Where has ‘Friday Night Lights’ gone?

Will Friday Night Lights be the next television show to die an untimely death? 

I love Friday Night Lights, but I’m starting to see writing on the wall about its demise.

I know the fan hit was lucky to get a second season due to low numbers. But I was hopeful that it would pick up a wider audience in reruns.

But alas, it is not the case. First, NBC didn’t show the full season in order in reruns. How can you expect to pick up new viewers if you start in the middle? Now, NBC has killed the reruns all together.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed for another great season, but I’m cautiously optimistic.  Please tell your friends to tune in.  It really is a great series even if you aren’t a big football fan. 


One Response to Where has ‘Friday Night Lights’ gone?

  1. Diane says:

    I’ll be tunning in at a Friday Night Lights Party ! ! !

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