Will There be an X-Files Sequel?

Rumors have floated around for years about whether there would finally be a sequel to the X-Files Movie.  The truth is out there.

X-Files Fight the FutureAccording to World Entertainment News Network, David Duchovny has confirmed that both he and Gillian Anderson will star in a sequel to  the 1998 movie.

Duchovny portrayed FBI agent Fox Mulder, and Anderson his partner DanaScully, in the original movie and the cult favorite series on Fox.

As to what the movie will be about, Duchovny says:

“Chris [Carter] and Frank [Spotnitz] are going over the story. It’s a story they’ve had for a few years but we haven’t all settled on the fact that we wanted to do it, so now they’re hammering it out.”

Fans are speculating as to whether the sequel will finally provide some long-awaited answers.  In an interview with Empire Magazine, Anderson suggested the new movie would be a stand alone story, in part to attract more than the die hard fan.

I suggest we “trust no one” until we see the trailer.  With luck we won’t have to wait too long.


2 Responses to Will There be an X-Files Sequel?

  1. rcrawford79 says:

    I look forward to the moive, by 9 years after the last one is a bit long between sequals. I just hope that Chris Carter can bring the story to life on the Silver Screen.

  2. Vishitor says:

    X-Files 2007
    Q and A at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-it82u6AncrWcOynBaejwUg–?cq=1

    (Prelude) As a published photo journalist living in Hollywood, one learns that in most cases it’s only the players themselves and God that know the real truth of a thing. The following is a piece written upon intelligent speculation after hours and hours of research and insight. The topic is the lead actors of the TV series X-Files and corporate Hollywood …a real X-File.


    Q: Did …do Scully and Mulder hate each other?

    A: Yes, but not at first …it is more so on his side than Anderson’s …it seems she is the type that is deeply loyal because all can be forgiven …that is unless she is betrayed via lack of understanding from a friend. They became very close, at first.

    Q: What are the two main actors like.

    A: As different as night and day. David is more cookie-cutter, a true conformist …goes on pure man’s logic …pushing him more towards the anal-conservative. Gillian …well, she doesn’t fit into the peg-hole scheme, as does David, who knows just how to make himself a perfect peg. She refuses to be just a hole. She is more like the complex artist that no one could figure out in a million years. One minute hot, then cold, calm, then stressed, hopeful, then all is futility. FYI, “the man” in Hollywood likes peg-hole people …hates real humanity …doesn’t fit into their time slots and budget.!

    Q: What about D & G ‘s relationship.

    A: They were very close and hopeful to include their working union that could shoot them to the top. David ended up abandoning her because he could not hang with her human, artistic weird ways …being that to him, not being like him and the majority is weird. He did so after something she did that hurt his feelings, shocked him and pissed him off. He never used understanding–pegs are wooden, they have no understanding–or forgave her. He convinced himself that she was a nut-job because not only was she not a wooden peg or hole, she could not, or would not change to be like him. He was confident that he would show her up, in her bizarre non-peg-hole ways and surpass her professionally, and in popularity. Well, it went the other way. This exasperated and enraged him because he was working so hard to be the perfect Hollywood peg. He soon began complaining about money and having to do more of the crawling about in muck scenes than she did. …miss-communication, bitterness, resentment, jealousy… All this escalated until they had no working relationship.

    Q: Why did Scully, Gillian Anderson’s career go nowhere after she left the X-Files when her ratings where sky high.

    A: Because she left the series when in high ratings and corporate’s expected future high ratings. In short, they blackballed her to include slandering her via the media (in which Hollywood owns). It’s corny but “You’ll never work in this town again!” is a very real thing Hollywood uses as their main management tool.

    Q: What else might be holding her back.

    A: It’s been said that she is currently being blackmailed with doctored sex photos. It’s not clear if Hollywood is directly or indirectly responsible, but chances are that they are responsible.

    Q: Why would Hollywood want to blackmail Gillian Anderson.

    A: Because she wants to work in her industry. She could trump Hollywood’s blackball against her by threatening to take Hollywood to court for unfair labor practices …(see X-Files series), with a newborn …they made her work 16-17 hour days, five and a half workdays, for nine months straight for nearly a decade. If they don’t lift the blackball contract on her and help un-tarnish her reputation, for which they are responsible for destroying, she’ll never freely work again, substantially, in the old Hollywood.

    Q: The Hollywood published media says she has lost her looks, is untalented, an alcoholic and is a total psycho.

    A: No, no, no and probably. No, she still has her looks. No, she is talented and has repeatedly shown that even with halfway scripts, stories, leading men, TV series and cameo movie parts she is very believable. No, she’s is not known for being an alcoholic, though she has stated publicly that she’s been guilty of abusing alcohol. A psycho …she has shown herself to be different from the expected cookie-cutter mold, can have moods and is probably just as nuts as most of us …but probably outwardly seems more so, as do most complex artists.

    Q: Why doesn’t she make a public statement.

    A: Hollywood owns most all major media in the US with strong networks and clout in the UK, and is a multi-billion dollar entity. Nothing gets out without their approval and they can do her more harm should she mess with them too much. She also is under contract when interviewed and is limited as to what she can say, though she has done well in covering most all her bases with implications and particular facts.

    Q: Is there hope for a comeback for Gillian Anderson.

    A: Yes. Miracles can happen. She would have to become independent in her personal life and focus …not compromising …getting herself together and her means as well. Seeing the pie as a whole …and seeing the real issues, then relentlessly moving forward with faith and caution, and not being afraid to face truth, bullies and would be bullies …can work miracles.

    Q: Does she want a comeback.

    A: Does a fish want water even if all that’s currently available is a small mud-piss-pond, in the middle of an African dessert, which is only three inches deep and four feet wide? She shows herself to be an artist that has to produce …not working is the shortest road to insanity—personal death. Even if she has to work as an actor with a small but good local film company that the majority mainstream never heard of, nor likely to hear of, would be a saving grace. She would surely rise again and without corp Hollywood saying it was they who made her (bullshit). Producing|working is this type of artist’s water. Like, the fish stated above …the question is does the fish want to live …to go on when logically all seems grim? Unknown to the fish it may come a typhoon any hour if it just believes and endures the moment, even if the moment seens forever–time and space is an illussion, even the new ‘string-theory’ proves this. If one doesn’t endure, finish the race, they will never get a ribbon. The type of comeback she would probably want would be different from the hoop-la Hollywood pushed on her with the TV series. She’s too real for that …just give her a decent script, with decent supportive directors, producers, film crew, company and fellow actors with realistic time frames and work schedules (that is a miracle) and let her do her thing. Yes, I believe she’s the type that is very strong in that way, and one that will never give up, till death. You will most likely be hearing more and more from Gillian Anderson, if not in film, then in one of art’s other mediums. Rumor is, she is a natural (which she calls doodleling) contemporary artist. If she rendered with only commodity type materials and methods, her works could be sold by private brokers as art commodities.

    Q: What affect did corp’s move against her have?

    A: As you can imagine all your works, accomplishments, sacrifices, career, reputation, and any chance of you working in your field for the future …gone, almost overnight. It takes a while to recover from a bully attack like that. But some do come back without bitterness and with great wisdom, stronger and better than before …in all arenas.

    Q: Should she do the new X-Files movie.

    A: As most are aware, the new Hollywood is going around or bypassing the old corporate Hollywood and all of it’s B.S., via the internet (the new media) without corporate Hollywood’s control. Most professionals would agree, for anyone to interelate with an entity whose main objective was to destroy them …it would be advisable to stay away at all costs from said entity. The argument against this, is that the old corporate Hollywood controls the majority of the media, which would give her much needed exposure …but at what cost? It may be advisable for her to pull herself up by her own bootstraps, say no to X-Files 2, and go the course via the new Hollywood.

    Hers is a real X-Files which millions await …unknown to her.

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