C’mon down Barney, You’re the next contestant on ‘The Price is Right’

Tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother combined two of my favorite things — Barney and The Price is Right — for a full half hour of laughs.

As Lilly (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) countdown the final two weeks until there nuptials, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is training for his turn as a contestant on the mother of all game shows, The Price is Right.  When his friends remarked that they didn’t know that he was fan of TPIR, Barney replied:

“TPIR is not just an indescribable hour of television.  It’s a microcosm of our entire economic system.  A capitalist utopia.”

barneyontpir2.jpgI couldn’t have said it any better.  But despite Barney’s soliloquy on all things great about TPRI, we later learn why the overachiever is stressing about being a contestant.  He’ll be meeting his father.  Yes, Barney thinks his father is Bob Barker.

I’m not sure what was funnier — Barney practicing his pricing skills with Lilly’s wedding registry, Barney practicing his run from his seat to stage through Ted’s (Josh Radnor) apartment while Ted works on his best man’s speech, Barney practicing his wheel spinning skills on a bicycle tire or Barney’s detailed plan to win the Showcase Showdown and then announce to Bob Barker live on TV that he’s Barker’s son!

On second thought, Barney’s interaction with Bob Barker, who guest starred as himself, takes the cake.  All suited up, Barney is a blend of cockiness at his pricing abilities and a timid child grasping for any of bit of praise from “his dad.”  In the end, Barney wins the showcase, but settles for no more than a hug from Bob.  Barney says he wants to spare “Bob” the shock of learning the reality he’s known if not true. 

Either way, Barney and Bob are both winners in my book.

(photo courtesy of tvguide.com)


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