Quick Summer Meals

For me a quick summer meal is a sandwich and chips, but for those of you that have a more discerning palette, here are 101 ideas for summer meals that take less that 10 minutes, courtesy of the New York Times.

10 Minute MealsI’ve never been much of a cook.  It’s just something I don’t have a knack for.  Many have tried to teach me and most ran screaming from the kitchen after an hour with me.  My husband says he likes to cook, but I simply think it does so out of self defense.  In fact, he is a pretty good cook, especially when he has the grill going.

When my husband is home, we grill out a lot in the summer, but he’s always looking for some other ideas light, quick ideas for the hectic nights.  So I was thrilled with finding this list for him.

This list has a lot of great ideas that we would really enjoy if it was the two of us, but now that we have the twins we need child-friendly meals.  And unfortunately, many of the ideas on this list just aren’t. 

Guess we are back to my repetoire of sandwiches and hot dogs  (oh didn’t I mention my speciality?) for meals with the twins.  But for those of you with older kids or without the children all together, enjoy!


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