Bennett a No Show on American Idol

Although I hated to see Gina Glocksen go tonight (you know who I thought should say goodbye), my biggest disappointed was that I didn’t get to hear Tony Bennett sing!  After listening to his critics yesterday and watching him get teary-eyed when he mentioned 9/11, I couldn’t wait to hear him show America why the classics are just that.

Gina GlocksenWe were, however, treated to the pleasure of hearing Michael Buble singing Call Me Irresponsible.  I first heard Buble on NBC’s Las Vegas and instantly loved his work.  He gives the classics a fresh new sound and reminds us why we love them.  I can’t think of anyone better to fill in for Bennett while he was out with the flu.

And Glocksen’s farewell song, Smile, was appropriate for her sentiment tonight.  At least my favorite, Melinda Doolittle, is still in the running.  Until next week . . .


2 Responses to Bennett a No Show on American Idol

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