‘The Lost Boys’ part of the 2007 Rolling Roadshow

The ’80s film, The Lost Boys will be featured as part of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Rolling Roadshow.  The roadshow takes a large projection truck and travels across country showing classic movies and cult favorites in cool locales that usually have some connection to the film itself.

The Lost BoysFor instance, The Lost Boys will be shown on Wednesday, July 25th at 8:45 p.m. on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a part of the boardwalk’s 100th anniversary.   Several of the scenes from The Lost Boys were filmed on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

But the roadshow is more than just a screening of the film.  Each showing includes lots of extras for the die hard fans from original movie trailers to movie-specific trivia and games to a chance to meet some of the film’s stars.  Currently the roadshow is in talks with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman to be on hand for the screening of The Lost Boys.

The Rolling Roadshow is free.  However, each showing offers special VIP passes for a mere $30.  These passes include special reserved seating, a limited edition event poster, and an invitation to the After Party sponsered by Dewars.

Here’s the list of the rest of the tour:

  • July 18 — Fandango in San Elizario, Texas
  • July 20 — Friday in South Central Los Angeles, California
  • July 28 — Stand By Me in Brownsville, Oregon
  • July 31 — North By Northwest at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
  • August 3 — Goldfinger at Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • August 5 — A Christmas Story at the newly renovated Christmas Story house in Cleveland, Ohio
  • August 10 — A Dusk-to-Dawn John Waters Marathon in Baltimore, Maryland
  • August 12 — Deliverance on the Chattooga River near Clayton, Georgia
  • August 14 — A Burt Reynolds-athon at the Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 15 — Smokey and the Bandit at The Four State Fairgrounds in Texarkana, Arkansas

Too bad we couldn’t get the Rolling Roadshow out to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia for the 20th anniversary of Dirty Dancing.  Now, I have to figure out how to get my husband to head to Santa Cruz at the end of July. Hmm . . .


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