The War Has Just Began on ‘Supernatural’

Ding, dong, the demon is dead.  In the Supernatural second season finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) finale puts a bullet in the heart of the elusive yellow-eyed demon (Fredric Lehne) that killed his parents.  But at what costs?

Distraught DeanThis powerful episode was a nice conclusion to the two-part finale.  It wrapped up some lose ends while setting up next season.  Killing the yellow-eyed demon is not the end of the journey for Dean and Sam (Jared Padelecki).  Good news for us Supernatural fans.

If you thought you saw the dark side of Dean when his dad died, that’s nothing compared to Dean tonight after Sam’s death last week.  And Dean is best when he’s dark, pissed and ready for a fight.  Tonight we saw a very dark Dean who was more than a little desperate.  The man who has lost his entire family in the battle between good and evil was ready to abandon fellow hunter Bobby (Jim Beaver) and let the world end.  But Dean didn’t wallow in the fact that he couldn’t protect the brother he’d be looking out for all his life long before going from depressed to angry.

Out came the impala and a trip to the crossroads where Dean sells his soul for Sam’s life.  I knew Dean couldn’t save the world without Sam at his side.  But what a price to pay — he has one year left before the deal-making demon (Ona Grauer) gets his soul.  It was only a matter of time before Sam realized what Dean did for him.  Guess we know what they Winchester boys will be doing next season — looking for a loophole in this contract.  And they’ll find it, because there’s no way Sam can continue the fight without Dean either.

In the meantime, the yellowed-eyed demon is sealing the deal with Jake (Aldis Hodge).  He tells Jake that he’s the chosen one, the “American Idol.”  You’ve got to love the pop culture references and the subtle humor of this show.  A convincing salesman, he promises to let Jake in on the “ground floor of a thrilling opportunity” and Jake takes the bait.

But Sam’s ready for Jake this time.  Dean’s not the only one with a dark side.  We saw Sam’s sinister side come out in this episode.  An over protective and over cautious Dean was content to quit the fight to keep a resurrected Sammy safe.  But Sam insisted that the yellow-eyed demon and Jake must be stopped.  And Sam was definitely taking no prisoners this time.  He assured a cocky Jake that he would not make the same mistake twice.  He followed through when he repeatedly shot and killed Jake.  But did this need for vengeance trigger Sam into becoming what the yellow-eyed demon wanted all along?  Or are we really sure that what Dean brought back is really Sam?

With help from Ellen (Samantha Ferris) and Bobby, the Winchester boys set out to stop the demon.  Yes, Ellen was still alive.  Guess, it pays  to be the one who runs out for more pretzels.  Ellen arrives in the nick of time with information Ash left in a secret safe before his demise — the answer to what the yellow-eyed demon is after.  Remember Sam Colt?

“Back in 1835, when Halley’s Comet was overhead, same night those men died at the Almo, they said Samuel Colt made a gun.  A special gun.  He made it for a hunter, a man like us — only on horseback.  Story goes, he only made 13 bullets.  This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared — the gun along with him.  They say this gun can kill anything.”
— John Winchester in “Dead Man’s Blood”

Apparently, gun-making isn’t Colt’s only talent, he built a devil’s trap from frontier churches and iron rail lines that is still in tact.  In the center of the trap, a cowboy cemetery with a crypt that doubles as a  gateway to hell.  The gun mentioned above is the key to open this door.  But since no full-blooded demon can enter the trap, the yellow-eyed demon needed a solider to cross the trap and open the devil’s gate, releasing his army.

I have lots of questions here.  I hope that they will come back and explore more of this mythology next season.  Was it indeed Colt that built the trap or did I just assume that?  If it wasn’t Colt, who was it?  The hunter who Colt built the gun for?  Who was this hunter?  I understand why Colt would build the devil’s trap, but why would he build the doorway to hell to begin with?  Or was the gateway already there and he just put it under lock and key?  Was Colt a hunter himself?  I understand the need for a human to cross the devil’s trap, but the yellow-eyed demon could have used any human.  Why was it children like Sam that he needed?  There must be more to his plan than just opening the gate, but what is it? 

Dean firesThe foursome stopped Jake, but not before he opens the doorway to hell.  While Ellen and Bobby tried to shut the gate, the yellow-eyed toys with Dean and Sam.  Just when all looks lost, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) crawls back up from the depths of hell and distracts the demon long enough for Dean to get the colt and shoot him.  But before we learn anymore about dad, he’s gone.  Call me greedy, but the reappearance of John was all to brief for us fans.  But the real question is, is that the last we’ll see of him?  Now that John has escaped from hell, where did he go?  Is he going hanging out on earth as a ghost?  Will he help the boys from his spirit form?  Or will he just move on to a more peaceful afterlife?  I’m assuming because they burned his body that he won’t be coming back in corporeal form.

One thing still bugs me.  Why didn’t Sam tell Dean about what flashback the demon showed him of his mother’s death?  Did he not believe the demon?  Does he question his mother, but not sure how Dean will take it?  If dad’s around, will he be able to offer any answers.  I hope they pick up this storyline next season.  If the demon wasn’t lying, we need to learn a little bit more about Mary Winchester.

The yellow-eyed demon’s dead.  The gate has been closed.  But a lot more demons escaped from hell through the gateway.  Who knew the title of this episode, “All Hell Breaks Loose,” was so literal?  Guess the Winchester boys have their work cut out for them next season tracking these escapees.  Or as Bobby put it, “the war has just begun.”

CW has announced that Supernatural will return in the fall for a third season in the same Thursday night slot.

(Photos courtesy of CW)


7 Responses to The War Has Just Began on ‘Supernatural’

  1. Laura says:

    Nice recap of the episode. I had similar thoughts.. Only time will tell.

    I do hope we see more of Daddy Winchester. His appearance was too brief. But you’ve got to admit,not a word of dialog,yet he stole the scene.

  2. vacelts says:

    Laura, I have to agree with you that Jeffrey Dean Morgan stole the scene. Just one more reason why we need more scenes with him in them.

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  5. C Richey says:

    Supernatural is awesome. I just bought the Season 2 dvds today from Costco. I can’t believe the crappy time slot they gave this great show. The fact that its still on considering the competition is testament to the shows’ compelling story line.

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  7. acoco says:

    jador c 2 mec mé je parle francai c con sa va je métrise 1 peu langlé lol i love you sam & dean

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