Second Season of ‘Eureka’ Funnier and Quirkier

You always worry that when a new series comes back for its second season if it can maintain the same “magic” that drew you to it to begin with.  Sci Fi’s quirky little drama Eureka has put that concern to rest for me.  Four episodes into its second season, Eureka is better than ever. 

Jack and ZoeAlthough I’ve been thoroughly entertained, the first few episodes have been a little heartbreaking for me.  It the Season 1 finale we got a glimpse at a potential future for our favorite sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) that was his own little utopia.  He was happily married to Allison Blake (Salli Richardson), his daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) had become a well adjusted valedictorian.  Allison’s son Kevin (Meshach Peters) had come out of his shell.  And Allison and Carter were expecting a child of their own.  Perfect.  Unfortunately, we find out that it’s all part of an alternate future that must be undone because it’s cracking the fabric of time, or something devastating like that.

In the season opener, we had to watch as Carter, the only one to remember the alternate future, deal with the consequences of changing it.  All the while, his best friend Henry (Joe Morton) blames him for not allowing Henry to save his true love, Kim, from her death.  Luckily, Henry invented some gadget that erased Carter’s memories of the alternate future.

But we, the audience, still remember.  And week after week, we’ve slowly watched as little things keep coming between the potentially developing relationship between Allison and Carter. 

First Allison gets a new job as head of Global Dynamics.  Talk about pressure and in this new position she and Carter are often at odds. 

Then there’s Stark (Ed Quinn), Allison’s ex.  Allison feels bad about taking his job giving him an in to get closer to her, much to Jack’s chagrin.  Although Stark no longer works for Global and has had 17 (or some other absurd number) of job offers, he’s still in town.  And last week, he confided in Allison about Kevin’s connection to the artifact.

Of course, there are always the strange town emergencies — residents that instantaneously combust, Fargo’s (Neil Grayston) ineptness and bizarre weather that threatens to destroy the town.  But rather than bring Allison and Carter closer together like it did last year, solving these mysteries is actually causing a bit of a strain on their relationship.

Then to top it all off, last week Jack’s ex wife, Abby (Olivia d’Abo), shows up in town, ready to take Zoe back to LA to live with her.  I’m so glad they resolved that issue this week.  Being a stand up guy, Carter was going to uphold the bargain and let Zoe go with Abby at the end of the semester despite the fact that losing his daughter was devastating him as we saw through his “therapy” session.  Call me silly, but I was in tears by the end when Abby realizes that Jack and Zoe belong together in Eureka and leaves alone.

But despite the heart wrenching moments over the first few episodes, the series still thrives on quirky and funny.  C’mon where else would you find residents like this?  But underlining all our laughter, the show has some real mysteries going on.

Who does Beverly (Debrah Farentino) work for?  And when will the residents of Eureka catch on to what she’s doing?  Is Henry still trying to save Kim?  He’s discovered that Beverly’s up to no good, why doesn’t he tell Allison?  What is on that chip he found in Beverly’s house?  Why is Stark still around?  Is he really trying to get back with Allison?  Or is he still after the artifact and wants to study Kevin?  Will Jo (Erica Cerra) and Taggert (Matt Frewer) still get together?

I’m very intrigued to see what else the show has in store for us this season.  If you haven’t checked out Eureka yet, you should.  It’s a great drama that’s quirky too.  Think of it as Sci Fi lite.

Next week it’s the science fair.  In a town of elite geniuses, I can only imagine what their children come up with for the science fair.  It looks like we’ll be in for an interesting ride.


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