Jay and Kim Reunite in Traveler’s ‘The Reunion’

With all the parties back in New York, it was only a matter of time before they ran into each other on the latest episode of Traveler.  In “The Reunion,” not only does Jay (Matthew Bomer) reunite with Kim (Sanja Bennett), but Jay, Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) and Will (Aaron Stanford) wind up back together as their paths merge while all hot on the trail of the big conspiracy.

It seems like such a long time since my last Traveler blog because of the holiday, but it’s even harder to believe that there is just one more episode left.  This episode really heated up as we head into the final stretch.

BartenderThis episode picks up where “The Trader” left off with Tyler on the run after learning of his father’s betrayal.  Desperate, he turns to Kim in attempt to find Jay, leaving a message on her cell.  If calling a tapped phone — not once, but twice — wasn’t foolish enough he then heads to a bar to drown his sorrows and picks up the bartender for a little booty call. 

However, just when you are about to write him off as the slacker his father says he is, Tyler finds the connection between his father and Homeland Security’s Jack Freed (Neal McDonough).  And his discovery of Freed’s role as former deputy director of the FBI leads him to believe that someone at the FBI is involved.

After hearing Tyler’s message and finding his car in Queens not far from Kim’s parents’ house, the FBI pays Kim another visit.  More specifically, Marlow (Viola Davis) pays Kim a visit and tells her the FBI knows Will is alive.  This move causes another rift between Marlow and Chambers (Steven Culp) who says he’s cultivating the relationship with Kim.  Since I think he’s in on the conspiracy, I’m guessing he wants any leads from Kim for himself. 

While Tyler’s running, Jay checks into a motel room and sets up a meeting with Kim.  The note he sends her through a delivery order was very clever.  After a blissful reunion they discover an audio file among Will’s things that implements him in the framing of Jay and Tyler and suggests the Drexler bombing is part of a bigger plan.  Together Jay and Kim devise a pretty slick way of getting the info to the FBI without Jay turning himself in.

MarlowMeanwhile Will is hot on the trial of Maya’s killer.  First he confronts Jimmy (Michael Eklund) to find out the trigger man had dark hair and tattoos.  By the way, leaving Jimmy strung up was a nice touch.  With a little photoshop help and a badge (where did he get the badge?), Will finds Martin (Derek Hamilton) at the Hotel Regal.  Before killing Martin, Will learns that “Hometown” has been shutdown for two years (I’m guessing about the time Freed took a new position with Homeland Security) and that Freed has been using the agents for his own agenda.  I’m still trying to figure out where Joseph (Barclay Hope) figures in the chain of command.  Does he work for Freed? 

As Jay and Kim put their plan in motion to contact Marlow, Tyler contacts Kim to warn Jay about the FBI.  The warning came too late and the meeting goes bad.  Tyler comes to Jay’s, but is it Will that actually rescue the pair?  We’ll have to wait until next week.

The previews for next week look action packed and suggest that Will might portray Jay and Tyler once more.  But my money is that Will hates Freed more than anything right now and will actually double cross him.


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