Relive Your Childhood with Free Comic Book Day May 5th

This Saturday, May 5, 2007, is Free Comic Book Day.  The event, held annually on the first Saturday in May, is more than a gathering of geeks.  Free Comic Book day is a chance to relive a piece of your childhood and share that experience with your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren or any other youth in your life. 

Free Comic Book DayEven if you weren’t a big comic book fan, we’ve all picked up a copy of Archie as a child or read the funnies in the paper on Sunday.  Well comics have come a long way since I was kid.  Stop by a comic book store this Saturday to find out how much.

Shortly after we were married, my husband revived his love for comics and started collecting again.  While I was never a big comic book fan beyond the occasional Archie growing up, I found the trips to our local comic book store with my husband fascinating.  There were so many titles — a little of something for everyone.

Mickey Mouse ComicEvery time we stopped by, the owner of the Dave’s Comics would try to persuade me to start collecting and would show me something new.  For a while I declined, content to support my husband’s interest.  Alas, Dave finally found the key to my heart — Mickey Mouse comic books.  A huge Mickey fan, I could not turn away.  I’ve been collecting ever since.

Recently I’ve started venturing beyond my Mickey Mouse comics.  Why?  Several of my favorite TV shows are now migrating to the comic world.  While the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series have both ended, I am still able to get my vampire and demon fix with the Buffy, Angel, and Spike comics — all three of which picked up where the series ended.  The short-lived cult favorite Firefly also released a set of comics between the series end and the movie Serenity.  And recently, my favorite TV show, Supernatural, announced that it would be releasing a comic called Supernatural:  Origins

Comics are a great way of extending the life and scope of a sci fi franchises.  Heroes uses graphic novels to fill in the gaps between episodes.  Battlestar Galactica has also issued a comic.

Spiderman ComicNow that I’m a parent, I think comics are a great way to encourage children and teens to read more.  Granted my twins are only two, but they will be in line Saturday for their second Free Comic Book Day.  My husband and I both plan to encourage an interest in comics for a children for the simple reason that its a fun way for them to learn to read and practice the reading skills.

Many comic book stores make Free Comic Book Day a truly fun event.  Last year, Dave’s Comics had Star Wars storm troopers visit with everyone as we lined up waiting for the store to open.  And the first 500 visitors got a free Heroclix figure.  And did I mention that my kids love to visit Dave’s because of his great collection of toys from educational to family fun to nostalgic. 

Here’s the list of the comic books the all the stores will be giving away:

Archie Comics Little Archie 2007

Bongo’s Free For all 2007

Umbrella Academy Zero Killer Pantheon City 2007

Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century 2007

The Lone Ranger/New Battlestar Galactica Flip Book 2007

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse 2007 

Transformers the Movie Prequel #1 2007

Astounding Wolf-Man #1 2007

Amazing Spider Man Swing Shift 2007

Tokyopop Choose Your Weapon 2007

Some stores might have a few more titles.  To find a comic book near you, visit this store locator.

Those hitting the theaters this summer might want to pick up the Transformers or the Spiderman issues.  Personally, I’ll be in line for that Mickey Mouse issue. 


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