Blueberry Picking with Toddlers

BlueberryToday I took the twins blueberry picking for the very first time.  It was an experience.  Actually any activity with twin two-year-olds is an experience.

We went to a place called Apple Berry Manor in Virginia Beach.  It was pretty much blueberry bushes in this guy’s backyard.  But they were a nice bunch of bushes, taller than I expected.  We went with my mother and aunt, my sister and her three kids (9, 4, 1), and a friend and her two-year-old.

The twins quickly got the hang of picking off the blueberries.  But then they only wanted to pick two or three, put them in their basket and then go sit on the grass with my friend’s two-year-old and eat them. 

Then they gave up the pretense of picking berries altogether and would just go from person to person getting berries already picked for their baskets and would go munch on them.

I know they ate more berries than they picked and they put a good dent in the total amount picked.  My friend’s daughter had a healthy helping and left with a blue face.  Surprisingly, the twins escaped with very little mess.

Towards the end, the twins emptied their buckets and then ran around with them on their heads giggling.  My little bucketheads was very cute.

We did make it home with some berries.  Quite a few, actually.  And I would say the twins and I had a good time.  It looks like berry picking will become an annual event for us.

If you are interested in berry picking, you can find a location near you by going to


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