Why Sci Fi Gets a Bad Name?

I never thought of myself as a Sci Fi fan, but when I list out the shows I watch — Supernatural, Smallville, Eureka, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Lost  — I find that indeed I am indeed a fan.  But maybe the reason I’m reluctant to announce my support of the genre is because sometimes Sci Fi gets a bad name. 

Forever Geek’s 10 Worst Sci Fi Shows Ever are prime video examples of why science fiction has a stigmatism to it.   Now, I’ve been lucky enough to never see these shows.  How about you?  Any others you’d add to this list? 

I know some would add the original Battlestar Galactica series.  When I originally watched it, I wouldn’t have thought so.  But in light of the new series, I’d have to add it to the list.

I also guess the endless list of B-movies also helped tarnish sci fi’s image, but I always thought they were a good for a laugh.

But as long as the genre keeps giving us hits like Firefly, Angel, X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’ll be a fan.  How about you?


One Response to Why Sci Fi Gets a Bad Name?

  1. C Richey says:

    I’m a die hard fan ever since I saw Star Wars when I was a kid. I had just discovered books, thanks to a wonderful Scoutmaster who took an interest and started lending me some of his books (we lived in a rural area without a library within an hour’s drive). After that I started reading Andre Norton and that lead to others and other genres. Sci-Fi of today is tomorrow’s reality. If you don’t believe me, read some of Heilens’ books written in the sixties. Quite a few of his ideas are reality today. Don’t forget to watch Battlestar Razor tomorrow night!

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