Will uses his own ‘tells’ to his advantage in ‘Traveler’

While Will (Aaron Stanford) was learning about his tells in this episode of Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) — and the audience –were learning more about Will.  Even though the chase might have slowed down in “The Tells,” the intrigue builds as we learn more about Will’s organization.

When we last saw Will, he was at the train station being tagged with a tracking device by the Porter (Billy Mayo) and stuffed into a white van by thugs that work for Will’s bosses.  His bosses obviously knew others are looking for Will or they wouldn’t have had the other two vans as decoys and the ambushed set up.  The question is were they expecting Jay and Tyler to follow or the Porter or someone else?

Speaking of the Porter we learn from a nod that he has indeed been helping Jay and Tyler in order for them to lead him to Will.  And now we know how he’s been able to find Jay and Tyler when the FBI couldn’t — a tracking device in Tyler’s watch.  We still don’t know who the Porter works for and why he’s after Will.  I have a hunch that he works for the good guys.  Why else would he cover Jay and Tyler so they could escape the ambush?  Did the Porter make it out alive?  My guess is yes.  He seems like a resourceful man.

In the meantime, we learn about a few more people in Will’s organization.  First there’s Kate (Stephanie Niznik) who was sent to interrogate Will.  He confirms she’s a part of “Hometown.”  But what is Hometown?  Is it the name of the organization, the name of the mission or just a codeword?

I’d say Kate needs to work on her interrogation techniques, but since she’s no longer around it’s a moot point. See, the thing about tells is that when you tell someone about his tell he can then use it against you.

For a man who showed compassion in saving his two friends from a fiery death in the Drexler bombing, Will is racking up quite a body count — Kate, Paul Murden and the guy with the bomb in the car trunk.  And now that he knows Maya’s dead and killed by the same people he once took orders from, I see the death count rising.

But Will’s recent display of skills has me wondering more about Will’s background.  He obviously has hand-to-hand combat skills and a working knowledge of bombs.  What other skills does he have?  And how long has he been in this business?  Exactly how old is he?   How was Will recruited?  When Jay and Tyler find Will’s stash in the Boston library of passports with various aliases and a selection of currency, I saw flashes from Borne Identity

I understand why Will would have second thoughts about killing Jay and Tyler, a duo he’s lived with and befriend for two years.  But what I’m curious about now is why did Will volunteer for this operation to begin with.  He obviously believed in what he was doing — at least at one time — but why did he volunteer?

Probably more importantly, why did he have second thoughts about this mission?  Was it the friendship with Jay and Tyler?  Was it his relationship with Maya?  Or did he find out that he didn’t work for the good guys?

Either way, Joseph (Barclay Hope) — the guy who gave him the order to blow up the Drexler, killing his friends and framing them — must have sensed his reluctance and sent in Paul Murden.  But exactly who is Joseph?  Was he Will’s handler (I’ve been practicing up on my spy talk)?  Does he work for mysterious Homeland Security Guy (Neal McDonough)?  Or is it the other way around?  Where does Derek Sellers and Three Continents Investing fit into the organization?  And what about Murden, was he just suppose to make sure the job was completed or was he to dispose of Will too?

I also still thing that Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) is in on the conspiracy.  Why would he not want Agent Marlow (Viola Davis) focusing on the autopsy of the body found in the Drexler?  Also wasn’t it a bit suspicious that once the FBI identified the body as Murden that the lackey who pick pocketed the pictures from Kim (Sonja Bennett) in “New Haven” was found in Murden’s apartment disposing of evidence?  And just how did that lackey escape FBI custody?

Well in looks like everyone is back in New York for “The Trader.”  I know I’m still an episode behind, but I’m closing in.


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