‘Drive’ full of intrigue, fast cars and interesting characters

The new Fox series Drive has captured my attention with its intriguing storyline.  The fast cars and good-looking cast don’t hurt either.

I originally tuned into the premier because of Nathan Fillion.  A big fan of Fillion from his Firefly and Buffy the Vampire days, I was glad to see him back in prime time.  

Drive’s Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion) and Corinna Wiles (Kristin Lehman). PhotoI wasn’t sure how Fox was going to pull off the concept of a secret, illegal cross-country race in a television show.  We’ve seen it done on the big screen with CannonBall Run and, it’s predecessor, Gumball Rally.  But how do you keep the story interesting week after week?

Unlike the movies where comedy was the driving force, Drive is founded in intrigue.  While the purse is surely a draw for many of the competitors as it was in the films, we are slowly learning that it’s not the only reason many of the drivers entered the race.  In fact, some were forced to participate, like Nathan Fillion’s character Alex Tully, whose wife (played by Amy Acker of Angel) was kidnapped by the mysterious people behind the race.

This intrigue has me hooked.  I’m fascinated about each of the character’s motivation for entering the race and eager to learn more about their backstories, particularly Tully’s.  There’s definitely more to this guy that we’ve seen so far — a shady past, perhaps?  Even more so, who are the people behind this race?  Why are they doing it?  And who else works for them?

I will admit that I was expecting to see a showcase of hot, muscle cars and European sports cars — not the minivans, sedans and old pickups we saw in the two-hour premier on Sunday.  But if Monday was any indication, maybe more of our contestants will be trading up like Tully did.  Tully’s new ride, the black charger, is sweet (although Supernatural’s black impala is still my favorite car on television today).

So fasten your seatbelt and stay tuned because Drive is going to be one remarkable ride.

(photo courtesy of imdb.com)


2 Responses to ‘Drive’ full of intrigue, fast cars and interesting characters

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