Maya provides answers on ‘Traveler’

In the fourth episode of Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) head to Will’s hometown in Maine in an effort to find some clues, but what they find is Maya (Sonja Bennett) and the “Have Books, Will Travel” bookstore.  The pair learned more about their friend Will Traveler (Aaron Stafford) when they meet his girlfriend in “The Out.”  

Jay and Tyler at the Train StationJay and Tyler at the Train StationJay and Tyler at the Train StationCan I just say, it’s really a wonder — maybe dumb luck (or help from that mysterious Porter) — that Jay and Tyler haven’t been caught.  C’mon, there’s a difference between being cautious and acting suspicious.  No wonder everyone can spot Jay and Tyler.  They have to be the two most suspicious acting people around.  Even if you’d never heard of the Drexler bombing, if you spotted these two on the street, you’d want to report them for something just because of the way they act.

That said, I really enjoyed this episode.  I’ve been out of town so I’m a couple episodes behind and just now got the chance to watch this show.  I remember now why I liked it and am a little sad knowing that we are now halfway through the series.

Of course, we learned a little more about Will (or is it Daniel Taft) and have a whole lot more questions.  I’m not sure what I found more interesting that Will stole his moniker from a sign or that he has a girlfriend.

The fact that he had an “out” planned with her is more proof that things didn’t go as planned with The Drexler.  Did Will finally realize he wasn’t working for the good guys?  Did the fact that he didn’t let Jay and Tyler die put him in jeopardy?  When Jay and Tyler saw him at the train station was he heading for a rendezvous with Maya?

Speaking of Maya, who was bugging her shop?  I’m guessing they worked for the Homeland Security Guy (Neal McDonough).  She obviously knew, so I wonder how long have they been bugging her shop.  Was that since the beginning of her work with Will or just since the bombing?  If it’s the latter, how did she figure it out?

I also don’t completely understand the boats.  Were there two boats — The Maya and The Daniel Taft?  If so, what happened to The Daniel Taft?  If they planned to escape on The Maya, what was The Daniel Taft for?  Did Maya know that the same people spying on her were also on her boat?  I understand the need for all the MREs, but what did Maya and Will need all the guns for?

Our favorite Porter (Bill Mayo) has reappeared.  Has he been following Jay and Tyler all this time?  If not, how did he find them again?  Is he helping them, hoping they will lead him to Will?  Who does he work for?  I don’t think it’s the Homeland Security Guy.  And what does he want Will for?

I still think that Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) is either in on the conspiracy or a huge opportunist.  He continues to undermine the investigation and cause fear among the public by giving information to the media.  I think Jay and Tyler’s only hope is Agent Marlow (Viola Davis).  She might not believe their innocent, but at least she’s acknowledging that things don’t add up.  But after her face-off with Chambers, I am intrigued about her past.  Is it making her more likely to see the conspiracy?

And talk about a conspiracy, this thing was really planned out.  To develop those manifestos and to get them up on the Internet so quickly took advance planning.  It was clear that this thing has been in the works for a long time.  I just can’t understand why they chose Jay and Tyler.  It has to be because of their fathers.

I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

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