Jordin brings down the house on ‘American Idol,’ but no one says goodbye

In lieu of my normal Tuesday night blog on American Idol, I spent the evening out with the girls.  So tonight’s blog is a double edition to cover both nights.

Jordan SparksFirst of all, what can I say about Jordin Spark’s performance Tuesday night, but wow!  She really did bring down the house with her rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

 And of course my favorite, Melinda Doolittle put in another spectacular showing with Faith Hill’s “There Will Come a Day” and proved why, as Randy Jackson said, she’s the “resident pro.”

While the other four didn’t really stand out for me, they did put in solid performances.  What did impress me though is that all six contests chose songs that had special meaning and it showed in their performance!

Now on to the “Idol Gives Back” portion of the two shows.

Firstly, I commend American Idol and everyone that participated for their efforts to make a difference.  It’s people with initiative to contribute that change the world for the better.

However, I think that this would have been better as a reunion show that in the middle of the competition.  I felt the competition itself and the six finalist got lost among all the telethon-like performances and cameos.   What’s more, we saw little of this week’s coach Bono.

And after such an inspiration show full of hope, I kept thinking it’s going to feel bad to have to say goodbye to one of these contestants.  But then I felt let down with the show coped out in the end and didn’t eliminate anyone.  I felt a little taken.  The show was promoted as a results show, but we really got no results.  Did the producers of the show not trust its fans to tune in out of the generosity of their heart?

I’ll admit that after watching Tuesday’s night show I was put off by what seemed to be a show dedicated to the sponsors in a telethon fashion.  However, the Wednesday night show came across (for the most part) as smart, funny and entertaining.

Best line of the night:  “If everyone that voted for Sanjaya gave just one dollar . . .”

My one disappointment is that I really thought the “American Idol Gives Back” should have focused more on giving back to AmericaAll the promotions over the last few weeks for this event have promoted the aid to Africa.  The show started out Tuesday night with a feature on Ryan and Simon’s trip to Africa.  For every story on America shown, the program featured two on Africa.

I have nothing against Africa.  And I agree that it obviously has a need.  But if you watched the features the show did on America that you have to agree that we have quite a large need here in America.  And after all the show is called American Idol.

Okay, now I’ll get off my soapbox.  And we have to wait until next week when two finalists will be eliminated.


11 Responses to Jordin brings down the house on ‘American Idol,’ but no one says goodbye

  1. IndianPad says:

    Jordan brings down the house on ‘American Idol,’ but no one says goodbye

    Jordan brings down the house on ‘American Idol,’ but no one says goodbye posted at

  2. Jordan brings down the house on ‘American Idol,’ but no one says goodbye

    Liked what you just read here ? Vote for it on Blogmemes ! What can I say about Jordan’s performance Tuesday night, but wow! She really did bring down the house with her rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” And at the end of Wednesday’s “Ido…

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  4. stephanie Jones says:

    i was voting for melinda she was the best, i cries when she got voted off. What the hell is wrong with america? Melinda is a star. Now i am voting for Jordin cause she is young talented and beautiful.


  5. […] episode, I thought the finale was going to be like comparing apples and oranges.  Songstress Jordin Sparks has the vocals while beatboxing Blake Lewis has won the crowd over with performances.  However, […]

  6. vacelts says:

    The 7th season auditions have begun. You can catch my review of the Philly auditions at

  7. Alex says:

    I think last years american idol was THE best!!

  8. vacelts says:

    Alex, I haven’t decided yet which season I like best.

  9. Louise7 says:

    Like all Know that Jordin is the baby girl of Melinda Doolittle. Melinda will released her first album for the end of the summer. Come join us to support her at

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