Is Hot Dog Eating really a sport?

Today marks the 92nd Annual Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island.  But is competitive eating a sport?  The National Geographic Channel will explore the science behind speed eating later this week. 

I like hotdogs.  In fact, it’s one of the few foods I can actually cook (Just ask my little sister.  I feed them to her for an entire summer).  I like them grilled best, but I also like them boiled and even fried.  In fact, I’m a big fan of hot dogs, except today.  Every year, my husband makes me watch Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest and I lose my appetite for hot doges for a while.

In concept, I think the idea of the hot dog eating concept.  But in reality I just can’t stomach watching it.  But not my husband.  He’s got a front row seat every year.  And he keeps up on the event throughout the year.  For example, he couldn’t wait to tell me that the record for most hot dogs eaten was broken last month.  He even tells me about other competitive eating events.

Which leads me to ask, is competitive eating a sport?  I’m not so sure.  My husband thinks so and tells me how the “athletes” train and compete all year long for these events.

Well it seems that my husband isn’t the only one fascinated with this sport.  The National Geographic Channel is airing a special on July 8 at 9 p.m. called “The Science behind Speed Eating.”  Tune in to learn how these people manage to scarf down food in record time.

So this week, you can get in two doses of competitive eating.  First you can watch the Nathan’s contest on ESPN at noon today and then watch the National Geographic special on Sunday.

I’m sure my husband will be watching both.  Personally, I’ll pass on both.


One Response to Is Hot Dog Eating really a sport?

  1. Well, I love Nathan’s hotdogs, we always get them when we meet up for our reunion in July. They are great grilled and I like them just a little toasted. They have such a flavor to them that they don’ warrant any toppings. They are just right, plain

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