‘Speed Racer’ to get the big screen with Ricci as Trixie

Christina Ricci will join the cast of the live action version of Speed Racer scheduled to hit the big screen in May 2008.

Trixie and SpeedAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, Ricci will play Trixie Fontaine, the dedicated girlfriend of Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch), the world-class Grand Prix race car driver.

A story about a boy and his car, the movie is based on the Japanese anime series created in the ’60s by Tatsuo Yoshida that later became a cult favorite in the U.S.  In the cartoon, teen Speed traveled the world racing his Mach 5, the car built by his father Pop, to be portrayed by John Goodman in the movie.  Whenever he went, the independent Trixie was by his side to help with whatever crisis he faced. 

Susan Sarandon has been tapped to play Mom Racer, the quintessential mother figure and the glue that holds the Mach 5 racing team together.  Speed’s mysterious nemesis, Racer X, has not been cast yet, but will be featured in the live action movie with his car the Shooting Star.

No word if Speed’s younger brother Spritle and his pet monkey Chim Chim will make an appearance in the film.  Sparky, the Mach 5 team mechanic, also has not been cast yet.

I watched this cartoon as a kid and I am looking forward to sharing with my kids another adventure of Speed Racer as he revs up his Mach 5.  Go Speed Racer, Go!

(photo courtesy of starpulse.com)


3 Responses to ‘Speed Racer’ to get the big screen with Ricci as Trixie

  1. rcrawford79 says:

    Go Spead Racer – Go! This should be an intersting movie. Not my cup of tea, but my lovely wife loves it, so we will be there watching it on the silver screen.

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  3. […] Racer stars Emile Hirsh as Speed Racer, Christine Ricci as Trixie, Mathew Fox as Racer X, Kick Gurry as Sparky, Susan Sarandon as Ma Racer and John Goodman […]

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