‘Buffy’s’ Giles Gets His Own Movie

July 31, 2007

Good news for all you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there.  A made-for-TV movie is headed to BBC about our favorite watcher — Rupert “The Ripper” Giles. 

GilesJoss Whedon announced at Comic Com that he is closing  a deal with BBC to make “Ripper,” a 90-minute television movie about Giles in his pre-Buffy days.

It was always alluded to in the Buffy series that Giles had a sordid past.  We know he was quite a hellion in his younger years.  Known then as The Ripper, Giles dabbled in black magic and ran around with the less than desirable crowd than included the troublesome Ethan Rayne among others.

Although Joss didn’t reveal the plot of the BBC special, I bet we can expect to see Giles in his prime as the Ripper.  Maybe the plot will cover his transition from bad boy to watcher.  Who knows?  What’s important is that we are getting a movie from the Buffy-verse.

Joss confirmed that Anthony Stewart Head is on board to reprise his role as Giles.  I’m assuming since this special is suppose to be about Giles’ life before he became Buffy’s watcher that we won’t be seeing any members of the Scooby Gang.  But that doesn’t rule out an appearance of Robin Sachs as Rayne.

Also there’s no word yet on when this new movie will air and if it will make an appearance on BBC America.  Still, I can’t wait.  I’m very excited just to know that this prequel to Buffy in the works.


Should Some Degrees Cost More?

July 31, 2007

I remember when you could go to college and choose a major because that’s what interested you most.  Apparently, that’s not the case anymore — some majors cost you more.

According to a recent New York Times article, some universities are actually charging students more per credit hour for some majors than for others.  They cite the inability to raise tuition as the need for these “premium” feeds.

These premiums would actually make more sense to me if it were for the same majors across the board.  But different universities are applying the premium to different majors.  The universities are attributing the need for the premiums to higher professor salaries and more expensive equipment.  But wouldn’t those be the same issues for all the universities.  Instead, one college is charging a premium for an engineering degree and another is adding it to journalism majors.

In addition, the premiums aren’t correlated with salaries.  In other words, you aren’t paying a premium for a major because that’ll get a higher paying job.  Some of the majors being charged a premium, such as journalism, actually have some of the lowest salaries.

But my real concern is that these premiums will pigeonhole which students take which majors.  The choice of a major will no longer be based on the student’s interests and strengths.  Instead, students will be limited to selecting a major from those that they can afford.  As if college isn’t expensive enough with tuition, books, lab fees and supplies, now students have to worry about premiums.

I hope this trend will fizzle out before my kids get to college.  I’m already worried about how I’ll be paying for two tuitions at the same time.  I don’t want to limit my children’s opportunities because of some dumb premium.  Guess I’d better save a little extra just in case. 

Simpsonizing My Family

July 30, 2007

I had so much fun simponizing myself last week, that I can’t stop playing.  So now I’ve simpsonized my whole family. 

Here are the twins:
My DaughterMy Son

And here’s my husband:

My Husband

And here’s the whole family


My Blog Interview

July 30, 2007

I was recently interviewed by BlogInterviewer.com regarding this blog.  Here’s the interview if you are interested.

The Lazy Man’s Guide to the 2008 Presidential Election

July 30, 2007

Presidential SealIf you are like me you can’t stand sifting through all the propaganda the candidates for the 2008 presidential election are spewing just to find the candidate that bests supports your issues of concern.  Now, there’s an easier way.

I’m a firm believer in exercising my right to vote.  It was a hard earned right and I intend to use it so that I won’t lose it.  But the sheer thought of listening to all the candidates’ speeches just to find out who supports what is enough to send me running from the nearest media outlet.

However, my friend Marc recently shared a site perfect for lazy voters like me.  This site lists many of the key issues.  You just select where you stand on each issue and how important that issue is to you.

It’ll show you a list of the candidates that match your interest and it’ll also show you which issues you differ on with each candidate.

I tried it and thought the results were pretty accurate to where I planned to vote.  While I’m not sure I’ll be voting for the first person on my list, I can say that the Top 3 are all under consideration for me.  And most importantly, Hillary Clinton didn’t show up anywhere near my top choices.  In fact, she received negative points for me. 

So, if you need help filtering through all the candidates comments to find what’s important to you or if you are just a wee bit lazy, check out Pick Your Candidate to find the candidate that best addresses your concerns.

Become a Simpson Character

July 27, 2007

Think the guest stars are one of the best parts of The Simpsons?  Wish you could be one yourself?  Now you can.

Simpson MeWith The Simpsons Movie opening today in theaters, fans can’t get enough of the Simpson.  But now you can become one yourself.  This site let’s you Simpsonize yourself.  You’ll need to have an photo you can upload.

It was kind of fun to do.  The photo here is my Simpson self.

Here’s more Simpson fun to enjoy before or after the big movie.

Simpson Trivia — How well do you know Homer and company?

Simpson Quotes — Vote for your favorite Homerisms.

Simpson Personality Test — Which Simpson are you most like?

Tour Springfield — Visit all of Homer’s favorite places.

So sit back with your favorite donut with sprinkles and enjoy.

Disney to Ban Smoking in Family Movies

July 26, 2007

Disney announced Wednesday that it plans to ban all depictions of smoking in its family-oriented movies, according to Reuters.  I think this move is a powerful one by a company whose name is synonymous with children.

Smoking BanSince I live in a state that depends on a tobacco company, I might be a minority.  However, I’m glad that someone in Hollywood is finally stepping up to the plate to help discourage kids from trying smoking.  And I think they are most definitely targeting the right films, those aimed at children viewers.

As an adult I have no problem with films that show people smoking.  At this point I understand the dangers associated with smoking and have no interest in them.  At the same time, I understand that there is still a large portion of the population that smokes.  In fact I have several friends that do.  I respect their decision just as they respect mine to not smoke.

However, as a teenager and even a pre-teen, I was fascinated with smoking because characters in movies I found fascinating looked cool and sexy smoking.  Add those images to peer pressure and you have a recipe that encourages teens to try this vice.

I’m not saying teens smoke because they see it in the movies, but it’s hard to promote smoking as a bad habit to acquire when it looks so cool in the movies.  And like it or not, teens (and even some adults) are influenced by what they seen on the big screen.

Disney isn’t banning smoking in all their movies, just those released under the Disney label.  And that’s okay with me.  I think when you get to movies aimed at adults, that the adults should be mature enough to separate reality from fiction. 

Let’s hope makers of other movies aimed at children follow suit.