Lana Lang dies in ‘Smallville’ finale, or did she?

In the season finale of Smallville, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) loses his high school sweetheart when Lana Lang Luthor’s (Kristin Kreuk) car exploded in a blaze of glory.  Did Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) murder his wife because she threatened to leave?  Or did she fake her own death? 

Lana explodesBefore the explosion Lana makes a point of telling Clark, Lex and Lionel Luthor (John Glover) that she’s leaving Lex.  Seems she wanted to make sure people knew.  And she went out of her way to tell Clark goodbye and that he would not see her again.  Although we saw her nearing her car before the explosion, we never actually saw her get in it.

I think she faked her death.  Call me jaded, but if her demise is real, I won’t be disappointed.  Since Lana hooked up with Lex, I’ve found her character annoying.  She’s become an opportunist who then pities herself for the predicament she’s gotten herself in despite all her friends’ warnings.  I can’t see what Clark sees in her except the memory of the once sweet girl next door.

Lois and ChloeBut Lana’s fate is not the only one left in limbo at the end of this episode.  When a inquisitive Lois Lane (Erica Durance) gets into trouble, it’s cousin Chloe (Allison Mack) to the rescue.  Finally, we find out what Chloe’s meteor freak power is.  Talk about a really cool power.  I just want someone to explain to me exactly how it worked.  Chloe heals a dying Lois with a teardrop.  However when Lois awakes, Chloe is unconscious.  Did the healing just leave her drained?  Or did she trade her life for Lois’s?  What will Jimmy Olsen do if Chloe’s gone?

Meanwhile, Lex is in a bit of trouble himself.  His desire to capture the last phantom, which really isn’t a phantom but a Kryptonian experiment, backfires when the phantom escapes and comes after him.  He’s saved by Clark only to be arrested for Lana’s murder.  I think she set him up.  He seemed genuinely shocked by the news of Lana’s death.  But we all know he can be a convincing liar.

Martian ManhunterThe cool news is that the Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) returns and we learn that he worked for Jor El tracking criminals and that he’s been keeping an eye on Clark at the request of his father.  We also learned that Lionel is also a Jor El ally explaining why he blackmailed Lana to marry Lex so he could use her to get info about the phantoms.

Unfortunately, neither was able to help the Clark when the phantom attacked him, stole his DNA and created a body (a double of Clark) for himself.  Oh the symbolism as Clark must battle his doppelganger.  When the episode ends of the two are still battling it out. 

As the phantom Clark flies off, his face turns white and cracks — the birth of Bizarro Superman.  Mythology says that Bizarro is the exact opposite of Superman, which explains why the kryptonite energized him instead of hurting him.  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him.  My guess is that the pursuit of Bizarro will be the overarching story next season.

Overall a very exciting episode.  I’m looking forward to its return in the fall.  CW announced that it has renewed Smallville and plans to leave it in its Thursday nights.

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120 Responses to Lana Lang dies in ‘Smallville’ finale, or did she?

  1. tarran says:

    lana ain’t dead because the second episode next season is about her and gt shows her importance to the show. however chloe is reall good as she drained her life to save lois.

  2. Joey says:

    Yea no one wants lana to die anyways

    the ratings would go down

  3. vacelts says:

    Joey, I want Lana to die. Since she started dating Lex, I can’t stand her. I’d be happy if the show wrote her off.

  4. NG says:

    tarran how do you know the second episode of the next season. The only list like that i’ve seen was a april fool’s (in july) joke by kryptonsite. i don’t think they would tell us the whole listing. I agree with vacelts, Lana NEEDS to die. The ratings will go down much faster if they keep the whole annoying clark/lana thing going. He needs to notice Lois, at very least. The only evidence of that was “Crimson” but then he went back to moaning about Lana.

  5. vacelts says:

    NG, I agree with you. Lois is a much more interesting character. I hope they show more of her this season.

  6. LT says:

    Lana Lang has only faked her death to escape the creep Lex Luthor. She be coming around.

  7. sp says:

    Lana lives because the van passing in the alley at that precise moment and not seeing her actually get in her car gives her the perfect escape.

  8. vacelts says:

    Unfortunately, LT and sp, I think you are right.

  9. Adeline says:

    Are there no more Clana fans out there anymore??? Y do u all hate Clark and Lana’s relationship???!!! They r so cute 2gether!!!

  10. vacelts says:

    Adeline, I like Clark with Lois better.

  11. Keira says:

    Bump ya’ll! It sucks enough that Lana is possibly dead, but you decide to rag on her cause she got blackmailed into marrying a bald and eccentric millionaire? If you ask me, I started to like her better after she married Lex. Looks like she got some backbone after that. She dropped the whole “Oh Clark, please save me;help, help!” thing. Although, Adeline, I do think Lana and Clark were a cute couple, and Vacelts is right, Lois is spunkier and an easy favorite, I think I’m the only one who thinks that Clark and Chloe would have made a nice couple, too. I like her better than both of those too.

  12. vacelts says:

    Keira, I didn’t like Chloe the first couple of seasons. She got on my nerves, but the last few seasons she’s really come into her own. I’m so glad they finally gave her a boyfriend. I love her with Jimmy. They are so sweet and innocent among all the deceit of the Luthors. Their relationship is adorable and refreshing.

  13. Keira says:

    Vacelts, I agree, Jimmy and Chloe are adorable. It just sucked in the first couple of seasons when the producers just had Chloe snag meteor freaks. It was all Lana all the time. It’s good to finally see her with someone who isn’t completely weird.

  14. terren says:

    lana and clark should be together,and lana should’nt die they r crazy if she did I love them together they rock and i hate lex but Ilove clark

  15. derrick says:

    i like them alot to terren they should be together

  16. vacelts says:

    Terren & Derrick,

    I liked Lana and Clark together in the beginning, but at this point I think they’ve both outgrown each other. It’s time for them to move on. Besides how many more ways can we rehash the Lana-Clark relationship.

  17. terren says:

    I love clark alot they casted him good when they made the show and im not the biggest fan of chloe shes always n the way of something and lois she is very funny but Vacelts she is betterwith clark.

  18. terren says:

    maybe u r right but who do u think clark will hook up with brsides lana

  19. terren says:

    man i had a typing error not the best typer n the world .does any one think lana is dead

  20. derrick says:

    i have typing errors too sometimes but i think she is

  21. terren says:

    well i hope she is not, do u want clarks mom to remarry or find someone else cause i think shes lonely

  22. derrick says:

    does anyone think martha kent should remarry besides me and terren

  23. terren says:

    Vacelts do think martha kent should remarry?

  24. alex says:

    i love smallville

  25. terren says:

    duh thats y we have this website

  26. vacelts says:

    Terren, I don’t actually think we’ll be seeing a lot of Martha in the upcoming season. I have no problem if she remarries as long as it’s not to Lionel. I don’t trust him. But she loved Jonathan so much, I can’t see her remarrying anytime soon.

  27. Mary says:

    I dont think Lana’s dead…. I’m a huge fan of hers. lana was so nice in season 1,2,3,4,5 but i was shocked when she started dating lex but i’m thankful to hear she doesn’t like lex but she still loves clark.

  28. terren says:

    vacelts, i dont know y she is even interested in Lionel he’s an evil idiot, and he has a spoiled brat 4 a son

  29. terren says:

    Mary,im a super big fan of Lana’s too I think she is very sweet.

  30. derrick says:

    Terren, do u have the first 5 seasons on DVD

  31. derrick says:

    hey,Terren do u have the first 5 seasons on DVD yet cause i do.I think lois is so totally HOT,and i love her and i think she should have been on hte show from the beginning.

  32. derrick says:

    wuts up terren

  33. Ian says:

    LEX LUTHOR is so cool no one on the show is better than him he so evil and diabolical and i think if CLARK didnt have his powers lex would totally kick his BUTT

  34. bigville says:

    I love the love triangle thing … it rocks haha

  35. vacelts says:

    Terren, I think it’s more about Lionel interest in Martha. She’s flattered. She’s naive about his evilness and she’s too nice to tell him where to go.

  36. vacelts says:

    Ian, I love to hate Lex. He makes a great villain. I remember liking him so much in the first few seasons I could imagine how they were going to make him Clark’s arch nemisis, but they did and they did it beautifully. The producers and the actor have done a great job with Lex.

  37. terren says:

    Ian, I think u r nuts, no offense or nuthin but the best person on the show is clark . well at least thats what i think .We R allowed to have our own opinions.

  38. Ian says:

    yo,Terren clark is not all that great does he have Lana NO! U kno what they say nice guys finish LAST !!! HA HA HA

  39. terren says:

    clarks great and Lana is not even N love wit lex

  40. jay says:

    well ithink lana should live because she is really nice and she only married lex because lionel made her so it’s not really lana’s fault. Well i think she might have escaped in the van that drove by because you didn’t actually see her get in her truck but you never know because they might twist it. But i hope that lana lives and tries to stop lex’s evil plans since she knows so much about what he’s doing

  41. Jason says:

    I have been looking for a forum to discuss about Smallville and its characters. Now I have got the chance, so bare with me because this will be long.

    Personally, smallville is an awesome shows, but does anyone realise that some of the part don’t even make sense at all? I mean how Clark/Kar-el loses his powers all of the sudden and how meteror rocks can transfer his power to another person? How is that even possible? He is born with all these gifts and his strength come from the SUN. Now comeon, unless the sun dies out there are no way Clark could of lose his power because of a meteror rock, or his physcially body is no longer a steel.. and lana a 15 years old manage to live on her own after her aunt leaves her? something doesn’t quit adds up. plus how clark says that lex pretent to be his friends for 3 years just so he can expose him? that mean clark new lex when he was 14?? and he secretly loves lana who’s also 14 and lex, i can only assumed that his in his 20s?….
    disspike of all these I still loves smallville. It’s an awesome sci-fi tv series.

    Now lets talk about lana lang. When I first watched this show (season 1-5) for the first time, her character doesn’t seem that annoying to me. but after watching it over for the second times. man, she can get on my nerve. not once i didn’t wish they dont’ kill her. She is so pathetic.. she snaps at clark all the time when he has a secret that he didn’t feel comfortable telling her. i mean, she’s not the only one he kept his secret from. I guess that made her a hypercrit because when she has a secret, it’s not like she ran to clark right away in the first place. she did eventually, but only when she was ready.. The death of parents is very dramatic and how it could scar one for life. But someone her parents died when she was like want 6 according to the show and she somehow moans on it. she got pissed off when perry whites interven in her life bringing up the death of her parents.. and she ended up going to lex asking him to “take care of perry whites”.. that doesn’t sound like a sweet next door girl to me. enough blabbling..
    to sum up, lana’s annoying, and i want her out of the show.. so yes i wish she’s really gone after the exposion.. but my feeling tell me she’ll continued to annoys the heck out of me a lot more.. sorry if i offended anyone.

  42. vacelts says:

    Jason, I know some of it doesn’t always make sense, but I just chalk it up to television and that we are suppose to use our imagination. I mean how did the Kents get away with suddenly having a baby? Didn’t people wonder? I know that they went to the Luthors for help with the “adoption” but surely Lionel wondered.

    Yes, I agree that Lana comes up with some pretty cold blooded things for one that’s suppose to be the sweet girl next door. Especially this last season. That’s why I don’t feel bad for her with her predicament with Lex.

  43. vacelts says:

    Jay, don’t you wonder who was in the white van?

  44. jay says:

    yah i do vacelts but in the next season we will probabley find out but she probabley hired someone to help her fake her death. because that’s a little weird that all of the sudden the white van comes by just as she opens the door and then drives of just in time. but the thing i don’t get is after the exploision you can see a head drop on the stirring wheel if u look eally close so that’s some thing i don’t get but u never know i just hope lana lives and stops lex. and chloe i think she lives to because she hasen’t gotten er power yet from the meteorits but she probabley got the power of healing or of life she probabley gives her life then get’s it back in a littlewhile.

  45. vacelts says:

    Jay, her death wouldn’t be believable if there wasn’t a body. So who did Lana get to take her place?

  46. jay says:

    i don’t know maybe their was like a dumpy in the car or somthing because i was reading through website’s and i came across for the cast of SEASON 7 and it said krisyin kreuk as lana lang well i hope this site is right

  47. vacelts says:

    Jay, oh, I think Lana lives. But who did she sacrifice to do so? She’s so not the sweet innocent girl next door from the first few seasons.

  48. Terren says:

    yo,y is everybody haitin on Lana so much, she got a backbone now and actually stands up 4 herself unlike in the first 5 seasons,I think she can B a little annoying but she still sweet Lana who tragically lost her parents in the meteor showers and if u went through losing your parents,being caught in a twister,being a vampire and having the love of your life lie to u all the time about his abilitys u probably turn to lex too if u were on the show

  49. anonymous says:

    I think Lana is a sweetheart

  50. terren says:

    I so AGREE

  51. terren says:

    I hope lana is not dead she doesnt deserve to die she just need to get away from lex

  52. Jason says:

    lana is probably the only character that i like on smallville.
    i can’t wait till clark becomes kar-el.. and finish the education that his father wants him to do. only then will he be smarter than lex.

  53. Jason says:

    oops, hate.. not like.

  54. terren says:

    jason y on earth would u hate lana

  55. jay says:

    i’m not really sure but they might have put a dead body in there. and lana could fool them because it was a body but not hers but that’s just one of my guesses

  56. phira says:

    i think she deserve to gone in this next season. she’s become annoying since dating lex. o god! i don’t like her anymore.
    vote for LOIS! the main girl for clark

  57. pearl says:

    lana must die

  58. Jason says:

    THANK YOU!!! Glad I am not the only one who thinks she’s annoying.
    YES, I would love for Lois and Clark to pair up. However, I’d like Clark and Chloe to pair up before lois since she has been so supportive of clark and been there with him all this time. I mean, she did gave up her life time opportunity because she couldn’t stand betraying Clark. These two should be together for at least a few episode and not just for a prom date.

  59. jay says:

    well i don’t think she deserve’s to die she’s over lex and if she lves she won’t go out with clark she can just be really good friends with him and then he can start dating louis but i still think lana deserves to stay

  60. jay says:

    how could you guys say that i don’t think that she is anoying tell me two reasons why she is anoying and plus she left lex so who cares gosh!!!

  61. sjolley says:

    I think Chloe deserves a chance with Clark. She has been there for him from the beginning, and even when she had the chance, she has never betrayed him. You can tell she still loves him.

  62. Mary says:

    Vacelts, do u think Martha will even remarry Lionel Luthor? She looks so fond of him … First I didn’t like him in four seasons but when i heard he was trying to protect clark i soon thought he had changed into a good person but i think lionel’s going to die because he had a disease in his heart …

  63. steve says:

    There was a MAIL TRUCK the drove by when the explosion took place. is that the van your all talking about? the story line from the comic book tells that Clark is with Lois who he tells his secret to. Lana is most likely alive for the story for now but i believe once she sees Clack and Lois together shell disappear either by suicide or just disappear. Lex will be off the hook once she appears. my informants tell me that Lex is leaving the show but will make a few appearances during this season. Im not to sure on Cloe….if Cloe is dead, yall cant have her and Clack together…..hes destined to Lois anyway as i said. But since it is a Meteor Power as most in previous seasons have shown the “Meteor Freeks” usually, but not always die or disappear. i predict shell be back, via Lexs Experimental Lab as he has her tested. my 2 cents all! Steve

  64. steve says:

    excuse the typos on CLARK! i saw “Clack” and laughed myself…lol

  65. LANA MUST DIE says:


  66. didi says:

    i think clark is sooo hot i odnt think lana die

  67. terren says:

    Y does everyone hate Lana so much she is not that bad,and no matter what clarks going to love her lois is great but she is not the one he loves

  68. LANA MUST DIE says:

    that aint how the original superman story goes. clark will love lois. it is inevitable. the only factor now is time.

  69. Steve says:

    People dont seem to understand the story line. even tho they have added things that never were in the comic books theyve added a bit of spice to this story. as mentioned lois and clark will inevitiably be together. thats the script, like it or not. you also have to remember, the lana and clark era they were only high school teens, 17 when they graduated. they could love but not really understand love at that age. you get the impression that they are grown ups in love when in reality they were only kids, trying to love and not really understaning it. and with all the mess in smallville it made love seem just that much harder for them to try and figure out. try to imagine yourself with your high school sweetheart living in i agree some high school teens have made a marriage work, but i remember in high school i loved all the popular girls and even thought i was in love with them. but as we get older our minds (and hearts) begin to mature and eventially our brain will decifer the difference between puppy love and love. anyway, as stated, clark will fall in love with lois. and not to be mean, but niether lana nor clark actually had real love between them and the story writers dropped several hints during the latter seasons as to what lanas role actually was. some dont like her but she played a pivotal role in clarks life to ultimately learn and unravel who he is and his path to his true love…Lois. I was right about the mail truck as being the vehicle that passed momentarily in front of lanas vehicle. it passed by with just enough time for lana to leave her vehicle and get into the mail truck just before hers explodes. i believe shes alive. im not so sure after further review that lionel is involved in her escape simply by looking at the expressions on his face. however, lionel had many faces. and its only my opinion. oh and i dont want cloe to be dead because she also played an important role in clarks life. without lana and cloe, its going to be rather boring, i would think. ok, im done for now lol

  70. derrick says:

    Lana must die, U R crazi……i don’t care how the storyline goes.In the comic book lois doesn’t even kno Clark until he works at the daily planet .
    U R A MORON … so u are wrong and the storyline is wrong to then.. it does it make sense

  71. kat says:

    Lana isn’t die. She never made it into the car if u look closely u can see that she only opend the door but u don’t see her close it. Plus there was an “ICE CREAM” truck near the car, lets face it lana isn’t the lana we use to know… As for “CHOLE” I have a feeling that she’s not comeing back… which is somethin that makes mad realy “SAD”

  72. Steve says:

    Listen, before you start calling people Morons, you have to know what one is. you, appear to have the mentallity of a 6th grader. if your really interested in the show, instead of acting like a 6th grader, try posting something that shows you have some brains and put some thought into what your saying before you hit the “POST”. Because i hate to tell you how stupid you actually sound, but man, you sound stupid. Apparently, you not intelligent enough to figure things out on your own, you seem to need someone to hold your hand and spoonfeed everything to you. im not going to spoonfeed you dude no more than anyone else. go read your books again then come talk to us. i really dont recall anyone mentioning Clark and Lois MEETING at any given time. but if you watched the show, youd see for yourself and it was mentioned that they spiced up the show a bit from the comic. Anyway, enough said, and enough time wasted on you and whatever it is your trying to say. it appears your a clueless Moron. so dont try to match wits with me boy, because i wont even try match wits with the witless. and you, are witless. move on, boy, you, ho hum, bore me.

  73. Steve says:

    Kat, the Red White and Blue indicates a Mail truck commonly driven by the USPS. i see no ice cream written on that truck. just thought id let you know. steve

  74. Kya says:

    Hey you guys, the show is not real!

    Tom`s eyes are!!!!!!!!

  75. Steve says:

    There are a few (7th)pre-season sneek-peeks out there if anyone is interested. Some say this will be the last season, some are anticipating a season 8, but nothing definate. Just thought id share. Utube has a bunch. even shows what we were discussing here. Lana Lang. but i wont spoil it, watch for yourselves.

  76. Steve says:

    Kya, how can that be? the shows not real, DUH, but Toms eyes are?HUH? what you smokin’? lol

  77. sam dunn says:

    lana didnt die. i am friends with charles gough, relative of Alfred gough. he was telling me that what you didnt see in the episode was: the back of the truck passing by. she could of easily jumped on, or fake her death because she wanted lex dead or because she new what he was capable of. However it is one of the two, but i am not allowed to say which. p.s. look at season 7 episode 2

  78. Steve says:

    Sam, i do believe we said that! and i directed them to utube to watch the clips….Sam, havent you been reading?

  79. J.J. says:

    Sam – Thats good news… thats kool u know gough’s… r u serious about lana. i like her character… even if she is a bit winey at times.

  80. J.J. says:

    How do u no about Season 7 episode. 2????????

    Everyone i no has like, seen parts of it or know’s whats gunna happen?!

  81. Sarah says:

    I read some where that Chloes powers are that she heals someone by taking her life instead but then her healing powers save her… i dunno it was confusing
    I didnt really like Lana when she married Lex, I hope she does die it does make sense, but then again i dont think she did. I think it was a set up.

  82. shawn says:

    I’m so happy that lanas alive. I luv her. I want her and clark back together. The only character I hate is lois. She annoys me so much.

  83. Mike says:

    The show does not track well with the storyline of Superman. I think that is obvious. The producers of the show have great freedom to manipulate the storyline in many ways. My vision for Lana was that she was going to become a warrior princes type character with some powers of her own, like she had when possesed by that dead witch. This could have been explained by Lana being of Kryptonion ancestory and her latent Kryptonion genes eventually activating. Not as powerful as Clark, 20% maybe, but not affected by Kryptonite either. Now that would have made a hell of a story and a magical duo. I really hope that Lana is still alive.

  84. Jessica says:

    Hey Guys!

    I read all your comments and I think it’s great that so many people are into it and have different ideas….but here’s mine!!! :

    Lana :

    First of all, a lot of people here seem to hate Lana! I think Lana is the cuttest Smartess Brunette on the show! I am soo happy that now she gets herself more involved and tries to help Clark and figures out mysteries! In the last episode, she really shows us that she can stand up for herself, she’s not scared of Lex, she’s tryin to protect the person she’ll always have love for and that’s Clark! I honestly have no idea if she is dead or not….I gues it is a mystery! I hope she is not because she has a big part on the show and she has changed a lot ! If she is truly gone, it will kinda suck bcause her +Clark+Lionel were like a team tryin to stop Lex from doing and experiencing bad things on other bodies, humans,and more! So…I do hope Lana is alive even if Clark is supposed to end up with Lois some day like they say!!!


    Clark s obviously the main character in this story! I think he’s always been great and has a great heart! It kinda sucks that at the end everyone is trapped, stuck, and some die (or do they!!!??)! We can see that even if he is a Superhero and SUPERMAN, he’s job is not always soo easy! I mean at the end when the second bad Clark and the real Clark are fighting, it’s crazy and yu just wish that that bad Clark could just go away !!! I heard and everyone says that Clark and Lois will hand up together! I do hope that in the next episode, him and Lois get closer and we start seeing more of that relationship growing bcause right now, no one would believe they would hand up together bcause they never do anything exept argue !!! Even if Lana and Clark have always been the cute couple on the show, it’s time For Lana, Clark and everyone to move on and start the adult life, not their high School drama life!


    I honestly never thought that Lex would hand up beeing a bad person after watching the First few episodes ever! He is a pretty cute bald millionaire but he’s bad!!! I think that the marriage between him and Lana was of course frustrating for the viewers but without it we wouldn’t have questioned ourselves so much, there wouldnt be has much drama, and we would have never seen Lana’s other side! So it did happen for a reason!!! I wonder if he will actually go to Prison, but has everyone know, Lex Luthor always find a way to get out of everything wether it’s good or bad! So…he obviously lost Lana forever and I do see him later on with bad powers and Clark’s biggest ennemy!!!


    I honestly never really liked Lois has much before..she’s pretty and all that but I’m more of a Lana type so maybe it’s bcause I related more to Lana! But I think Lois and Clark together is pretty cute, interesting,full of suprises! Lois is like WONDERWOMAN, she loves pushing the limit and findind out new things, solving mysteries, she’s very curious and I wouldn’t be suprised if she had powers later on! She always fall for the bad guys so I do think she deserves Clark has much has he deserve her! I think we’ll see a lot of her in the next season which is really exciting!


    I honestly think that Lionel is one of the good guys! Has you can see, even if in the first seasons he looked like he was bad , he was just tryin to have a connexion with his son Lex..but he realized that not everybody can have a Father-son relationship has close has Clark and his father relationship! I think it’s great that he knows Clark’s secret and he’s helping, and protecting him and Martha (his mom!). I do trust him and I know that Clark and Lana now trust him…and so does Martha! I know his obviously alive even after getting hit on the wall by the (second bad Clark!)>He got involved in Lana and Lex’s marriage for a reason ands I think it’s great that he cares soo much about Clark and his desteny ….has much has he always wanted a relationship like that with his real son…!!!


    Martha is the cuttest mom ever! She’s always there for her son and family…! She goes after what she want! Of course the death of her husband Jonathan was very hard and it does suck that he died seeing a picture of Clark using his powers and that Lionel had that picture….it just is frustrating that Jonathan never really trusted Lionel a tiny bit and that he died bcause he was worried for his son and future! Martha, is a sweetheart and I think she’ll be good in Washington tryin to make it and help others!


    CHLOE<CHLOE<CLHOE!!!That girl is amazing! You ask her somethin and she’ll be on the internet and find an answer in less than 30 seconds! She is a great friend to Clark! I don’t see them together , only has friends but you never know! I think their greatt BFFS like that! Their great partners too and her boyfriend is cute and cares about her..stay with her Jimmy!!! We all know he’lll come back!!! I heard that Chloe might not come back and that she truly is dead…a part of me believes that because Clark won’t alwayas be abl to protect everyone..even if thats what we want to believe…another part of me tells me that we’ll see her again and she’ll be using her new power more! I think her power is great because she has the biggest heart! And I hope that Lois will know how much Chloe loves hers after what happened!!! I hope she’ll be back next season…she will come on!!!

    So now you know what I think about the main Characters of SMALLVILLE!! any comments don’t be shy to ask or say…but that’s my opinion!!!

    Later Guys xxx

  85. Steve says:

    Well, Jessica thats a nice lay out of Smallville. Good to see a positive person here. We all have hopes on all our favorites in this cast. I hope everyone that was interested watched some of the preseason clips and can see some of whats to come. Im so ready to watch and i’m braced for the coming season. So to all Enjoy season 7, and i look forward to seeing your comments and views of Smallville. Enjoy!!

  86. […] of who lives and who dies as the fates of several characters were left in the balance during the season finale last spring.  However, fans had to wait to the final minutes to discover the fate of Lana Lang […]

  87. Steve says:

    Yes Vacelts Season 7 premier was exciting. They are really turning up the heat you might say as the season unfolds. I look for action packed excitement from beginning to end. I hate to play spoiler, or spread rumors, but i have heard Clarks “Adoptive Mother” will(or has left) be leaving the show. Have you heard this?

  88. vacelts says:


    I’ve heard that Annette O’Toole will no longer be a season regular, but may guest star. Martha Kent will be spending most of this season in Washington, D.C

    And it makes sense if Clark is going to move forward in his evolution into Superman. He’d be relying less and less on his mom.

  89. Steve says:

    My scorces are usually pretty reliable but this one i just wasnt sure. It’s like the rest of the cast, we’re so used to all of them its hard to imagine Clarks Mom not being there. i figured shed be around just a bit longer, but, maybe not. ok well im sure well enjoy the show nevertheless.

  90. NG says:

    i loved the season premiere. It tied up most of the questions (even if we knew the answers beforehand). I loved the scene where some boy and his dad were fishing and then the flood comes towards them and Clark evaporates it, nods sort of to the boy and then superspeeds off. That scene was almost simiar to a Superman scene. Clark can’t really fly yet though.

  91. fann says:

    hi people, please answer these 3 questions with full description… it really means alot to me.

    . clark should accept his destiny… what is his destiny?

    . the man said once he starts his trainig there is no going back… what that means?

    whats the training and what for ?

  92. vacelts says:

    NG, I liked that scene too. And the boy’s reaction was priceless.

  93. Steve says:

    Fann, Have you ever read the comic version from beginning to end? The show sometimes drifts away from the story line but most people know Clarkes Destiny. We’re all watching to see how the show proclaims it and if it is as the comics have it or different from the comic. If i or anyone answers this it would kind of spoil it for you and i wouldnt want to do this.
    His training is all part of preperation for his Destiny and answering that too will spoil it for you. Do you really want me or someone else to spoil it for you? Think it over first! Then get back to us!

  94. stefaney says:

    i think that in the 7th season that clark will end up saving her i don’t want chloe or lana to die i want to see her and clark together because they make a wonderful couple and lex is a idiot for thinking she would ever love him and how they faked her pregnetcy thats just wrong i hope that chloe and lana both live

  95. Steve says:

    Stefaney, im sure you know by now they are both alive and well. As previously pointed out, Lana and Clarks relationship is only a temporary one, sorry. Lois is Clarks real love as previously pointed out before.

  96. terren says:

    not really steve the show is not like the real thing so really we dont know who he is destined to be with,he has liked lana 4 ever and I think in the 9th season when the series is going to be over,they will finally be happy but 4 now it’s gonna be drama.

  97. terren says:

    not necessarily steve the Im not agreeing or disagreeing with u but the show doesnt follow the original comic so we dont really know who clarks true love is ,I mean im not saying u r wrong but im not saying u r right but, i think if he loved lana all these years thats his true love.

  98. Steve says:

    Terren, I have mentioned a few times that the series doesnot always follow exactly as the comic. But characters and certain parts they will never go away from. There were some things that were agreed to with the creators of smallville and I believe Marvel Comics. We dont know what all those are and your right they could very well have made the ageement to keep Clark and Lana together. But, i doubt this is one of them. Simply because of the critics and the majority viewing audience. The possibility of the heavy loss in the ratings if enough viewers become upset that this part isnt followed. Why? you may ask. Well Clark Kent without Lois is like a banana without a peeling. Or a fly without wings….its just doubtful they stray away from this part of the story line. Again, i could be wrong, but im pretty sure of myself on this one. Lets just watch and see.

  99. NG says:

    **SPOILER** – so says spoilerfix that Clark will begin develop feelings for Lois at the end of the season. Plus have you seen all the hints they have been throwing in? Lois was sad when Clark said he was “leaving”. I also do belive Steve about the ratings going down. I made a comment about that waaaay back in July. I’m not trying to be this on Clana, but Lana was so adamant about secrets and it’s the opposite way around this season. Note also Clark’s expression both when he heard from Lex about the money and when he was telling Lana about the money. Lana paused and then made up a plausible (very in fact) excuse. Then she goes and says that she would never hide anything from him. There is also a spoiler that says in one episode Clark and Lana will switch and Clark will learn everything. Then only after ALL (both C and L) the cards have been laid out can we truely see their relationship. It’s is still kind of cute though.

  100. Steve says:

    Yes NG, and did you see at the end of last weeks episode what Lana spent her ten million, or at least part of it, on? For what purpose does she need to spend that kind of money just to watch Lex? Ah, thats a secret! Now i also seem to remember a mention of Lana being “Cloned”? They really didnt get into the explosion as much as i would have liked to have seen, but that doesnt mean they arent saving it for later.
    You can tell how Lois acts around Clark that they are gearing up for the romance to begin. I have heard also that Lana, or her clone?, becomes Clarks enemy, but again, is it a spoiler or a rumor, well see. Clark also hasnt seen the last of his cousin as we all know. But Clarks enemies are piling up one after the other for the big showdown. He also has some powerful allies as well. By the way, something tells me Lionel will make an appearance soon. This show has been very exciting thus far and appears it may be the most exciting season so far. lets hope! its fun to share rumors and spoilers so i hope more will share here and get this blog exciting and up and running!

  101. Steve says:

    Well, what do you know?….Lionel did make his appearance now didnt he….As per above, i kind of hinted towards that. lol And low and behold, who was holding him hostage? None other than an Evil, Lana Lang. Or was it her clone? Shes devised a plan against Clark, now thats true love, lol. As mentioned. All in All not a bad episode!

  102. NG says:

    I don’t think Lana herself would hate Clarkie. I haven’t heard about that one. What does she need survellience on Lex for anyways. I’m not sure that is a very helpful way to make sure he doesn’t hurt any more meteor-infected people. LOL. Especially if your not checking it 24/7 so you can prevent the things they are talking about. Lex is a very weird man. He cloned her and he created a false pregnancy. Bit obsessive

  103. NG says:

    What purpose does keeping Lionel captive serve? I mean really! Wow, this is going to be so great when Clarkie finds out. XD My dislike for Lana started when she starting dating Lex.

  104. Steve says:

    It isnt the true Lana who hates Clark. I will give my theory. I believe when Lana was cloned there was an EVIL (remeber the 16 century witch?) Lana and the “Normal” sweet Lana. My guess is the evil Lana captured The Normal Lana and put her in the Mail Truck which was blown up to forever get her out of the way. To keep Lionel captured was essential because he was the only one who saw the explosion and maybe miss Evil Lana suspected he discovered her plan. There is a slight chance tho looking at it at different angles she may have “Planned” the escape. Stay tuned! But dont forget, Martian Manhunter is there to protect Clark and Lionel because Jerel planned it that way. Theres many loose ends!

  105. NG says:

    The lana in the bag (that was the clone supposedly) didn’t even look that much like Lana though. Isobel’s spirit got killed when Clark fried the spell book. I think in someway she was trying to get revenge on Lex. She must know that Lex likes (or even loves) his dad. Someone on Krytonsite mentioned that “if this Lana really is the “evil clone”, that would make it better for the transition from Lana to Lois. You never really get over your first love though.” We’ll have to find out about this whole thing. It could be that she just wants revenge and is trying to do it Luthor style. That could be a possible reason for having so many cameras, to thwart his plans.
    Next Episode:
    uh-oh. lana with clark’s powers! she is also trying to kill lex but of course Clark will save him, because Lex isn’t suppose to die for an extremly long while (though he might go off somewhere because I heard this was his last season, maybe i’m wrong). This is the episode where Clana will be put to the ultimate test. Things are probably going to drastically decline in this episode. Can’t wait ^_^

  106. Steve says:

    It appeared that her spirit got fried, but i feel they left it open enough to be able to use if needed in the future. Her spirit, or witch ghost ha been shown to the viewers how hard it is to destroy a witch and she could have easily hid somewhere for now. I don’t believe we’ve seen or heard the last from evil Lana. And I still think there’s more to this Lana, Lex, Luthor thing. They leave just enough missing to make one wonder. Very exciting episodes this season. They seem to have added more action and less
    soap-opera style drama. Tonight was exciting, maybe i’ll elaborate later. Enjoy eveyone!

  107. NG says:

    didn’t lillian smother julian with a pillow? Lex saw it and Lionel thought Lex killed Julian because Lex was left standing at the door while Lilly had fled. That is why Lionel hated Lex for so long. But Lionel had really given Julian up for adoption and Lex found him and now he is living under the name of Grant Gabriel. Wow, that is a really twisted, desperate plot twist.

  108. NG says:

    Things haven’t really drastically declined like i thought they would 😥 for Clana. Clark still pretty much loves her just as much because of the stupid goodie goodie image on Lana in high school. At least Lana admits she has a problem, although that maybe not nessisarily the first step to her recovery. That was just done to placate Clark and maybe herself some. She talked about a point of no return. That is why Lex and Lana both make such a great couple. LOL ^_^

  109. Steve says:

    Well it sucked we had no new shows to talk about…But this week we start back up. Can’t wait.

  110. NG says:

    happy new year y’all

  111. NG says:

    yea for new smallville on jan 31st!

  112. NG says:

    the new smallville was definatly full of lots of action. Poor Lex. I guessing that last fight between J and L was what Mrs. Luthor was afraid of.

  113. vacelts says:

    I just watched the “Siren” episode and think it’s high time for Clark to don his cape and become Superman.

    Tell me what you think at

  114. Lana Lang didnt die in the car explosion but she will die because of Brainiac. Brainiac changed her motor functions and everything inside her body leaving her emotionless but she feels pain but cant show it. I almost cried lol. I watched the episode and she dies infront of a glass stained window with Clark(Tom Welling) holding her hands in a hall in a hospital.

  115. tigerwoods4167 says:

    i would really like this lana lang character gone from this or any series related to superman. First of all lana is holding clark/Superman from embracing his destiny and secondly lana is a characterless girl i just can’t stand her in smallville. I even stopped watching smallville for sometime just becuz of this lana character… I am a big big big fan of the character Superman and what i don’t like about smallville is that they r portraying superman as a lover boy rather than the saviour of the universe.. i mean in smallville superman wants to sleep with girls instead of saving the universe from evil… that’s totally ridiculous superman chasing girls instead of criminals… so seeing her in smallville just makes me sick… i would appreciate if the creators of superman take off this lana character from smallville or anyother superman related series…. and by the way all the actors r doing a wonderful job… tom welling, michael rosenbaum r two brilliant actors…

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