‘Army Wives’ Deal with Loneliness

The only problem with a cool summer show is that sometimes all the summer fun gets in the way of watching it.  I really like Army Wives, but because of activities with the family I’m about three episodes behind.  I finally got a chance to start watching again so bear with me for being a weeks late in my recaps.

Roxy and PamelaIn “Only the Lonely,” Army Wives tackles the subject of loneliness.  Honestly, I’m surprised that the issue has come up sooner, but thought that this episode was really a good place to explore it.

Although Roland (Sterling K. Brown) has been separate from Joan (Wendy Davis) many times, including two years most recently, he admitted in the last episode that this current separation while Joan is in the PTSD program has been the hardest.  Apparently the constant distance from his wife is starting to take its toll.  Add that to the fact that he doesn’t quite fit in on the post — being the civilian spouse — and it’s easy to see while his was flattered by the attention lavished by interviewer Vanessa Kelsing (Sherri Saum), who is dealing with her only loneliness issues.  Unfortunately, both gave in to the temptation.  He’s going to regret that later.  And I can guarantee that Joan will not take it well when she finds out.  And we all know that she’s going to find out.

Meanwhile, Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) was dealing with a temptation of her own.  Not only is she apart from her husband, but she’s missing her partner in parenting.  I know personally that when my husband travels it’s tough playing the single parent.  So when Scott Decker (Josh Casaubon), another single parent whom she shares a past with, comes along, it’s easy to let her guard down..  But I guess it’s a good thing that she has a friend like Roxy (Sally Pressman) to talk it through.  Never under estimate the power of friendship.

So it was no surprise that Amanda (Kim Allen) bonded with Denise (Catherine Bell) as both deal with Jeremy’s departure (Richard Bryant).  Amanda’s pain causes Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) to deal with their own separation — a daughter who is growing up and making decisions for herself.

Meanwhile, Denise heads back to school, a step towards finding herself.

The hardest story of loneliness was Roxy’s new friend.  She had to deal with the kind of loneliness that comes when you lose your husband.  Luckily she Roxy and the others help her learn to move on.

Not the most powerful episode, but still a good effort.  I’m looking forward to the next one where we learn about Claudia Joy’s big secret.


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