James Doohan remains return to Earth

James Doohan’s remains have safely returned to earth.  They were found Friday in the New Mexico mountains after being launched into sub-orbital space nearly three weeks ago.

On Saturday, April 29th James Doohan’s remains along with those of 200 others were successfully launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico.  The 20-foot rocket flew 70 miles to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere before returning to earth.  During the return, however, the rocket blew off course and has been missing until Friday when it was found in the New Mexico mountains.

James Doohan is best know for his role as Scotty, the fiesty engineer in the Star Treck TV series and movies.  

When I reported, Doohan’s launch into space I was under the impression this send off was permanent.  But the fact that it was sub-orbital should have been my first clue.

Families members paid nearly $500 for the deceased relatives short-lived trip to space.  Not that I know it’s not a permanent ride, I think the fare is little expensive for my taste.  But at least Doohan and the others got what they wanted.


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