Cartoons of Yesterday Revived for a New Television Audience

I love nostalgia and it appears the Cartoon Network and Nicktoons are going to feed my addition.  These two toon networks will be offering newer (and probably hipper) versions of two cartoon series from my youth — Speed Racer and Transformers.

Variety is reporting that Nicktoons will be home to a new version of the 1960s cartoon, Speed Racer, next year.  The launch of the new cartoon will probably coincide with the theatrical release of the live action movie, Speed Racer.  In this updated edition of the Speed Racer cartoon, the son of the original Speed Racer enters a driving school where he learns about his family history, including the brother — the new Racer X — that he never knew he had.  The original order is for 26 episodes, but Lionsgate is hoping the series will continue for a few years.

Also returning to the little screen is one of my husband’s favorites, Transformers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  On the heels of the box office success of the Transformers movie, Cartoon Network will premier Transformers Animated in January.  This retooled cartoon will feature the Autobots as superheroes who not only fight the Decepticons, but also evil humans.  The series will premier with a 90-minute pilot and a total of 26 1/2-hour episodes have been ordered.

If my children can’t enjoy the originals on television anymore, at least they can enjoy these rejuvenated versions.


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