Rainy Day Activities for Under a Buck

It’s summertime and for kids it means it’s time to be outside playing.  However, we’ve been having a rash of afternoon thunderstorms.  What do you do with active children when the sky turns grey?  Or when temperatures swelter?

I found this article recently by Lifehacker with 10 ways to entertain you kids for under a buck.  Most of the ideas require using things around the house like boxes and paper cups.  Not all the activities are indoor, but a majority are.

Unfortunately, my twins are still a little too young for some of these ideas, but I’ll be bookmarking the page anyways.  I remember trying several of these as a kid but had forgotten about them.  I’m glad to have the reminder for these simple forms of entertainment.

The one idea I didn’t know about was the Home Depot Kids Workshops.  They are offered on the first Saturday of every month at 9 a.m. at all Home Depot stores for children 5-12.  Sounds like a perfect outing with daddy.  I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to attend these workshops.  They sound like fun.


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