A trip to New Haven brings up more questions in ‘Traveler’

In the third installment of ABC’s summer series Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) turn up the intrigue as they return to New Haven and their life at Yale for answers about Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford).  What they find is a few new clues and even more questions.

Please be advised that if you haven’t seen the “New Haven” episode, the following contains spoilers.  If you missed the episode, you can watch it online at abc.com.

Will, Tyler and JayThis episode begins with the FBI merging on Tolman Airfield where Ellington’s dead body is discovered.  It appears that Ellington was mercilessly killed with a slow bleeding wound, not the kind of kill two college boys would be skilled in.  But that doesn’t stop Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) from blaming Jay and Tyler.

In the meantime, Jay and Tyler are hiding out in Franklin County, NY.  After Jay is spotted at a flea market, the boys decide to throw off the FBI by pretending to change their appearance and heading south back to New Haven and away from the Canadian border.  I’m not sure that a flea market would’ve been where I went if I were on the run.  I guess Jay thought that it would be less conspicuous.  But that only works if you don’t stare and look guilty as hell when your picture shows up on the television.

It doesn’t take the FBI long to merge on the Franklin County hotel room.  Agent Jan Marlow (Viola Davis) has the bright idea of looking for the boys in New Haven, only to have her suggestion questioned by Chambers.  Now I like Marlow.  (Does anyone else think she walks like her shoes are too tight?) She seems bright and the only one who questions whether Tyler and Jay are really behind the bombing of the Drexler — at least not on their own. 

As a profiler, she’s trained to get into suspects’ heads.  So I was surprised (and Marlow looked like she was too) when Chambers questioned her suggestion to go to New Haven.  Personally, I’m starting to question Chambers motives.  Is he just an arrogant agent who doesn’t think two college kids can outsmart him?  Or is he in on the conspiracy (at least one of them) and trying to frame Jay and Tyler any way he can?

Speaking of conspiracies, is there more than one going on here or is there just different factions of one?  There’s the mysterious guy in Washington (I’ve seen this actor before, somebody please tell me who he is) who obviously ordered the hit on Ellington and looks like he’s behind the Drexler bombing (or at least in securing the art before the bombing).  I thought he worked for Homeland Security. 

Then there’s Carlton Fogg (William Sadler).  We already know that he’s an opportunist known for his shady dealings.  His performance as his press conference confirms his opportunistic nature.  But what side is he playing on here?  It was pointed out in this episode that Tyler, his son, would have never ended up in graduate housing, thereby befriending Will, if he’s father hadn’t cut him off financially.  I doubt this was a coincidence.  Did he cut off his son purposely to set up a friendship with Will or was Carlton manipulated?  Is he really a caring father trying to help his son or does he think his son possibly have access to the artwork that everyone has assumed was destroyed in the Drexler?  Did he know who Ellington really was?  Did he hire Ellington to kill his own son or did Ellington work for someone else?

Meanwhile, the boys run into Tyler’s former flame, Nell (Bree Turner), in New Haven.  Will and Jay left some of their boxes at her house.  Why didn’t Jay leave his boxes with his girlfriend Kim (Pascale Hutton)?  I can only guess that Will persuaded him.  But instead of finding proof of Will’s existence, the boys find further evidence of their setup.  Nell swears her innocence.  But personally, I don’t trust her.  We know she is also opportunistic.  We learn that she and Tyler broke up because she threw his name around while interviewing at his father’s company.  We also see in flashbacks where she tried to distract Tyler from discovering Will’s cubby in the library.  Therefore, I wouldn’t put it past her to have teamed up with Will or someone else to change the contents of the boxes (or allow someone else in) for the right price.  I could be wrong, though, and her place was just the designated locale for Will’s bosses to find the boxes and make the change.

The visit with Nell did remind Tyler of the cubby in the library and the boys found a gun, money and a train schedule to Will’s hometown in Maine with a code in the ceiling panel.

Back in New York, Kim is dealing not only with a slew of paparazzi, but the mysterious Washington guy’s henchman.  I wondered why none of the press followed her when she left her apartment.  I guess it was so we could clearly see the man following her.  I felt really bad for her this episode.  Her boyfriend is on the run, she lost her job and when she finally finds a picture of Will to take to the FBI, she’s pick-pocketed on her way.

But what was interesting was when the mysterious Washington guy picked up the pictures he proclaimed that Will had left him quite a mess.  So that means things didn’t go according to plan.  hmm . . . Then we see Will in the final shot with a painting from the Drexler.  hmm . . .

Here’s my theory:  Will was recruited two+ years ago to blow up the Drexler.  I’m not quite sure if the reason was art theft or something more, yet.  But he was suppose to frame Jay and Tyler for the bombing, who were supposed to die in the explosion (an interesting twist if Carlton is really involved).  And his existence and part in the plot were to be undiscovered.  However, over the last two years, he actual grew to care about Jay and Tyler.  Therefore, he made sure that they escaped the building before he blew it up.  Also explaining why he called to apologize to Jay and Tyler.  Knowing that his bosses will be ticked at his betrayal, he set up the stash in the ceiling and took at least one painting to help him disappear.

Guess I’ll have to watch the next five episodes to see if I’m right.  Anyone else with a theory?


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