‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel to Start Production in 2007

It looks like the long-awaited sequel to The Lost Boys will finally be made.  According to IESB.net, the sequel The Lost Boys 2:  The Tribe is scheduled to start production later this year.

The Lost BoysThe Lost Boys, released in 1987, is one of my favorite movies.  Who wouldn’t love a movie who’s tag line is “Sleep all day.  Party all night.  Never grow old.  Never die.  It’s fun to be a vampire.”  Except for the last part, that’s every teen’s mantra.

The movie was about two brothers who move with their mom after her divorce to a California town brimming with vampires.  And to a teenage girl (which I was when the movie was released), the film had an all-star cast — Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Jason Patric. 

Despite the teenage appeal, the movie has stood the test of time in my house.  I particularly like the soundtrack.  The song “People are Strange” is my favorite.

So, you’d think I would be turning cartwheels at the idea of a sequel?  I was pretty excited at first, but then I found out what was planned for the sequel.

The Lost Boys 2The Lost Boys 2 will be released directly to DVD.  No theater time for this sequel.  To me that says that Warner Brothers doesn’t want to commit time or money to ensure a good enough product for the theater.  I know that’s an over-generalization.  But c’mon how many direct-to-DVD movies has really just wowed you?

And although exact details about the script have not been released, rumors are that the sequel will be about surfing vampires.  Does anyone else think that’s an oxymoron?  I hear surfing, I think sun.  I hear vampires, I think no sun.  Yes, I know it’s possible to surf at night, but c’mon . . . .  From these rumors, the plot line sounds, at best, campy.

Alas, my hopes of a smart, funny sequel that would rival the original are dashed.  I guess I’ll just have to pull out my DVD of the original The Lost Boys and watch it for ol’ times’ sake!  May it never grow old.  May it never die.



Here’s a link to the trailer and my review of it.


13 Responses to ‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel to Start Production in 2007

  1. IndianPad says:

    ‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel to Start Production in 2007

    ‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel to Start Production in 2007 posted at IndianPad.com

  2. ‘The Lost Boys’ Sequel to Start Production in 2007

    Liked what you just read here ? Vote for it on Blogmemes ! It looks like the long-awaited sequel to The Lost Boys will finally be made. The sequel The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is scheduled to start production later this year.

  3. Diane says:

    I know what you say about liking the “LOST BOYS” is very true. I agree a “surfing” vampire doesn’t have much of an appeal. The original all star cast made the first Lost Boys movie an edge of our seat type movie with a sense of humor. It sound like we’ll have to see which stars will be performing in Lost Boys 2 and how they can appeal to an older generation (the teenagers of Lost Boys 1) and carry on the Vampire traditions in a Lost Boy Manner. I hope there will be a captivating plot to the story and not just a lot of “biting” and killing. I liked watching the first Lost BOys and am looking forward to seeing Lost Boys 2, also.

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  5. Morgan says:

    There’s a REALLY BIG problem with surfing vampires: THE VAMPIRES IN THE ORIGINAL COULD NOT TOUCH RUNNING WATER!!!!!

  6. Sara says:

    I just read something that says Britney Spears is supposed to be staring in Lost Boys 2!!! I was considering seeing the movie just for the fact the it was lost boys but if thats true then they shouldnt bother making the movie

  7. vacelts says:

    Sara, I seen those rumors but thought they were pretty old. If they are true, it’s just another reason not to watch an already bad film.

  8. SK؆ says:

    I cannot believe I waited 21 years for this crap..thanks for ANOTHER turd WB!

  9. Cathy says:

    In the lost boys Original Script it says they can touch water!

  10. Ann says:

    The Lost Boys was a favorite for many people so I’m sure that a “part 2” would bring in the dough because no one will be able to resist seeing what happens.Even if it gets low ratings, people from the 80s, especially, are going to check it out anyway.

  11. Robb says:

    I am leaning towards agreement with you. However, Lost Boys is not only another one of my favorites, but it has real sentimental value. I have family in Los Gatos, Ca. and Santa Cruz is just west over the hills. I have been to the sea side amusement park in Santa Cruz, and all over the surrounding area where Lost Boys was filmed. I’ve been to the country club where the family lived. I walked across the train bridge that they all hung underneath of. Which by the way, only sets about thirty feet over a fresh water, large creek/small river, that flows to the pacific. If you have googl earth, go to Santa Cruz, Ca., amusement park. You can pan htrough the park and eventualy arrive at the bridge.
    As for the the DVD only release, many times I just bite the bullet and consider it fun, regardless. Life’s too short and sometimes even really bad movies can be fun. But not all. Flip a coin and hope for the best.

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  13. tim says:

    there is also going to be a lost bpys 3 in 2010

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