10 Commandments for Dating My Daughter

My daughter is two, so I have years until she dates.  Or at least I’d better.   But if I don’t I have found some advice for her potential boyfriends.

But honestly, it’s not me that my daughter needs to worry about when she discover boys.  It’s her dad.  She was just a babe in his arms and he was already telling her that she couldn’t date until she was 35.  Never mind that I wasn’t 35 yet myself.

He’s already plotting with his buddies on how he’ll met her boyfriends (while cleaning his gun) and what obstacles a boy might need to go through to earn the right to date our little girl.

But when I came across Doug Giles’ The 10 Commandments for My Daughter’s Potential Boyfriends, I immediately thought of my husband.  I’m sure other overprotective fathers out there will appreciate this list.

Never fear my daughter has a ray of hope when she’s ready to begin her quest of dating, she has a twin brother who will be bringing plenty of friends home, I’m sure.


One Response to 10 Commandments for Dating My Daughter

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