‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season finale not all happy endings

I’ve finally gotten a chance to watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy Supernatural trumps Grey’s Anatomy in my book.  And to be honest I was a little sad.

Although Grey’s Anatomy season finale does a nice job of wrapping the various storyline from this season, not all the endings were happy.  I’ll admit to being an optimist that likes happily ever afters, even if they are predictable.  However, I do also appreciate a good story twist despite a sad ending.  Nevertheless, Grey seemed to leave his characters with a large number of disappointments this season.

Cristina and Meredith

I was most upset by the wedding scenario.  A eyebrow-less Cristina (Sandra Oh) is finally ready to walk down the aisle having overcome her fears, sacrificing her idea of a perfect wedding (something no bride should have to do) and, against her instincts, compromising her individualism to be with the man she loves, but Burke (Isaiah Washington) walks out on her.  He tells her that he loves her so much that he must set her free.  What a bunch of bull!  If he loved her so much, maybe he would have done a little compromising of his own or a little more accepting of who she was.  But he didn’t just leave her at the altar, he packed his bags and left her.  I’m not sure if this is good news for Cristina, but Burke will be back next season.

Then there is poor Bailey (Chandra Wilson).  Not only does she lose Chief Resident to Callie (Sara Ramirez), but she’s left wondering if she’s failed her interns when George (T.R. Knight) fails his exam.  I think Chief (James Pickens Jr.) didn’t give her the promotion because he doesn’t want her to sacrifice her family for her career, but couldn’t he have talked to her about it before posting the results?

Speaking of George, I kind of think he got what he deserved.  Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) used to be the character I loathed because of all her whining.  But George is closing in on her fast.  Failed exams are the least of his worries when Callie announces that she wants to have a baby and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) confesses that she’s in love with him.  Yet George has still not chosen between the two.  He says he has, but he hasn’t.

I used to like George.  Then he met Callie and she adored him, she saw him like no one else did.  But he treated her badly and then freaked when she wanted to move the relationship forward.  Still she was there for him when his dad dies. Then he marries her and cheats on her within a month.  I hope that they wrap up this triangle soon.  Callie deserves better. 

The Meredith-Derek relationship continues to be on the rocks.  In fact, Meredith is so wrapped up in her issues (all self-inflicted) that she was a lousy maid of honor.  Derek (Patrick Dempsey), on the other hand, seemed to take his duties as best man seriously.  I was very glad to see the sexy chick (Chyler Leigh) from the bar will be back next season to complicate their relationship.  The fact that she’s Meredith’s step-sister and an intern at Seattle Grace should be interesting.  I’m personally ready for these Derek and Meredith to move on.

Chief and his wifeOn the other hand, the Chief seems to have gotten a second chance with his wife.  It was unfortunate that it took a miscarriage to bring them back together.

I’m still waiting to see Alex (Justin Chambers) and Addison (Kate Walsh) get together.  I know it’s a vain hope.  But it was cute when he sat down next to her in the church and told her it was because she was the prettiest woman there.  I, however, am not buying the he’s in love with his patient.  They’ve done that storyline last year.  I can understand Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) falling in love with Alex, but not vice versa.  I liked Alex’s work with Ava because he showed his softer side, but it’s stretching it to have him fall in love with her.  I’m glad he didn’t catch her before she left.

And speaking of Addison, her meeting with the Chief regarding the new chief of surgery position left no doubt that she’ll be heading to Private Practice next season.  By the way, I love the way that the announcement of the new chief of surgery was interwoven with the rest of the show through meetings between the contenders and the Chief.  But I love that Chief might stay chief even better.

Overall not a bad episode despite some disappointments for the characters.  Next season should be good if they can wrap up some of these lingering (and annoying) storylines.  ABC has renewed Grey’s Anatomy for a fourth season and it will return in the fall in the same Thursday night slot.

(Photos courtesy of ABC)


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