‘American Idol’ sent home its best when it said bye to Melinda Doolittle

Simon Cowell was visibly disappointed when results of the semifinals were announced on American Idol Wednesday.  Melinda Doolittle, the most consistent and versatile contestant this season, has been sent home.

Melinda DoolittleAfter three outstanding performances on Tuesday, Simon said that he wanted to see “his girl, Melinda,” in the finals.  I don’t know about the rest of America, but I was both shocked and saddened by the results.  I think I cried harder than Melinda.  She has been my favorite since the beginning.

While I believe that Melinda was by far the best contestant, I am not going to dwell on her early exit.  Melinda career is already on its way.  I expect that she will be one, if not the, most successful American Idol finalist.  I can’t say enough about her beautiful voice, her commanding performance and her inspiring personality.

Enough said, on with the rest of the show.

As far as results shows go, this one bordered on interesting.  Instead of the typical boring filler — no farmer’s market interviews, no group performance — we got to see some footage of each of the three finalists when they returned home.  Each city paid homage to their respective Idol with a day in his/her honor.  And each Idol got to perform to a hometown full of adoring fans. 

Last Friday, Jordin Sparks returned to Glendale, Arizona where she visited her schools and got her own star at the bottom of the escalator at the mall.  An honor only a teenage girl could appreciate.

Further north, Blake Lewis hung out with Sir Mix-a-lot and sang the national anthem at a Mariner’s game in Seattle before heading home to see his very emotion father in Bothell, Washington.  And can I please note that during the review of Blake’s trip, Ryan Seacrest was more than a little rude to Blake’s dad.

Meanwhile, a very thankful Melinda Doolittle returned to Nashville where she not only got to enjoy some sweat tea, but she also got to meet the Governor and had a street named after her — Melinda Doolittle Way.

Completely in theme, the Ford music video was a little nostalgic too, showing young versions of Blake, Melinda and Jordan enjoying their passion for music.

The show rounded out with guest performances.  Looking much older, Elliott Yamin performed “Wait for You” from his recently released his self-titled CD and promoted his upcoming tour. Also on hand, Maroon 5 jammed to “Makes Me Wonder.”

One more week left.  I guess I can make it through without Melinda, but just barely.

(Photo couresty of American Idol)


35 Responses to ‘American Idol’ sent home its best when it said bye to Melinda Doolittle

  1. Templeton says:

    Melinda Doolittle, the most successful idol finalist EVER? Do you actually believe she can sell over five million copies an album, win multiple Grammy Awards, and join the league of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood? Look, she is a fine vocalist and consistent performer, but the best she can hope for is some adult contemporary, or r&b genre success. She is not particularly attractive and does not have the charisma or broad appeal to be a cross-genre superstar. Sorry, she just doesn’t, most of us don’t. I believe she may have a chance at a platinum album, on the Idol fame carryover, but to be the most successful would require much more than she has to offer. “Video killed the radio star.” Melinda would have had more of a chance at broad success in another era, not ours. I wish her the best, but we are just a bit too shallow for a pure singer- we want more.

  2. vacelts says:

    Temleton, speak for yourself when you say you want more. I’m more than happy to listen to Melinda Doolittle. I’d take her over Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood any day.

    Kelly’s success was because she was the first not because she was so exceptional. And Carrie found a niche with country music. I enjoy a few of her songs, but I don’t see her withstanding time. Ten years from now she’ll just be a faint memory.

    Melinda, on the other hand, has a voice that will carry her for years to come. And her versatility will enable her to change with the times.

    In fact Melinda is the only Idol I’d consider buying an album from. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  3. Marjory C says:

    I think Melinda was a great singer, but she is a professional. She is already on records as a backup singer. I think that Blake is different and unique which is what we are looking for in an American Idol.

  4. Jan Eliasen says:

    I am still in awe this morning, and cannot believe that Melinda was voted off!! I guess the Nashville area didn’t make enough calls or something. That’s the only reason she went home in my opinion. Melinda clearly has more talent in her little finger than the other two left. Farewell Melinda, but I know we’ll see your CD’s in music stores sometime soon. I think Simon was right when he held his head in his hands……….Melinda should have stayed!!

  5. Nn says:

    she lacked the self confidence that an idol needs to succeed at the top. Her facial expressions and reactions to many compllements were sophmoric and she showed that fame is overwheliming for her; she did not embrace her the compliments like a true superstare.

  6. Julian says:

    I certainly agree with vacelts. Melinda will stand the test of time. I personally believe that she will be the greatest American Idol dropout. I am so disappointed, but I know she will get a contract and far surpass all the others. She has an unbelievable voice and range! Way to go girl!!

  7. Regina Cummings says:

    I was very upset when Ryan said before he interviewed Melinda after the last years’ person finished singing that Melinda was going home,before the break.Have someone review the tape, I will never watch this again.

  8. vacelts says:

    Regina, I heard that too and was upset. Then I wondered if he meant that we’d see the footage of her going home to Nashville.

  9. katara says:

    Valcets, you’re definitely not the only one. Melinda reminds me of Tina Turner and she defintiely was a “cross-genre superstar”. People aren’t as shallow as Templeton might think they are. In fact, I see more people everyday getting tired of the same no-talent, studio-manufactured, just because you’re pretty, music stars. Melinda isn’t particularly that charasmatic, but her selling point for me is her extreme humbleness….no diva-like behavior from this girl. I’d definitely run out and buy one of her albums in a heartbeat.

  10. Robert says:

    I completely disagree with Vacelts re: Carrie Underwood. The girl was spectacular in concert and has won plenty of CMA Awards and Grammy Awards to prove it. Carrie’s album sales have been spectacular.

    Melinda may not be as pretty as Carrie Underwood, but she is a serious talent. I agree with Vacelts re: Melinda’s voice and versatility. We will hear a lot from Melinda.

    Blake is adorable, creative and has a wonderful personality. People are attracted to him because he’s magnetic. I think he will do well because of this.

    Jordin will likely win and do well because of the title American Idol. I think she’s “the total package”, but I think she has not shown us anything particularly original to date. To succeed, she will need to show more versatility, define her “style” musically, and I think her voice will improve as it matures.

  11. Jacqui says:

    Yes Regina, I heard it too. Thats when I started to feel sick to my stomach. I voted endlessly on Tueday night. I even stopped counting the amount of times I voted. It makes me think that American Idol has something to do with who will be the American Idol. MELINDA, YOU ARE MY AMERICAN IDOL and I am sure you will be a success. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. THIS IS NOT THE END OF ROAD, IT IS THE BEGINNING.

  12. Fennalies says:

    As a Canadian watching American Idol I am in schock the way the Americans voted out Melida , She is by far the winner in the hearts of Canadians . Well this Canadian anyway. plus all my friends ,we had her picked from the beginning Iam sure this young lady is going to go to the top together with Carrie Underwood , after all she deserves it . She is a amazing lady and has a voice of a angel, this girl will go to the top

  13. Paul C. Evans says:

    I think in a few years this will be just like many of the quiz shows, ie 64 thousand question, a scam and fixed. The men were very poor this year, most will never make it, yet it was always alternated with a boy/girl exit and now a boy/girl final. The top three or four would have been female if not fixed. I am convinced it is fixed enough to not waste my time next year!

  14. Effie says:

    I agree with Vacelts, I thought I was the only who caught that statement by Ryan. The media and Ryan wanted Jordan to win,theybuilt her and Sanjay up more than the other contestant. Since the they sponsor American Idol they should keep there opinion to themself.

  15. Teri says:

    Yes, Regina, he meant they were going to show footage of Melinda’s visit “home” to Nashville.

  16. ben says:

    To Templeton: you are truly shallow and I don’t want to be part of your generation…when you say most of us… who do you mean by that? Melinda is the best singer and the American Idol…she was just a victim of the program’s pure reliance on commercialism without regard to expert opinion. Geography and demography plays a big part in the decisionmaking and in a competition such as this, they could be a great advantage or a great barrier to success. But in any case Melinda can be herself and succeed just like any great singer that we have had in this world.

  17. Delicia says:

    I wanted Melinda to win so much. I couldn’t sleep last night after the results.

    The thing is that, the end result when it comes on to American Idol is unpredictabale and as in the past the best singer is sent home.

    Sometimes you wonder on what basis people are voting.

  18. carol zell says:

    I think Latissa and Melinda were the best singers you ever had on your show. The others need a lot of help.

  19. Caroline Fox says:

    To be sure, Idol again is determined by 12 year old girls who
    think a contestant is “Cute.” I, too, would rather listen to Doolittle than C & W or
    Clarkson’s hard rock. I am reminded of Linda Ronstant who can sing any
    and everything.

  20. Sarafina says:

    I am NOT an idol fan anymore!! Melinda was and is the best that was on the stage last night. I AM a Melinda fan!! The shocking results goes to show that if US adults do not vote the younger generation does, some indulge in looks and not so much the talent side, will prevail. That has been proven before. I do also believe that she will be the greatest dropout. Speak for yourself Templeton, she does have what it takes, the stage performance, the vocals, the look, something people are not used to seeing is she is a humble woman! That is not lack of self confidence. I am so glad I got to witness a Tina Turner song!! She rocked it! This woman will go places. If the panel was in shock, that reaction is a good part of the mature audience. American Idol has lost a viewer.

  21. Yvonne says:

    Last night was the last time I will watch American Idol, as an older person I just like to see the younger people have an opportunity. However this show has consistently shown that it is corrupt at the core. It is sad to lead people on TO DO THE BEST and they follow all the rules and then get disqualified because of the corruption of money. Melinda Doolitle should have won , but because she would not reduce herself to become a HARLOT ..she has been put out to pasture. How sad that the JUDGES…have no more consicience than their checkbook. It saddens my heart that Americal Idol could be such a deception to America. They need to remove AMERICAN from their name anc call themselves what they really are …..A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING

  22. Ernie Mayer says:

    American Idol has gone to the dogs and I refuse to watch it anymore … Melinda was clearly the best singer and I have no intention of watching the finale …

    Dam you Howard Stern.

  23. harlee says:

    Blake is GREAT and deserves to win! Idol is about best NEW talent:
    translation: YOUNG!
    Melinda is fantastic, no doubt, but Blake is the greatest!

  24. vacelts says:

    Paul, glad to see I’m not the only one who thought the boy/girl finale seemed a little contrived, especially since all season everyone — including the judges — have talked about how much stronger the girls were than the boys.

  25. rcrawford79 says:

    Melinda received a raw deal….American Idol is not a singing contest, but a popularity contest!!!! So, why do they even sing then? Let’s make the show completely karaoke, because results will still be the same. If this year did not demonstrate that enough, look at last year’s winner Taylor Hicks. What has become of him? Also, if anyone had noticed, the song choices for Blake were not challenging songs like the selections for Melinda or Jordan. I wonder why? Could it be that Blake can not sing anything else and producers need a male in the finale? It makes me wonder…could it be the Sanjaya effect…capture the teenage gilrl vote for the sponsors and the ad agencies? Too many questions, not enough answers… Anyhow, long live Melinda!

  26. Betty says:

    Now come on you folks that say you refuse to watch anymore American Idol.
    Especially the finals next week. You might not “watch” but I bet you will have
    the T.V. up loud enough so as to hear it, or have a sibling watch and tell you who
    won. Odds are that all of you or part of you will watch. Sorry you feel this way about
    the voting last evening. I to was disappointed but now that just makes me want to
    vote more for “Jordin” so as to not let that “BLAKE” guy win. Hopefully all of Melinds’s
    voters will swing their vote for Jordin. Lets just hope and pray so.

  27. LoriinmusiccityUSA says:

    Diverse!!!!! How much more diverse can you get….start out with a ballad – by Whitney Houston – the most no-noed singer song choice – then sing a song by Tina Turner and strut with the mike bettter than Tina herself. Then end on Chaka Khan with I am a WOMAN!! For heaven’s sakes – what do you want Jesus Loves Me or Stairway to Heaven????? Or maybe just take Randy’s advise and have everybody sing the phonebook……now that would be a level playing field……..based solely on talent – as it has been said over and over….this is a singing competition……Bon Jovi put it well when he said he was worried for Blake doing so much beat boxing on a song when he was in a competition for singing…….well said. IMHO Melinda Doolittle Way was correctly named and explained – we believe in living our life her way – respect for others, love of family and faith in God.

  28. Betty Peters says:

    Melinda has the most beautiful voice of any Idol thru all the seasons. I will buy her records. She has it all plus personality and isn’t in love with herself like one former winner, Its a shame the Idols are not really picked for their talent. I will not buy be bop be bop be bop hooey. That is not music.

  29. Betty Peters says:

    Melinda is humble and not vain.

  30. theway says:

    I completely agree with the rest in saying that Melinda is the best performer that this season has got. I myself was saddened by the results. I know that the title of “American Idol” doesn’t really mean a lot these days since almost any contestant gets to sign a record deal with some music label, but it would’ve been a nice feather in Melinda’s hat.

    That being said, I hate that in a supposed “talent” show, the ones who have the say are the ones who don’t know what real talent is about. Music isn’t simply being able to carry a tune, while smiling and looking pretty/handsome/cute in front of the camera. True music goes much deeper, and touches the heart – something that only Melinda has been able to do during this season of American Idol.

    I can only wish Melinda great success in the years to come, and shame on the people who buy their so-called “music” based on looks or perceived “awesomeness”.

  31. americanidolfan says:

    I think that Melinda was a good singer, but not a good performer. That’s what America is looking for: a performer with a good voice. That’s why Sanjaya stayed so long. She sang well, but I believe her performances were below par.

  32. geliad says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say something that’s probably not been said by anyone, anywhere on the web: I happen to think Melinda is a pretty girl — certainly not a conventional beauty in the mold of Carrie Underwood or Kat McPhee, but she has a certain softness and sweetness that is very appealing. And I think she looked great on last week’s results show. So there.

  33. vacelts says:

    Well said geliad. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and its nice to see people recognize that.

  34. Grace says:

    Melinda is a great singer. What made her great besides talented voice was her humbleness and the class act as she has exit when they voted her out. That was the best exit in any american idol that I have watch contestat being voted out. Not in tears or sorrow but with joy and confidence. I love the fact that she was not ashamed to mention her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and her fame did not go over her head as most. She will do well because she have what it takes as a singer. She might not have what the world seeks for looks but she has a beautiful heart and an excellent character. Looks will not stay, they will fade away like a dry leaves that the drives it away. But a good character will not fade away and that is the true beauty of Miss Melinda Doolitte. Thank you! Melinda for giving us your very best…

  35. louise7 says:

    Well come back to Melinda Doolittle, she will released her first album in fall and working on a Holiday CD. New website for her fans to support Melinda’s career http://www.mdstreetteam.com Join us to the forum to read all the great news about her.

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