Bon Jovi Teaches LaKisha Jones to Rock on ‘American Idol’

This column is a little later than usual.  Tuesday night was very tough — one of my favorite ’80s bands on American Idol and one of my favorite ’80s movies, Dirty Dancing, at the theaters.  Thank goodness for my DVR. 

LaKisha JonesTonight’s theme is Bon Jovi songs and Jon Bon Jovi is on hand to mentor the contestants.  One of my favorite genres, tonight’s American Idol really seemed to cause difficulty for some of the contestants. Where is former contestant and rocker Gina Glocksen when you need her?  Unfortunately, her only appearance was in the studio audience.

However, I think that Melinda Doolittle did both Glocksen and Jon Bon Jovi proud.  For her rendition of “Have a Nice Day,” Doolittle channeled her inner Tina Turner and proved that she is a rock star.  I know that I can’t seem to say enough about Doolittle, but every week she comes out and impresses me.  She’s versatile, confident (at least on stage) and she makes me believe in every song she sings.

Gospel girl LaKisha Jones proved that she could rock with a surprising performance of “This Ain’t a Love Song.”  Jones has had trouble that last few weeks.  But tonight she found her inner rocker and proved that she’s still a contender.

On the other hand, Phil Stacy continues to shine after finding his comfort zone during country night.  We saw a confident Stacy belt out “Blaze of Glory” with his own flare.  I have to agree with the judges that Stacy seems to finally have found his groove.

The beat boxer returned tonight with a new hairdo.  A dark-haired Blake Lewis definitely put his own twist on tonight’s performance of “You Give Love a Bad Name.”  Being a huge Bon Jovi fan, I prefer the original version.  However, I have to give Lewis points for creativity.  Where other contestants faltered because rock was not the genre, Lewis took the song and made it his own.  I still think  Lewis is the strongest male contender.

Now on to those contestants that had trouble with tonight’s theme.  Chris Richardson did a nice rendition of “Wanted Dead or Alive,” but it was clear that he wasn’t comfortable with the song.

And unfortunately, Jordin Sparks could not follow up her powerful performance from last week.  Is it possible to be too young for Bon Jovi?  During her performance of “Living on a Prayer,” Sparks seemed uncomfortable in her own skin and she knew it.

This week two get sent home.  If I have to base it on Tuesday night’s performance, then it’s got to be Chris Richardson and Jordan Sparks.


One Response to Bon Jovi Teaches LaKisha Jones to Rock on ‘American Idol’

  1. rcrawford79 says:

    I can’t wait for the Polka themed night…that should rock out!

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