Phil, Chris say farewell on ‘American Idol’

On Wednesday American Idol say goodbye to two of the male contenders.  Phil Stacy and Chris Richardson performed their final encore as American Idol contestants.

Since country night, Phil Stacy performances have finally peaked, but unfortunately it was too little too late.  On Tuesday Stacy put in one of his better performances with “Blaze of Glory.”  Alas, it was not enough to hang on.

Chris RichardsonOn the other hand, Chris Richardson has been just squeaking by for weeks.  And on Tuesday he really struggled with his rendition of “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

But the contestants weren’t really my focus tonight.  I spent the rest of the stretched out hour patiently waiting through all the filler for the performance of Bon Jovi.  Tell me again why we had to make the results show an hour?

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with Bon Jovi’s performance tonight.  They performed the song “You want to Make a Memory” from their new album Lost Highway.  I thought the song was beautiful.  But I was expecting hoping to really rock out with some classic Bon Jovi tunes.  In fact, since Tuesday’s show, all I’ve wanted to do was break out my Bon Jovi CDs (no, I don’t have a MP3 player) and jam.

Guess I better find my CD player.


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