‘Army Wives’ discover the trials of family in ‘Hail & Farewell’

The latest episode of Army Wives is entitled “Hail & Farewell,” but the episode is all about rifts — rifts between the friendships and rifts between the families.  And a game of “I’m Pissed” reveals a lot about the friends’ inner battles.

In the forefront is the saga surrounding Jeremy Sherwood (Richard Bryant).  His actions and the subsequent actions of his father have a spiraling effect on the Sherwood and Holden households and friendship.

Amanda & JeremyOf course, Denise (Catherine Bell) and Frank (Terry Serpico) are barely speaking.  He’s angry with her for keeping the news from him and she’s upset at him for throwing Jeremy out.  But Frank’s visit to the father of a fallen comrade, Kevin, might have taught him a little about understanding and tolerance, if not forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the tension between Denise and Jeremy is on the mend when she finally tracks him down through Amanda (Kim Allen) and the two have a heart to heart.  But the damage to Jeremy’s relationship with his dad is going to take a bit longer to heal.

Side note here — does anyone else think that Jeremy’s enlistment is cowardly?  Rather than face his parents and deal with the consequences of his actions, he’s joins the Army.  He says he can’t stand the idea of everyone on the post knowing what he did.  Tough.  Think about how his mom must have felt when he hit her or his dad who trusted him.  Not to mention the fact that he’s still not getting any help for his anger management issues.  I think the Holdens have concern to worry about their daughter’s blossoming romance with Jeremy.

Unfortunately the Holdens’ concern has backfired — both with their daughter and their friendship with the Sherwoods.  Amanda blames her dad (Brian McNamara) for driving Jeremy off and sentencing her to the same military life as her mother.  She obviously has a lot more issues with the Colonel and life on post than has been let on.

While Michael is dealing with his daughter’s secret rendezvous with Jeremy (who has been what . . . living in a gazebo on post for the last couple of days? Where are the MPs?), Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) must deal with the consequences on her friendship with Denise.

Sure, Claudia Joy could have handled it a bit better.  But Denise is naive if she thinks that Jeremy affinity for hitting won’t affect Amanda.  I think it’s great that Denise wants to rebuild her relationship with her son, but if he doesn’t get help, it does no one any good.  I wouldn’t want my daughter dating Jeremy.

Meanwhile Roxy (Sally Pressman) is having family troubles of her own.  Marda (Gigi Rice) might be bonding with her grandsons and Trevor (Drew Fuller) with very visual reenactments of Poe poems and games of crochet in three-inch heels, but Roxy is hesitant to trust the alcoholic mother who has let her down so many times in the past.

Apparently, Roxy’s caution was not unfounded.  While she and Trevor are out to dinner for her birthday, Marda leaves the boys alone to “run to the store” when you gets bad financial news.  It was heartbreaking when the oldest grandson begs Marda, “don’t do it Grandma.”

MardaMarda’s abrupt departure put a damper on Roxy’s surprise birthday party causing her to enlist her friends into a round of the drinking game “I’m Pissed.”

Through the game we learn a little about the hardship sthe “wives” bear as part of the military family, like Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) not knowing where her husband is during his deployment. 

But it was Roland (Sterling K. Brown) who revealed the most when he took three consecutive turns.  The Belgrad incident, his wife’s PTSD and the constant separation are taking their toll on him.  It looks like it might come to a head next week as the previews show a little temptation in store for both him and Pamela.

But when it comes time for Roxy’s turn, Marda shows up with a final goodbye and one last gift — a picture of Marda and Roxy as a child together.


4 Responses to ‘Army Wives’ discover the trials of family in ‘Hail & Farewell’

  1. movingmama says:

    I’m so with you on the relationship between Jeremy and Amanda – and they don’t seem to be addressing the issue of someone with anger management issues entering the Army.

    Enjoy your entries – I’m blogging about Army Wives at the Seattle PI…


  2. sherita says:

    i think they are cute 2gether and Amanda loves him and he love her

  3. vacelts says:

    I have problems with Amanda and Jeremy being together until Jeremy addresses his anger issues. Until he learns to deal with them they won’t really go away and will rear their ugly head again and possibly hurt Amanda.

  4. svvd says:

    im sooooooooooooooo pissed that Amanda died!!!

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