‘Buffy’s’ Giles Gets His Own Movie

Good news for all you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there.  A made-for-TV movie is headed to BBC about our favorite watcher — Rupert “The Ripper” Giles. 

GilesJoss Whedon announced at Comic Com that he is closing  a deal with BBC to make “Ripper,” a 90-minute television movie about Giles in his pre-Buffy days.

It was always alluded to in the Buffy series that Giles had a sordid past.  We know he was quite a hellion in his younger years.  Known then as The Ripper, Giles dabbled in black magic and ran around with the less than desirable crowd than included the troublesome Ethan Rayne among others.

Although Joss didn’t reveal the plot of the BBC special, I bet we can expect to see Giles in his prime as the Ripper.  Maybe the plot will cover his transition from bad boy to watcher.  Who knows?  What’s important is that we are getting a movie from the Buffy-verse.

Joss confirmed that Anthony Stewart Head is on board to reprise his role as Giles.  I’m assuming since this special is suppose to be about Giles’ life before he became Buffy’s watcher that we won’t be seeing any members of the Scooby Gang.  But that doesn’t rule out an appearance of Robin Sachs as Rayne.

Also there’s no word yet on when this new movie will air and if it will make an appearance on BBC America.  Still, I can’t wait.  I’m very excited just to know that this prequel to Buffy in the works.


One Response to ‘Buffy’s’ Giles Gets His Own Movie

  1. jtp says:

    Awesome. I hope somebody uploads it to the internet so people on the other side of the ocean can watch.

    (Apparently) they did something in X-Men 3 to make Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen look younger for flashbacks. Maybe they’ll use the same technology for Anthony Stewart Head?

    (It would make more sense just to have older Giles/Head telling a story, and use a younger actor for younger Giles.)

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