Do Men Drive Better than Women? Kids say so

A recent British study by Privilege Insurance revealed that kids prefer to ride with their dads because they think they are safer drivers — but not by much. 

Apparently British drivers aren’t any safer than Americans.  However, the bigger concern should be how many kids feel unsafe in the car.  A reported 47% felt unsafe while driving with their mother, while another 39% felt unsafe while driving with their father and 5% felt unsafe with both parents.  That’s a lot of kids feeling unsafe.

Personally, I didn’t think kids paid that close of attention to how their parents drove.  Guess I was wrong. 

I don’t remember feeling one way or another about my parents’ driving as a child.  Either I was a pretty unobservant kid (but judging by the number of questions I used to ask, I’d say that wasn’t the case) or times are changing.

I also wonder, do the kids really feel unsafe or are they reflecting what their parents say about each other’s driving?  If that’s the case, then I guess more fathers complain about their wives’ driving than vice versa.

So we should not only be careful about how we drive, but how we talk about our spouse’s driving because we are scaring the kids.


19 Responses to Do Men Drive Better than Women? Kids say so

  1. Muslim says:

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive unless an adult man is in the car

  2. Not Needed says:

    to the wanker above, you sexist pig, im male and i think everyone should be able to drive aslong as they know how

  3. Edmond says:

    Women , Chinese & Jews Should not be given driver’s licenses to drive in the UNITED STATES.

  4. wPn says:

    I agree with the last comment. This is being proven all the time anytime you pass sombody driving down the line taking up both lanes not paying attention slamming on brakes for no reason….

  5. stupid reply says:

    mate you’re an idiot for trying to start conflict by posing as a muslim. You’re sad, get a life.

  6. vacelts says:

    If women drive so bad, why do they have lower insurance rates?

  7. steve says:

    haha, reminds me of that really old law where somebody had to run in front of the car waving a red flag if a woman was driving.


  8. Bekkie says:

    Impressive how the racism and sexism jumps in to play immediately…
    I don’t think race/sex/age has anything to do with it… theres good drivers and there are bad drivers… period, just the only time you notice someone is when they are driving recklessly, you don’t look at every person you pass and go “oh there’s a good female driver” or “there’s a good *enter race* driver” you only pass judgement when they grab your attention… how many people do you drive past a day? and how many bad encounters do you have? take that in to consideration…

    MSN just posted an article going the other way entitled “Women are better drivers” (link below) so obviously it all depends on who you ask..

  9. vacelts says:

    Bekkie, I agree with you it’s all about perception. And I think those perceptions are starting to influence the children, even before they can drive. It’s a pity really.

  10. iguana69u says:

    heck i remember riding in my parents car on my dads lap and he was having me steer….i couldnt have been more then 5 at the time…werent any seat belt laws or anything like that… and he was drinking beer…wasnt illegal at the time to drink while driving…i turned out ok…(luckily alive i guess but ok)
    so chill peeps

  11. Vis says:

    lol Well i do agree with bekkie and vacelts to a point but, when you drive and someone cuts you off, you look and see its a woman, then someone runs a stopsign and its a woman, changes lanes without a signal light and its a woman, drive’s into a parking stall diagonally and then gets out (Woman) … then see a speeding car in a parking lot but that one is a man, it kinda makes you wonder if most women drivers are bad with the occassional stupid guy. I do agree with that perception theory but when you see all those it’s kinda hard not to say women are bad drivers, I know a few females who are excellent drivers. They know common courtesy on the road, and follows the rules to a point where where cops can let it slide, also say “Stupid women drivers!”

    My theory is that MOST(not all) women use cars mainly use them to get from point A to point B, while to MOST guys, it usually means status, dependability, responsibility so we follow our own road rules (like driving around a pot hole to not hurt the suspensions).

    (This is very vaguely considering teenagers)

  12. vacelts says:

    Vis, I’ll admit to being terrible at parking, but my driving is just find. And unlike my husband, I’m not going to tailgate or chase down some car that cut me off just to flip them off.

  13. matt says:

    well have you ever noticed that pretty much ever chicks car (unless new with in a week) has at least 4 dents in it or scrtches that go all the waydown teh legnth of the car or what ever and to who ever it was that said that womens insurance rates are lower well not no more get your facts sright befor you make a claim and it was prolly like that to make chicks feel good about them selves or something of that sort

  14. Matt says:

    When I took driver’s ed, I heard that on average, girls were better drivers than us without the use of the cell phone. Does this reverse (meaning that they guys will get better than the girls beginnng with college)?

  15. vacelts says:

    Matt, I wouldn’t think so. I think the study has more to do with perceptions than actual skills.

  16. Sultan says:

    Men = Drive better
    Women = Drive safer

    Men are more likely to know how to handle the wheel when something happens more than a woman.
    But women just drive safe that’s the big deal… who gives a shit about driving safe…. if you don’t want to loose your life driving fine suit your selves … but sorry women are not better drivers… we don’t have that much women who drive sports cars and do fancy tricks and stuff…. it just wont happen it’s not in their mentalism to do so… But men know how to handle the wheel …
    if women were to drive like men they would have more accidents and all … it’s just they tent to be amatures and not advanced car drivers….

    Case solved…

  17. Arielle says:

    My mother is a cautious driver, sometimes… overcautious.
    My father is a great driver…but takes unneccessary risks.

    HOWEVER I do find that 90% of the time when I see an idiot driver on the road it’s a woman. More often than not its a women on a cell phone or trying to do her makeup.

    When we would go somewhere as kids my father always drove unless he wasn’t going with. He could get us from point A to point B in half the time and safely. He’s been in fewer accidents but he has more speeding tickets than my mother. My mother’s accidents have all been not her fault though (fender benders or things caused by her aburpt hesitation)

    However before you continue this debate define for yourself what makes a “good driver”…I asked this at work once and was surprised at the feedback I got.

    Some people think a good driver is the people who can get from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible who cares if they speed, cut people off, and run a few “orange” lights (orange lights: when you enter the intersection on yellow and finish it on red …my father’s coined phrase).

    Some feel its when people don’t take unneccessary risks and are defensive, “safe” drivers.

    I personally feel its a balance between the two. Not only that it is an ability to react when the unforeseen happens or in inclimate weathers able to adapt to your surroundings without turning into a road jerk (ie folks who cut each other off, wait to the last second to merge over, etc). By my personal definition…I know very few “good” drivers and the ones I do know are mostly men over 30 years old.

    I don’t even consider myself to be a “good” driver by my own strict standards (haha)

  18. vacelts says:

    However before you continue this debate define for yourself what makes a “good driver”…

    Excellent point. However, I’m not sure we’ll find two people that agree on the same definition.

  19. yo momma says:

    Women can’t drive. period.

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