Now that’s a Dog that Earns His Keep

Have you heard about Toby, the 2-year old golden retriever that saved his owner’s life by performing the Heimlich on her when she was choking on an apple?

Parkhurst and TobyAccording to Debbie Parkhurst, the dog noticed she was choking, stood up on his hind legs and knocked Parkhurst down.  Then Toby jumped up and down on her chest until the apple became disloaded.  Toby even licked Parkhurst on the face to keep her from passing out.

My guess is that the fall from being knocked over is what dislodged the apple.  But you still have to get Toby credit for noticing his owner was in distress.  A cat would have given her a dirty look for waking it from its nap and then walked away.

You’ve got to love dogs!  Mine let me know anytime the children cry out at night.  And when the kids are sick, our flat coat retriever will sleep outside their door just to make sure they are okay.

I wouldn’t trade my dogs in for anything (even if they can’t do the Heimlich).  Toby’s actions are just another reason why dogs are man’s (or woman’s) best friend.  Eat your heart out cat owners.

(AP Photo/Cecil Whig, Adelma Gregory-Bunnell)


One Response to Now that’s a Dog that Earns His Keep

  1. Friendly Pet says:

    I have taken a first aid course before, but never saw a dog enrolled. I wonder how the dog knew what to do? Amazing,,,

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