Sanjaya: Big-Haired or Big-Headed?

Instead of creating a singing sensation, American Idol voters have created an arrogant brat in Sanjaya Malakar.

After watching tonight’s performance, I’ll admit that Malakar’s ability to entertain a crowd has blossomed from the meek boy who first appeared at the auditions.  His singing ability; however, has not. 

But the change that I’ve noticed most in that he’s gone from a likeable, but shy boy to a pretentious, ill-mannered cad.  Whether his popularity has developed from a sincere fan base or a social experiment to vote for the worst, it has gone straight to his head.  And I don’t like the change. 

Malakar now struts around with an air of self-importance.  While I think it’s great that he dares to be different, I believe that it’s coming across as cocky.  He’s not even listening to the judges anymore.  And he was down right rude to Simon (not that we all haven’t wanted to lash out at Simon once or twice) as he boasted his own greatness during Simon’s review the last two weeks.

American IdolSeveral of the other contestants are far better singers with much better attitudes.  Tonight, Simon told Melinda Doolittle, “I don’t think we are ever going to be able to criticize you.”

Yet every week a courteous Doolittle listens closely for any advice to improve her performance.  Jordin Sparks oozes more maturity and poise that her fellow teenage competitor Malakar

Unfortunately, I believe Malakar’s ability to survive on American Idol is more likely the result of a social experiment than a true fan base.  But then I have to ask: are we as voters doing this kid a disservice?

Yes, I agree that to go on a show like American Idol, or any reality show, you must be thick skinned and you must be able to take criticism.  But Malakar, after all, is just a kid (yes 17 is still a kid).  Is he really mature enough to understand the difference between sincere admiration and a cruel practical joke?

Have we given this kid a false sense of self-confidence?  What happens when the votes stop and this kid is left with nothing but little talent and a huge ego?  Or worse, what if he wins Idol and all these voters don’t show up to see him perform?  What happens when the hair dos stop working and the real critics are heard?

Let’s hope he finds his way back to the sweet kid who originally auditioned and is able to move on with his life.


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