Can Will’s ‘Exchange’ Save Jay and Tyler in ‘Traveler?’

As the season of Traveler comes to a conclusion, the depths of the conspiracy are revealed.  However, “The Exchange” ends in true cliffhanger fashion with the fates of many of the characters left in the balance.

I can only dream that the series will be picked up for a second season just so we can learn how our heroes finally escape their life on the run.  Unfortunately, from what I’ve read on David DiGilio’s blog, the cast contracts have already lapsed, spelling doom for Traveler’s future.  That said, I want to say that DiGilio (creator and producer) and crew did a great job of revamping this episode at the last minute to give us at least some answers.  BTW, he promises to answer storyline wrap up questions on his blog if Traveler is officially canceled.

Now back to what turned into a great action-packed, if not entirely satisfying hour of television.  Here’s a recap of the characters and where they’ve been left.

Jay, Tyler and Will reuniteJay (Matthew Bomer), Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) and Will (Aaron Stanford) reunite to plot to expose Jack Freed (Neal McDonough) and prove Jay and Tyler’s innocence only to have their plan backfire when the limo they delivered to the newspaper with Freed in it blows up.  First, I don’t understand why they went to the newspaper instead of to a TV station.  Second, why didn’t they just release the tape they had implicating Freed?  And what about the recording of Joseph (Barclay Hope) ordering Will to blow up the Drexler?  Now, it looks like they are responsible for yet another bombing and the three are still on the run.

Will reveals that he works (or worked) for the U.S. government and was ordered to kill Jay and Tyler in the explosion.  They were handpicked patsies because of what the government did to their fathers.  But we later find out that Jay’s dad worked for the Fourth Branch and we already knew that Carlton Fogg (William Sandler) played an active part in sacrificing his son.  However, it’s never explained why Will spared Jay and Tyler or his Bourne Identity change of heart about Hometown.

The Fourth BranchJack Freed is presumably killed in the limo in the explosion.  But before his demise, we learn a few things including that the Drexler is the first step in a plot to create fear and control.  I guess by making the American people more afraid of domestic terrorism, his domestic espionage program can gain more power to spy on American citizens.  Think Enemy of the State.  Is Operation Hometown the Fourth Branch?  Is the Fourth Branch what our forefathers were debating in the painting?

The explosion itself leads to even more questions.  Is Freed really dead?  Did he cause the explosion?  If so, how?  Surely Will frisked him.  If not, then who is responsibly?  How did they do it and do it so quickly?

Meanwhile, my suspicion that Special Agent Chambers (Steven Culp) is a part of the conspiracy was confirmed.  First, there’s the knowing look between him and Carlton when Agent Borjes arrests Carlton for hiding his contact with Tyler during “The Trader.”  Then he point blank shoots Agent Borjes (Anthony Ruivivar) when Borjes corners Otis Wayland (Enriquez Mitchell) telling Borjes that he did a good job — too good of a job.  What I’m not sure of is who Wayland was truly shooting when he hit Carlton.  Was Carlton the intended target or Borjes? 

Then there’s poor Agent Marlow (Viola Davis) who’s benched after she loses the boys at the nightclub.  But that doesn’t stop her from working on the case.  However, when she finds Joseph and he tries to kill her after getting a phone call, she learns a lot more than she expected.  But what will she do now that she knows Chambers ordered the hit on her?  And doesn’t Chambers recognize her cell phone number?

And finally, we know very little about Kim (Pascale Hutton)’s future. She was brought in by Chambers for helping the boys escape at the nightclub.  When she refuses to tell Chambers where they are headed, he arrests her.  But it isn’t jail where they take her.

My only complaint about tonight’s episode is that we didn’t get to see the Porter (Billy Mayo) again.  We still don’t know who he works for?  Or why he wants Will?  Did he die in the ambush in “The Tells?”

I still can’t believe this series got buried in the summer schedule.  It definitely deserved better.  It is a well made series that kept you on the edge of your seat with each action packed episode.  My Wednesday nights will be a little blander now.

For those who liked the series and would like to see it continue, feel free to sign the petition to keep the show on the air. 

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