‘The Trader’ a key to Jay and Tyler’s innocence in ‘Traveler’

Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) return to New York City looking for Derek Sellers in “The Trader.”  What they found drives a rift between the two.  Meanwhile, Will (Aaron Stanford) returns to Deer Harbor in this episode of Traveler before going after the organization he works for.

I think “Betrayed” might have been a better title for this episode.  It seems like everyone was felt a little betrayed this episode.

Will and AlexBent on vengeance, Will unknowingly retraces Jay and Tyler’s steps in Deer Harbor and Boston, only to find his insurance missing and to narrowly miss a brush with Agent Marlow (Viola Davis).  He turns to some old friends — Jimmy (Michael Eklund) and Alex (Christina Chang) — for supplies and information.  Unfortunately, Alex, also a member of the agency and whom I assume has a little history with Will, betrays him and tries to take him in as a rogue agent.  He simply wounds her, determined to take out the organization that betrayed him and killed his girlfriend.

In New York, Jay and Tyler found an empty office for Three Continents Investing, but a connection to Holloway Insurance, the company that insured the Drexler, and possible proof that the bombing was a conspiracy.  They turn to sleazy acquaintance from grad school, Eddie Hunt (Tyler Labine), who now works for Tyler’s dad.  What they find is proof that the Hadley Foundation, a nonprofit organization Carlton Fogg (William Sandler), profited greatly from the bombing.

This news that Carlton not only betrayed his son, but quite possibly tried to have him and Jay killed, caused the duo to go separate ways.

Jack and CarltonWhen Tyler goes to confront his father, he finds him meeting with the mysterious Homeland Security Guy, who now has a name — Jack (Neal McDonough).  Tyler’s suspicious of his father’s betrayal are confirmed when Carlton tells him that he was weak and kicks him out of the limo.  But mine were confirmed when Jack told Carlton that he held up his end of the bargain.  But what I want to know, if it wasn’t money, what could be worth a man sacrificing his son?

In the meantime, Jay can’t resist trying to contact Kim (Sanja Bennett) only to find her dad moving out her stuff.  I think he felt betrayed that she didn’t wait for him.  But geez, give the girl a break she was left to deal with all the press without hearing from him.  I think she still loves him, but needed an escape.  And according to the previews for next week, the two reunite.

Likewise, the seeds of betrayal stretched to the FBI as Marlow and Agent Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar) discover the real identity of the man they arrested last week — Otis Wayley, a fellow counter-terrorism agent.   This discovery explains how he was able to escape custody, but not why he was destroying evidence in the Drexler bombing and who helped him escape.  My money is still Agent Chambers (Steven Culp).

Overall a good solid episode.  I can’t believe there are only two weeks left.  If the networks can come up with other well made series like this one, I’d be open to more mini-series.

(Photos courtesy of traveler-fan.com)


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