Tom Selleck Might Be Returning to Primetime — Vegas Style

Tom Selleck, who has not been a series regular on a drama since Magnum P.I., might be returning to prime time.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Selleck is in talks with NBC to join the cast of Las Vegas in Season 5 as the new owner of the fictitious Montecito Resort & Casino — a dangerous position if you consider the history of his predecessors.

Tom SelleckIn the Season 4 finale, Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil), the current owner of the casino who is about to lose it to back taxes, has been kidnapped.  She acquired the Montecito when her ex-husband Casey Manning (Dean Cain) bequeathed it to her when he was murdered.  Manning had bought the casino after the previous owner Monica Mancuso (Lara Flynn Boyle) literally flew off the roof of the Montecito.

Despite the hazards associated with the role, Selleck should be an asset to the cast with the masculine charm he showcased in Magnum P.I.and the subtle humor that made him a hit in his guest role on NBC’s sitcom Friends.

Selleck will be one of two new characters added to the cast of Las Vegas for Season 5 to compensate for the lost of James Caan, who played the President of the Montecito Ed Deline, and Nikki Cox, who portrayed concierge Mary Connell.

Unfortunately, the storyline for how Ed and Mary are to depart the show is still not clear.  In the season finale, Mary, bent on revenge against the father who abused her, set out to shoot him.  But, unbeknown to Mary, Ed stealthily takes the shot at the same time she does.  If shooting a man isn’t enough, Ed had drama of his own.  While bidding to become owner of the Montecito, Ed receives an ultimatum from his wife (Cheryl Ladd) — the casino or her.

In true cliffhanger fashion, we know nothing on how this wraps up.  I’m hoping that at least part of the Season 5 opener was shot before Caan and Cox where released so that we can have closure on their characters.

I guess until the fall, I’ll just have to wonder.

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2 Responses to Tom Selleck Might Be Returning to Primetime — Vegas Style

  1. rcrawford79 says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see Higgins parking cars. Will T.C. and Rick also be part of the staff too?

  2. Terabanitoss says:

    You are The Best!!!

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