As Women Cross New Thresholds in Blogging, Threats Abound

Today, I read an article in the Washington Post about women being threatened and stalked for blogging.  While I’m outraged that some people still resort to this type of intimidation, I think this response means that women are successfully progressing into new territory.

If you look back through history, every time women moved into a new arena, every time they pushed the envelope and for every new freedom won, these actions were meet with resistance.  Not just women, any group.

The fact that someone feels threatened enough to try intimidation means that we’re making an impact.  Is it right that in order to blaze a new trail someone must overcome hurdles of prejudice at every turn?  No.  But things worth having and doing are worth fighting for.

As terrible as I feel for Kathy Sierra and the other women mentioned in the article, I really feel that the type of people doing these horrible things are a minority.  If not, more women would be terrorized.  

Call me an optimist, but I believe that a majority of people on the Internet are good, decent human beings.  The creeps just seem to get more air time — maybe that’s why they do it.  

However, I hope that these incidents don’t keep women — or anyone, for than matter — from blogging or chatting on the net.  I’ve truly enjoyed my blogging experience.  True, not everyone agrees with my opinion — but hey, that would be a boring world. 


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