Technology — a comfort of home

I’m currently out of town due to a death in the family.  We are staying at a friend’s house in rural Virginia.  Besides sleeping in my own bed, do you know what comforts of home I miss most?  Technology.

Where we are, cell phone coverage is weak at best.  I have to stand on one foot with my arm in the air to get a signal.  I exaggerate.  But it is very difficult to get a signal.  I do have to stand in certain parts of the house and that doesn’t last long.  It took me four calls for a five minute phone conversation because the signal kept dropping.  I’ve been driving to the main road for any lengthy calls.

We also don’t have access to cable televison or a satellite dish.  Given the circumstances, I’m not personally watching any television so it’s not a big deal for me.  But I have two toddlers.  And when your busy making arrangements or receiving friends, television comes in handy as a nice diversion for the kids.  We’ve been watching a lot of PBS this week.  And luckily the twins’ uncle loaned them his portable DVD player and some DVDs.  I think I’ve seen Shrek four times this week.

But the biggest issue for me have been no Internet connection.  I never realized how much I use it — not just recreationally.  I use the Internet to check the weather, look up phone numbers and peruse the news.  I use email to connect not only with my job, but friends.  I’ve had to wait until I’m in town to get a signal on my blackberry. I have an air card, but the signal is so weak here that I’ve had to make my posts brief this week because it takes so long to upload.

Now I’m off to get my shower with well water.  I can’t wait to go home!


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