Lost’s Others Might Not Have My Sympathy, but They Have My Interest

An article on TV Squad recently questions whether the Others on Lost are really as bad as we thought originally.  I answer with a resounding no — they are worse!  But they still make for interesting TV.

The OthersTrue, the Others seem to have an altruistic purpose to save the “good ones” (if you buy into this cult-like reasoning).  But how can anyone think that kidnapping children (however warped the belief that it is for their safety), brainwashing one’s followers, killing, keeping people against their will, or coercing qualify them as anything close to good?  Well, unless you’ve joined the cult!

I’m not by any means saying the the plane survivors are without sin.  Collectively, the survivors have quite a rapsheet not to mention the emotional baggage they arrived with.  But they are human and we are seeing, through flashbacks and their time on the island, regret, remorse and even attempts (albeit some are unconscious) at atonement for their past actions.  This repentance is what separate the plane survivors from the Others.

But decency aside, the Others make for good TV.  While I love beach scenes with the survivors (I had Hurley, Locke and Sayid withdraws early on in the season), I am anxious for glimpses into the Others world.  I want to know what makes them tick and why.

Who are they really?  Were they all tricked into coming to the island like Juliet or did some come voluntarily?  If so, what made them come?  Were each of them brought for a specific purpose, like Juliet?  And what is that purpose?  Were they all brainwashed like Alex’s boyfriend?  Are there other dissenters like Juliet?  How long have they been on the island?  Who else knows that they are there?  What is their relationship to Dharma?  The questions never end.

And then there’s Ben.  Ben is the character you love to hate.  How many of you hoped that Jack would kill him during the surgery (even knowing that Jack would never do it)?  How many more of you hoped he wouldn’t just so all the secrets didn’t die with Ben?!  Was Ben really born on the island?  Is that why the island doesn’t affect him like it does Locke or Rose?  Who are his parents?  Why didn’t he leave when he had the opportunity?  How and why is he connected to the outside world?

If some of my aren’t answered in the Juliet-centric episode that airs on April 11, then maybe they’ll be answered in the season finale, which is rumored to be Ben-centric and will result in a “smackdown” between the survivors and the Others.

While I long to know more about the plane survivors, I am eager for any tidbit the producers give us into the lives of the Others.  With so many characters, I hope the producers will find a way to balance the show’s content with our love for the survivors and our relentless curiosity about the Others.

(photo courtesy of Google.com)


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