child is not near as important as Hera, why because maybe they are not the final 5. As someone said before, why would the sequencing of numbers be off. I could buy that they could be from earth.

    I don’t they are the cylons that destroyed the colonies because why did the cylons not take advantage of their critical positions on Galactica or the presidnecy, to stop their advance to earth before? let’s not also forget that earth is the “13th Colony”

  21. Dan West123 says:

    i know this is kinda off topic to the final five, but, has anyone thought about how the chief is a cylon, but had a baby with Kally? could this mean that the baby is possibly another ‘gift from god’ like Karl Agathon and Athenas baby? its just i havent really come across any forums that mention this? actualy just thinking about it, could the baby be the final member of the final five. They could of used Karls and Athenas baby as a decoy to distract people about who the real chosen one is. And since the baby has been spawned by an actual member of the final five, it could show more significance? or is this just a little too far fetched?

    ( sorry for using Athenas call sign instead of her name, i cant remember it lol)

  22. vacelts says:

    Jardine, good thoughts. I wish I had the answers for you.

  23. vacelts says:

    Dan, I think the difference between the chief’s baby and Athena’s is that for Athena’s the cylon is the mother. Some cultures (can cylons be a culture?) believe that power, wisdom, etc. is transferred through the mother’s line.

  24. Dan West123 says:

    ahhh oki yeah fair play i see your point. If they have a religion i cant see why they dont have there own culture. The only thing im terrified about is that they are going to bugger up what has been a brilliant show by making the final cylon some obscure character we have never seen before, i really want it to be some one we have been watching for all this time in are faces and only just realise it makes sense after they tell us. BTW for UK people anyone seen SKY are playing two episodes every day in the bulid up to the new seriese/ quality!

  25. vacelts says:

    Dan, I’m still having trouble believing that the four on the ship are cylons. They seem like a real stretch for me.

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  27. amyv says:

    I believe the final Cylon is Zack, Bill Adama’s “dead” son and Lee’s “dead” brother. He was connected to the Adamas and to Starbuck. There was that whole weird convo that Bill and Lee had in the season premiere.

    What also makes sense about him, I think, is that he’s both totally obscure but totally known. We’ve never seen him alive, but his presence is always felt by the Adamas. And don’t forget that Leoben told Roslin in the first season that “Adama is a Cylon.” He never said it was Bill Adama.

  28. vacelts says:

    amyv, the conversation in the premiere did seem to set it up for Zach to be a cyclon. But how would Leoben know? I thought nobody knew.

  29. SometimesImRight says:

    I think its Lee. Like the other guy said Loeben mixes lies with truths. When he said Adama was a cylon everybody went bonkers that the commander of the fleet could be a toaster. When I believe he meant Lee. I mean look at where the other five are. They are all in key positions in the fleet. Lee makes the most sense.

  30. vacelts says:

    SometimesImRight, wouldn’t Lee’s dad know whether he was a cylon? He would have been there for his birth.

  31. krystyn says:

    RE: “the other seven are numbered 1 – 7”

    The known Cylons are 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8.

    The unknown Cylons are 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

    My theory is the newest revealed Cylons are 9-12, and the unknown 7th model is instrumental in the shift to Cylons becoming more “human”.

    There are 12 Cylons, 12 Colonies, and there are also 12 astrological signs. The 7th house is is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. According to the link below, in this House “we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something.”

    The Seventh House is ruled by the Planet Venus, which helps confirm my theory that the 7th Cylon is also female.

    I think it’s Dee.

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  33. vacelts says:

    Krystyn, I think Dee is a good guess.

    Six of One, Interesting theory. I’m assuming that no one from the secret miliatary project survived to tell the others about the project.

  34. MrWizeass says:

    Kara isn’t a cylon. The cylons are trying to find Earth, just as the humans are. If she were the 5th, the cylons would be in Earth orbit already, with the colonial fleet left far behind. As it stands now, the cylons are still following the fleet, and the switch hasn’t flicked in Kara’s head.

    Apollo saw her die? Yeah, Starbuck saw Apollo die in the original series as well. The new series is very different from the old, but it does tend to take old themes and twist them around… It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the writers have gone back to that old well, and revamped the angels, who just so happened to give Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheeba the coordinates to Earth. I mean the story is getting very involved with religion and the one true god vs. many gods story, with Baltar becoming a religious guru.

  35. vacelts says:

    I don’t think the last cylon is Kara. But I’m not entirely convinced that she knows where Earth is. I think she’s convinced she knows, but I’m not sure she’s right.

  36. J C says:

    Just to bring a little food to the table. Has it not been stated that the borders between Humans and Cylons will be blurred somewhat?
    Perhaps you can consider the current series (1,2,3,4,5,6,8) to be experimentations in achieving humanity from a machine, with the results being found in the revealed 4 and perhaps some level of ascendancy in the final person. Perhaps these final five would be so human as to have been rejected by their brethren. Whereas all the other cylons would seem to have fixed personality patterns, each one ascribing to a certain point of view and logic set. Perhaps these final five no longer have the purity of machine logic and intelligence but have gained something else from their birthright?
    Is it not suggested that Kara will take humanity to its destruction?
    One must think that destruction is not neccesarily a negative process, the destruction of the species in pursuit of an ascended form, the truest form of cylon-human ascendancy, perhaps Kara is the harbinger of the 5th and final ‘cylon’ the one who will show the way forward for both “species” after all our it is just us homo sapiens that describes itself as human, if such a thing as evolution occurs, will our descendants ascribe to the same name, and if not would that not be the destruction of humanity?

    As to who the final one is, I’d certainly doubt it being gaeta, thrace, dualla, baltar, bill adama or roslin. There are some characters who are just not worthy of such a mantle and as so are ignored.
    Just a thought.. has anybody considered carolanne adama, it is never explicitly known that she died, and her (or at least visions and memories of her) have been known from the start.

  37. vacelts says:

    JC, there is definitely a clear division between the two groups of cylons in the final 12. Some kind of civil war maybe?

    I like the idea of carolanne. Good call.

  38. Dan West123 says:

    havent commented in a while, i watched the new episodes today, top notch! my tuesdays are complete lol. What a complete chump move though on the cylons part, give the centurions the ability to choose and have reason? we can guess that the centurions are gunna realise that there masters are flawed with there argueing and killing eachother n’what have you, there gunna rebel and kill the Clone models just like the cylons did to the humans, still stumped on who the final cylons is, turns out i was wrong about the whole ‘zach promoted to Commander’ sorry guys my bad, but i still have a feeling it might be zach, im not sure why, would make a crackin twist though if it was.

  39. Chris says:

    The idea of caroline as the final cylon is absurb, im not saying it is totally impossible but come on dudes, think again the writers and produces would not have built up the final cylon this much so that it would turn out to be a “dead” character that none of us care about, the same goes for zack adama. If that were true, i would hunt down RDM like the initial cylon attack on the colonies. The same for cain….

    After watching the first two episodes, its obviously as
    daylight its either roslin or baltar

    remember – baltar wanted to be a cylon so he could clear his mind of guilt over the genocide of humanity, but perhaps the point is, no mater if he was a cylon this was still genocide and was wrong, he hasnt got to that point yet, but he has become even more jesus like, the fact that “head baltar” turned up and basically told him that tory was “special” and he should shag her!

    or perhaps Roslin “missing” starbuck when firing a gun point blank somehow missed is it because shes a crap shot? or is it because her cylon side is protecting the “chosen one!” who will lead them to earth,

    what i dont understand – why you lot and so many people are anti- cylon

    Are they really the bad guys? Or is this all part of “the plan” to unite us once and for all?????

  40. vacelts says:

    Chris, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere (but I can’t remember where) that the producers said that the final cyclon definitely wasn’t Roslin, Bill or Lee Adama or Baltar.

  41. chris says:

    yes he does vacelts , its in the podcast ive listened to , he said we would feel cheated , (the one for the last episode of season 3), but then goes on……. RDM admits to publicly stating starbuck was dead for good, he even went so far as removing her name from the credits, to try and throw us from the scent He never told the other actors she wasnt dead for good, they found out whenl edward james olmos and co, got upset , and made a call – with no doubt some threat of leaving………………..

    the 5 he said it cant be is Lee, Bill, Roslin, baltar & starbuck (what ??? none of the characters who have so many story arcs – i think not)…..

    its not helo (hybrid child), not any of the dylan 4 (obviously), not cally (hybrid mother), it cannot be any new character post season 1 (romo, fraking random dead wifes, hubbys or FATHERS etc etc)

    The final cylon is the same as – who shot JR or Mr Burns!lol

    this is the single biggest reveal on TV for many years. we have all been waiting for this a long time, so who really would care if dualla, gaeta, random mother of that dude who died,lol, tighs wife, bills wife etc etc if RDM had chosen his final cylon in season 1, dont you lot thinks its gonna be someone we have seen developed from the very begining, not someone we havent even had as a centric character for one episode

    if RDM went around saying “its either baltar or roslin”, we wouldnt care about the reveal the mask lifting. Does no one else see hes trying to throw us off the scent!!!!????

  42. vacelts says:

    Chris, I’m afraid it’s going to be some nobody that we don’t have any attachment for.

  43. chris says:

    no it wont, look at the title sequence, they even put “one will be revealed” now. it will be big. it has to be bigger than tigh or tyrol. face facts.

  44. Dan West123 says:

    i dont think its gunna be Baltar, i think the writers wanna continue with the whole ‘make baltar guilty’ thing with him commiting mass genocide towards his race. And i dont think it could be Roslin because shes that ‘leader woman that helps her race find earth’ i dont know the exact title, but thats her role, it was Prophesised that she was. And im pretty sure its not starbuck, would be a bitter dissapointment if it turns out it was her. iv gotta agree with Vacelts, that its gunna be someone we NEVER would of thought, like Hotdog or somthing lol

  45. topidol says:

    I think Starbuck is something entirely different…perhaps she is the only one “from earth”. Perhaps she is a “13th Cylon” of sorts, as Earth is the mythical 13th Colony.

  46. Chris says:

    after the last couple of episodes, im starting to think roslyn is not the dying leader, she claims she is, she believes her own prophetic visions more than anyone else, (which were all drug induced), starbuck requires no kamalar for her visions…. starbuck got the arrow of appolo, starbucks “art” (THE MANDELLA LOOKS STRIKINGLY LIKE THE SUN EARTH & MOON ALL ALIGNED) she is the true dying leader not the false rossyln (who seemed to be effected by the cylons being switched on, dont tell me its heras blood, again… i think that was a big clue pointing directly at rossilyn)
    i think someone else mentioned this earlier, is…. Starbuck has died, and now is leading the fleet to earth (in some form or another), and by the sounds of her in the last episode, she wants to die again.

    Rosslyn has pretty much become dictator of the fleet. Who is she leading? All i see from her is hinderance, Notice the lee adama put down? Zarek might be a bit dodgy, but he seems truthfull (from his own warped “terrorist” point of view), Rossyln is not to be trusted at all – i personally think she is the best candidate. She has martyred herself, used the religous aspect to keep the fleet under her grip.

    But like i was saying… is not the point of BSG to show us what it means to be human, Baltar (other than starbuck and tigh) is probably the most human character, Caprica 6 (a cylon) was guilty about the initial attack on the humans – she thinks its wrong (also a very human character in all 6 incarnations) So it doesnt matter if balltar is a cylon, according to his one true god, he should feel guilty no matter what species he is

    Again the writers would not make it someone we dont care about, that would be foolish, Hot Dog.

    Theres clues for rosslyn, baltar, starbuck especially – but again dont say its gonna be no one we care about, because it has to be, the writers owe us that much, especially (unless its revealled in the final episode of this run of 10 episodes??? – i think) since we shall have atleast another year to wait till season 4 is completed

  47. […] Knowing what we do about the four among the crew – Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol – I think it’s clear that the Final 5 are very different from the other Cylons.  What exactly that difference is, I’m not sure.  I’ve even speculated that they were from Earth. […]

  48. vacelts says:

    I got behind two episodes and I’ve finally got caught up.

    From the “Ties that Bind” episode, I think Cally be the Final Cylon.

  49. Chris says:

    you guys are so fickle!!! na she’s not, (the bitch) is dead for good, lol

    seriously tho i supose its a possibility (and much better than some of the others) – BUT (notice its a big but) i think the hybrid child might say she’s not. As so far we have been told cylons (chief) can only have a child with a human (cally) they love. (or loved – in the past tense!lol)

  50. vacelts says:

    Chris, what if the Final 5 are different and can reproduce?

  51. Chris says:

    thats why i said its possible!

    but people really really hate cally, esp hardcore BSG fans, not sure why, but theres blogs and allsorts hating her – seriously

    Tho no, im sticking with what i originally said

  52. Chris says:

    wheres everyone gone?, there must be someone who wants to argue with me!!

  53. tim says:

    Anyone else think that Hera and Nicky will end up on earth and will be the sole survivors ala adam and eve in the garden? just a thuoght…that would mean that cylons and humans are related and that they are all offshoots of each other.

  54. vacelts says:

    Chris, I’m an episode behind. I’ll be back to argue with you once I’m caught up.

    Tim, that’s a very interesting theory. I think that Hera and Nicky will take a bigger role before everything is said and done.

    My husband thinks Tom Zarek is the final cylon.

  55. Chris says:

    i agree with the adam and eve therory, in a way. (except of course hera = eve was born first unlike the bible) but yeah,

    I think thats pretty much it….

    Who enjoyed baltar wrecking the “temple” – how jesus(y) was that one!!! ha ha!lol

    I dont think zarack is, he just wants him to be! I dont see any clues pointing to (the one true) appollo!lol

    im still with roslin or perhaps starbuck, (tho i think baltar is the cylon god incarnate)

    Though it might be the fact that roslin is a bitch, ive had a few people in my life suffer with cancer, who were dying, they didnt act like roslin the martyr, i mean the whole thing with her wig & going on at baltar, Im gonna laugh at her when she realises shes the final cylon,

  56. Buckstar says:

    Well based on last nights episode I think that the original theory is correct, fits all the facts. I did at one point think that the final cyclon would be Zak, Adamas long dead son but that is a character we’ve not seen and wouldn’t be as dramatic as one of the core cast.

  57. Chris says:

    yeah i think last episode was leaning towards starbuck,

    am still laughing at roslin, soon she will be a baltar disciple,

    Tory is pretty much president now!ha

    Im excited to see the new addition to the fleet, suprised the cylon drone didnt sense anders was a cylon

    This blogs crack on tho – they have now pretty much confirmed the the final 5 are from earth! so well done that man!

    The harbinger of death thing probably means the cylon human union, there wont be cylons or humans left, just cymans or humlons

  58. James says:

    I am 99.9% the final Cylon is female. Looking at 2 images on battlestar wiki, they both show 3 males and 2 females.

    Shows a high resolution of the final five in D’Anna’s visions. However none of them bare any resemblence to the four we now believe to be Cylon. So either the five we see here are simply random people to put inside the robes who we are not ment to see their full faces, or the four we currently know as cylons arn’t cylons at all (unlikely after Anders glowing eye/Tyrol’s link to the temple). Also both females are fair skinned meaning that Tory isn’t a cylon (again unlikely as she’s strong enough to knock Cally across the airlock)

    This bares more resemblence to the four we know. From left to right in my opinion:

    #2 Tyrol
    #4 Tigh
    #5 Anders

    This leaves 2 females, but I can’t quite see Tory as one of them, however I think #1 looks like Starbuck. Is Starbuck the One reborn? Can she be a Cylon?

  59. Chris says:

    she could well be the final cylon, contrary to what RDM has said – i go back to the whole point of it being like christmas, you dont tell your kids what there getting (even if they have guessed already!!)

    Tho i think it could quite possibly be rossiln aswell….

    But i believe what we see in the temple are the spiritual bodies/essence of the final five hence why they might not match up physically to the dylan 4…. (that and like you say, the temple cylons are different actors inside the robes, RDM hadnt told or yet decided who the dylan 4 would be)

    I believe that much like the original series, angels/higher beings may have tampered with starbuck, she may yet not be the final cylon

    ps your links dont work!

  60. jrmtz says:

    I think the biggest clue to the origin and purpose of the final five is Tigh. He was already in the Fleet and Adama’s friend since before the first Cylon war, before the the known existence of humanoid cylons, so someone must have had the technology to make one way before the war. So with at ;east Tigh there, it can be assumed that at least one of the final five has some say in the origin or outcome of the first war.

    Also, supposedly the cylons rebelled against the humans because they realized they were slaves and fought back. If so, then who eneded up programming the known seven cylon models, as they always say that stuff “goes against their programming”. And haven’t we been assuming that the Centurions were the models originally created by humans? If so, then progressive logic states that they must have programmed the humanoids. But if so, then they submitted themselves with obedience chips? i doubt they would overthrow one master and self-impose another while limiting their own thoughts. There really must be some external source pulling the strings.

    Also, its pretty obvious that earth was never a colony. The constellations which make up the Lords of Kobol are only visible on Earth in their original state, therefore Earth must be where they originated. Kobol itself must have been the first colony settled from earth and then the other 12 were settled after the downfall of Kobol. I think Kobol must have gone to war with Earth and Kobol lost and was scattered. Earth must have assumed they were all dead and ignored them afterwards. Once they realized they hard survived and had 12 colonies, they formulated the plan to destroy them, using those subversive techniques.

    As to the origin of Kobol itself, some friends and I were discussing the possibility that they came from Atlantis as that would explain them carrying over the Ancient Greek religion. And that when the current fleet gets to earth, it will be in our future as earth will be more technologically advanced than the Fleet and cylons.

    What do you guys think?

  61. chris says:

    Yeah some interesting theroies in amongst that….

    I have been asking some of the very same questions, who programmed them etc etc…

    I think “going against” there programming will (sounds wrong in a way) turn out to be part of there programming, and probably “the plan”

    As we know now without a shadow of doubt, like this thread said (after last episode) the final five are from earth,

    I think earth was a colony at some time or another, and i think that when they get there it probably wont be the future, if anything, i think earth is destined to be the home of the cylon-human hybrid race (if it isnt already) that or the cylon home world (remember 40yrs before the second war, the cylons left to search for a homeworld for themselves, i thinkn that world is probably earth), with baltar and 6 as guardians (baltar as a jesus, religious leader).

    The programme states this has all happened before, many many times, just the characters change (sometimes i think thats RDM having a laugh, as it has all happened before, in the original series!!!!ha!), which was how ancient greeks, egyptians, aztecs, inca saw the universe

    I think the external source pulling the strings is infact “god”, who is not just the cylon god, but the human god too. I doubt we shall ever meet him/her (it), i think the final cylon will not be the cylon god, but will probably be the answer to alot of our questions…

    And the way this series is going, it feels like its gonna be starbuck (mostly because the whole, hearing music, earth feeling like home)

    I got a funny feeling the next episode will be about starbuck on earth, i think i read it somewhere

  62. Faramir says:

    I think that a third party will be introduced. Someone to offset the Cylon/human conflict. Maybe the Gods. I think Kara is protected by the gods. Her having visions since her childhood. Resurrecting and returning three months after her “death”. What did the Original Centurions signify in the end of “Razor”?

    The 5th Cylon won’t be on earth as Number Three recognized it and said something like “Forgive me. I did not realize it was you.” So #3 knows the 5th unknown Cylon.

    Can’t be Roslin as she dreamt of the final 5 just like Six. Can’t be the Adama’s for obvious reasons. If Bill is one then all his children are too.

    It’s also obvious that the 7 can’t detect if they’re in the presense of the 5.

    Baltar’s role is becomming less clear but also more interesting.

    Does the 5th cylon know what it is? If it is on the Galactica why did it not join the other 4 when they all met up after hearing the music?

  63. chris says:

    i was wrong, (starbuck not on earth/flasbacks)

    but what a quality episode this week!

  64. Jason says:

    I agree that the final cylon is on earth!

    I think the final Cylon is George w. Bush and he will set off a Nuka-lar boom (intentional spelling) to get attention of the others.

  65. jrmtz says:

    Once agian they taunt us with the episode. It seemed like it was picking up steam and we might get an answer or two, but alas nothing yet again.

    At least the preview for the enxt episode looked good with Tigh decking Adama. That should hopefully start to arouse some suspicions among everyone there and get the ball rollin again.

  66. Ryan says:

    1. Samuel T. Anders
    2. Tory
    3. Tigh
    4. Tyrol

    See the pattern? All the revealed final 5 cylons have a ‘T’ name. That leaves not many options left to continue this trend. So I’m going to go with Tom Zarek as number 5. Also, heard that in the BSG Last Supper photo, none of the characters pictured are the final Cylon. Makes too much sense for it to be Starbuck, can’t be Roslin or Adama because there need to be human heroes in the group. Zarek makes sense because he’s manipulative and troublesome, just like any other Cylon.


  67. CarlinDenver says:

    The Hybrid said:
    So Roslin isn’t the one.

    It’s really coming to pass.

    A dying leader will know the truth of the opera house.

    The missing three will give you the five, who have come from the home of the thirteenth.

    You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace, you will lead them all to the end.”

    I think its Kara who is the 13th model. she even said she’s been to earth. so no big surprise. and I think Roslin will be killed by the Cylons centurians after she finds out the info from the hybrid onboard the damaged ship.

    I think there might be a big war at the end. The Hybrid said she’d lead them to there death. Hopefully she leads the cylons and not the colonials do there death. As much as I love looking at Tricia Helfer. lol. my god is anyone more beautyfull than her?

    I love this show. it will be sad to see it end.

  68. chris says:

    final cylon…

    i know i have probably dismissed (my own) therory before, i cant help but come back to dualla……


    her surname atm (i think) is Adama, (which leoben said “adama is a cylon”, i know she wasnt at the time he said this, and shes seperated from lee atm)

    She told Bill Adama, that the fleet needed some hope hence why he gave the Earth speech in the miniseries/tv movie…

    Dualla = Dual = 2 does this mean she has two sides to her? a cylon model disguised as a human?

    Im (pretty) sure shes from geminon = gemini = the twins, again 2 sides to her, or her personality… she knows starbuck is special (ok so does everyone, but she has always referenced this)

    I can soo see why Kara could be the final cylon, as it would make a hell of alot of sense, especially as she hates the cylons so much, but i keep getting the feeling that its just too obvious, ok she has been to earth, but i think in the same way as in the original series, the “angels” have stuck the information in her head….

    Tho she said she can here the music! I cant wait, it will be sad to see it go, so lets all hope that the pilot for “caprica” is good….

    Tho i do think that BSG re-invented will only get bigger and bigger, its cult status will grow exponetially… (even tho its will have finished), sci-fi has never felt like this before, real, emotional and so many great issues to discuss!

  69. chris says:

    dualla is from sagiteron!! i apologise profusely!

    Forgot to say, the T , things very interesting Ryan

    I hope you realise, that Kara Thrace also has a T in her name…..! (i really cant see it being tom zarek

  70. chris says:

    my lord, how cool was battlestar

    col tigh is a dirty dog!! ha ha Fracking 6, well i would cylon or not!!

    And president adama, baltar’s theory about the elite classes has been proved right!

  71. Ryan says:


    Zarek has been to Earth, as in the original BSG series! If anyone knows the way it should be him…I’m joking of course, but now that I’m thinking about the idea it doesn’t seem so implausible. True that Kara’s last name is Thrace but once again, she’s just too obvious and I’ll be disappointed if it is her. Zarek is always trying to manipulate situations, very Cylonish.

    Thanks for responding to my post!

  72. chris says:

    Your being manipulated by the original series, next you’ll be asking for flying bikes, and that weird kid, that adama was taking orders from! ha ha

    Id laugh if it is zarek, but i dont think it will be!

  73. Corey says:


    Well, I cannot be Roslin. She has cancer. Also in the mini-series commentary Ron Moore adressed why she can not be Cylon, I forget exactly why though.

    It could be Gaeta – but he’s not really a top contender because no one cares about him.

    I think the thirteenth tribe are all the cylons and when Galactica arrives at Earth then they will be revealed. This would explain Why “The missing three will give you the five, that come form the home of the thirteenth.”

    Also when Diana saw the final five she was saying sorry to Tigh right? Because of that whole “eye-incident”.

    Has anyone considered Lee’s brother Zach?

  74. chris says:

    zac, yes google him, but it wont be, lots of fracktards think zac, they also think ellen tigh, zarak and cain, all bad choices


    It could be gaeta sure, (i think perhaps this was more likely in series 1/2) but no i dont think so, due to the dylan 4, tyrol and tigh were such big reveals, my gut tells me roslin, my brain tells me dualla… but id love it if baltar was the incarnation of the one god in human form


    Dianna could have been saying that to tigh, or ANDERS (SINCE SHE WAS GONNA KILL HIM) or dualla (GAVE HER ORIGINAL TOUR OF GALACTICA, she was a bitch to her), or rosslin (SHE HAD A RUN IN OVER THE STORY SHE WAS GONNA PRINT, HUMAN CYLONS), or (ENTER NAME HERE)

    I agree about the 13th tribe (kind of). I think earth may be the cylon home world (they left in search of a world to call there own – mini series) Remember the 5 have something to do with the lords of kobol, or perhaps are the lords of kobol

  75. Call me a Fracktard, but…

    Ron Moore knew from day one that his final Cylon surprise would be the emotional linchpin the show deserves. I could pick a hundred clues along the way to solidify my theory, but I will share the only clue that matters–and the only clue that proves it can’t be anyone but a being who has resided on Earth in the last fifty years:

    “All Along the Watchtower”.

    The musical trigger that reveals the “Four” in season three’s finale is the only intentional giveaway you need to acknowledge to draw an indisputable conclusion: Zak Adama is the final Cylon.

    True, Moore said in an interview that Dylan doesn’t exist in the Battlestar universe, but he admitted the “idea” of Dylan existing to create verisimilitude with Earth–the one we all know and live on–does exist. No other character in the show would have any way of knowing this song unless he/she has LIVED ON EARTH recently.

    Zak Adama is the only character in this show’s universe that could have been there (and still is there, I believe, drawing both races to him now), unless you make the rotten assumption that the final Cylon lives in the fleet, has been to Earth and knows the way there but just isn’t telling anyone. That is as lame as it gets. I think Moore and crew knew this all along.

    Dying leader? Zak is likely president of the U.S or holds some other high office of power on Earth. And this will be the twist: Earth is not the salvation for the wandering humans and Cylons, the wanderers will be the salvation for Earth. Zak is not dying in the way Roslin is dying, ala some disease or injury. He’s dying because Earth is dying along with all its inhabitants.

    The Hybrid’s message to Kara: “You are the harbinger of doom, Kara Thrace…” This only means that the Hybrid knows on some level that Earth is going to end and that by seeking Earth, the entire fleet and the remaining Cylons will die, too. This is a warning NOT to go to Earth.

    The “Forgive me…I didn’t know” line from #3? She was the Cylon who ordered the kill on Zak when his ship failed in the days before the war, something Zak intended to have happen. We’ll learn this in the next couple of episodes and see it in flashback. I love this because it ties back to the very first episode of the original series AND fits beautifully with the current story. A Cylon would only say “forgive me” if he/she killed the Cylon once before. Nobody else on the show worth anything has “died” up to this point, and certainly not at the hands of D’Anna.

    The Leobin line of “The final Cylon is Adama.” Not a lie. He just doesn’t know it is Zak and probably believes it to be Lee or Bill. Leobin doesn’t lie, at least not in a blatent way like this…it would be terrible storytelling.

    Starbuck’s visions? Do we really think she’s supernatural? No, Zak just transferred knowledge to her somehow when they were together. Kara is Zak’s assurance that the survivors will find Earth before it is destroyed.

    And finally, and this is the most important reason why it has to be Zak–there is NO emotional resonance with ANY other character. Will anyone CARE if it is Dualla? Really? Or Tom? Or Gaeta? Cally? Come on, who really would care in their guts and hearts if it is one of these minor characters who aren’t deeply tied to our main characters? Maybe Billy would achieve some emotional charge, but not even a sliver of what we’d get with Zak. Do you love Zak? No. Of course not. But you love the people who loved him. The emotional centers of the show are and always have been Bill Adama, Lee Adama and Starbuck, (ok, and Roslin, but now that she and Bill are in love…)

    Only Zak will bring the emotions of the show to the peak it deserves. I think this is right and true from the emotional and logical angles. It all fits and nothing is cheated.

    Now if only I can find proof that Rick Springfield once covered Dylan’s tune, the circle of proof would be complete…

  76. Cavehand says:

    LOL Im gonna call you a fracktard mate

    That is not gonna happen, not at all, youve got some redicoulous, out there idea’s

    HAS ZACK EVEN HAD ANY LINES?????????????





    yes of course it must have been di’anna that ordered the kill, it wasnt anything to do with starbuck passing him when he wasnt ready to fly, ???????????????? I was being sarcastic. for frack sake thats a major assumption, considering that one of the major plot points of season 1 was the fact starbuck & adama both blamed themselves for zac’s death???????

    AND OF COURSE HE MUST BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES NOW, again sarcasm. I think that must be one of the most rediculous therory ive heard

    Its even more rediculous than the theory BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA it’s self is a cylon

    How does any of your theory tie back to the ORIGINAL SERIES???? Do you mean Richard Hatch, the Daggit, and Face, Count Iblis? Or are you just off your head?

    I do agree tho, the final cylon wont be anyone we dont have somekind of emotion conection with………(gaeta, dualla – tho she is quite a likely candidate, cally) so why would you say ZAC? THERE IS NO LOGICAL ANGLE TO THIS, NO EMOTIONAL CONNECTION NOT FOR THE VIEWER, WOULD ROSLIN CARE?




    There wont be any flashbacks, theres one episode left before a year long break

    These final five – are (if were going with the shows mythology) thousands of years old, the same 5 that d’anna saw in the temple are the 5 lords of Kobol

    If it turned out he was the final cylon, this show would be absolutley spoiled, may i add this is my favorite show, of all time, (and i stupidly like the cheesy original series) the best sci fi tv series of all time, best idea for a sci-fi show, it deals with humanity, holocost, genocide, media, poltics and lots of action

  77. Corey says:

    Remember the old rule; A gun on the wall has to be fired by the final act. Zach could still have a part to play. However, so could anyone else.

    I love the idea that Earth is shit when the Battlestar arrives at Earth (nuclear war?) but I hate mid-season finallies.

    So now who (or what) is left on earth to provide answers?

  78. Corey says:

    Also, nothing has to tie back to the old series – as you can see now vs. the 80 series with flying motorcycles and 80’s folk. Anything can happen!

  79. Pooks says:

    If the final cylon was not in the fleet at the beginning of this last episode, where was he/she? Dead, on Earth, left behind, or on the Basestar.

    I guess now that we know the final 5 can potentially reproduce with the original 7, that puts Helo back on the table. That night explain why Hera is so important. Anyone else wonder why Hera, Roslin, Six and Hera are aware of being in the Opera House, but Baltar isn’t? And, if those are the final 5 standing on the balcony, then I would say anyone else already in the opera house is pretty much excluded from the list – unless they can be in both places at the same time.

    If there are 7 numbered models, why are the 8’s #8? Why no number 7’s??? I heard the other 5 don’t have model #’s per se, and it’s bugged me for like two years that there’s a 1 – 6, and then suddenly an 8. What the frak happened to the 7’s??

    So many questions… much time to wait.

  80. Cavehand says:





  81. ProtoTamD says:

    I didnt bother reading the millions of sentences above so leave me alone if someones mentioned this alreayd, for the argument of whether weve met the last final five or not, we probably have becuase when d’anna sees the five, she walks upto one, most likely the leader or the so far unidentified one, and says forgive me, i didnt know it was you, meaning D’anna’s seen this person before, meaning its not some random person

  82. Boxey is the final cylon says:

    Boxey is the final cylon.

  83. Sixer says:

    Whoever turns out to be the Final Cylon, this is definitely far more interesting than the “Who shot Mr. Burns?” cliffhanger from The Simpsons years ago.

    I’m not a betting man, but if I had to guess, it’s probably either Kara or Gaius. If the producers were in fact telling the truth about the Cylon not being a main character, then the theory about one of the already-revealed Cylons being the final one is the most intriguing theory I’m heard up until now.

    As far as outside-the-box thinking goes, here’s a guess that I JUST came up with: the Final Cylon is… Dr. Zee from the original Galactica series, son of Starbuck and Angela!!! “After all, this has all happened before and it will happen again” might be referring to the ENTIRE TV SERIES, as well as the plot within it.

  84. Corey says:

    What if the final Cylon is Tigh and Caprica 6’s child? She’s pregnant right? If the final five can get the original seven pregnant, then there child would be 100% Cylon.

  85. chris says:

    not long now peeps

    anyone seen the new advert??

    notice roslin shouting in a hybid voice, “the fleet is mine”???????

    its got to be roslin!

  86. bolezhinkov says:

    Well, well.

    that was interesting, a few people ‘pegged’ ellen as being the last cylon. Makes sense why she would be sleeping with the colonial fleet now . . . getting all her information and schemes in motion.

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