My Post on Diet Study Upsets Pro-Ana Group

Apparently my recent post about a new study that confirms that dieting does not work has ruffled the feathers of a Pro-Ana group.  Pro-Ana are people who believe that anorexia is a way of life, or a lifestyle choice if you prefer, instead of a mental disorder.  Here is my response.

No, I do not need a study to tell me that dieting does not work.  I just thought it was interesting that there was a study to point out what I thought was already obvious.  If dieting really worked, doctors would endorse it. 

I’ve seen some of the side effects and downsides of dieting — lethargy, crankiness, low energy level, diabetes —  first hand through friends and co-workers who’ve tried dieting.  Even worse, I’ve seen far too many women let their self worth get tied to losing a few pounds. 

People that are continually dieting don’t need to lose weight.  They need to learn to love themselves for who they are.  They need to stop dieting and start enjoying life before it passes them by.  

Being thin will not solve all your problems.  Just ask former cover girl Magali Amadei who told Glamour that she wasted seven years being bulimic.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not promoting obesity or overeating.  I think people need to find a nice balance between healthy eating habits and exercise.  And for every person that balance is different.  Healthy eating should include well balanced meals and  moderation.  Exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym — it could be exercise you get while doing your favorite hobby (such as chasing after toddlers).

I’m by no means a health specialist.  But if you find yourself either constantly dieting or overeating, please get some advice from a professional.

As for me, am I concerned with my appearance?  Absolutely, but not to the point where it invades my ability to enjoy life.  Am I perfect?  Not even close.  Do I live a healthy lifestyle?  I try, in my own way.  I want to live a long life so that I can be there for my children as they grow up and so that I can one day enjoy my grandchildren.  Do I always succeed at achieving this healthy lifestyle?  Not hardly.  But I accept my flaws for what they are — a part of who I am — and I move on.


One Response to My Post on Diet Study Upsets Pro-Ana Group

  1. Jessie says:


    Its often said that, timing is everything. This bit of folk wisdom applies here. Wanting to be helped and being ready to accept help arent necessarily the same things…more in my blog.

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