‘Army Wives’ lose ‘One of Our Own’

In “One of Our Own,” the fourth installment of the Lifetime hit drama Army Wives, we still do not know the fate of Denise’s (Catherine Bell) husband, the Major.  However, the fate of one of the soldiers on Fort Marshall is sealed.

Denise waits for news on FrankIn last week’s episode, we learned that Denise’s husband, Frank (Terry Serpico) was in the downed Blackhawk helicopter.  Several are dead and the rest missing.  Since the remains of the dead are difficult to ID, we still do not which group Frank is in.  I thought Denise’s reaction was very genuine.  I certainly would have wanted to jump on a plane and run to my husband’s aid too.

It was interesting to see her lash out at her son (Richard Bryant).  I’m glad that she had her showdown with him last week.  If that wasn’t a wake up call for Jeremy, this new turn of events sure is.  Looks like Jeremy will finally have to do some growing up.  I hope he’s up for the challenge.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out Frank’s fate.  The previews show a CAO (Casualty Assistance Officer) arriving at the Sherwood home.  Does that mean Frank dead?  Not necessarily, he could just be seriously injured.  However, if he is, that begs the question of how Denise will stay on the show?  We know from her breakdown in front of her visitors that she would have to move off post within six months (BTW, I’m really glad to hear that the military doesn’t kick the families out of their homes right away in cases like this).  And technically, if Frank’s dead, Denise will no longer be an Army wife.  If I were a betting woman, I’d guess that Frank is injured — the type of injury that will change the Sherwood’s lives dramatically.

Denise and RoxyHowever, Denise’s mind was taking off her husband, at least momentarily, when Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Roland (Sterling K. Brown) were taken hostage by Sergeant Peter Belgrad.  Belgrad is played by guest star Jason Wiles who was Colin Robbins on Beverly Hill 90210.  It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen this actor and he does look older (which kind of made me feel old too).

If you remember from last week, Belgrad served under Joan (Wendy Davis) during his last tour and isn’t dealing well since his return.  His wife and kids left him and he blames Joan for something that happened during the last tour.  She had him admitted for a psych evaluation.  When he learns that Roland is Joan’s husband he takes him and Claudia Joy hostage in order to get Joan to speak to him.

The story of the little girl in Afghanistan was heartbreaking.  Like Belgrad, I would have wanted to charge in and help.  But I understand Joan’s orders.  I’m not sure I could have followed them myself, let alone issue them.  It’s easy to see with decisions like that why Joan is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I guess there’s a reason for the expression war is hell.

Unfortunately, Roland is unable to help Belgrad before the sniper takes him out.  It’s a good thing that Chase (Jeremy Davidson) practiced his shooting techniques earlier than morning.  If he’d been a bit off, he might have hit Roland.

Roland and JoanHopefully, rehashing the story of the girl might help Joan.  Or maybe the fact that that Colonel Holden (Brian McNamara) questioned her actions in handling Belgrad last week will push her to get some help.  Unfortunately, I’m not seeing an end to Joan’s situation yet.  I thought it was interesting that Roland said that he was waiting for her to ask for help.  As a therapist, I agree that you can’t help someone until they are ready to be helped.  But as a husband, I think he needs to push her to get some assistance.  Let’s just hope he knows his wife better than I do or it could spell the end of his marriage.

Elsewhere, Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) must deal with the fact that her Delta Force husband could be deployed at any moment with little or no notice.  And judging from next week’s previews, Chase will do just that when he leaves a Fourth of July picnic.

Meanwhile, Roxy (Sally Pressman) continues to adjust to life on post with yet another citation — this time for letting the boys paint on the front lawn.  I’m glad that Roxy decided to let Trevor (Drew Fuller) adopt her boys.  He’ll make a good dad.

In an interesting turn of events, Amanda (Kim Allen) and Jeremy went to the movies together.  I’m not so sure that Colonel Holden would be happy about his oldest daughter dating Jeremy who he knows has anger management issues.  It’ll be fascinating to see how that relationship plays out.

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One Response to ‘Army Wives’ lose ‘One of Our Own’

  1. Anne says:

    Jason Wiles did a fantastic job on Army Wives, some of his best work to date. He spent 6 seasons starring as “Bosco” on the NBC show Third Watch, and it’s about time he started getting some credit for his amazing talent.

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