Have a Little April Fools’ Fun

An unofficial holiday, April Fools’ Day gives us all the chance to be a kid again (even if we don’t have any) and cause a little harmless mischief.

The search for the origins of this celebration of tomfoolery are almost a fool’s errand of its own.  Snopes.com lists several theories as to the origins including to commemorate the start of spring, to mock those who didn’t know that the new year celebrations had been to January 1 with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, to honor the fruitless errand of the crow Noah sent out in search of land, or to celebrate the Celtic new year.  The Museum of Hoaxes offers a little history of All Fools’ Day and other predecessors to April Fools’ Day.

Whatever the origin, the day gives us all a chance to plot and scheme.

Think you have a hoax worthy of the record books?  Check out the Top 100 April Fools’ Day Hoaxes of All Times.  Just make sure you don’t make the 10 Worst list.  Wikipedia offers a list of well-know hoaxes (and their consequences) pulled by the media or corporations.

April Fools’ Day PranksLooking for some ideas for fun with the family?  Family Fun Magazine offers a whole host of pranks.  This website has something for everyone — pranks for you to play on your children, pranks for your kids to play on their friends, and pranks for you to help your children play on your spouse (not that I would ever do that to my darling husband :-p).  The site offers a lot of ideas for nice clean mischief.

Really feel adventurous?  Throw a April Fools’ Day party.  Kids’ Party Fun has mapped out all the details.

And don’t forget to feed your family a fun April Fools’ Day meal complete with puppy chow, banana dogs,  hamburger cookies and kitty litter cake.

Remember, beware of everyone on April 1.  You never know where the next practical joker is.

Well I’m off to plot and plan.  Help me out by telling me your favorite April Fools’ Day prank.

(Graphic courtesy of www.FamilyFun.com)


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