Stopping Cough Medicine Abuse 5 Moms at a Time

My kids are only two.  So far I don’t have to worry about drug abuse.  In fact my children haven’t even discovered peer pressure yet.  But I’m afraid this peace of mind will be short lived.

Five MomsLong gone are the days when parents could tell their kids are using drugs because they smell pot from their room.  Today’s teen faces the potential to not only use much more serious drugs, but also simple household products.  The latest is cough medicine.  And today’s teen is not only influenced by their friends and television, now they have the Internet to show them how to do it.

But we as parents can use the Internet too.  At least that’s the idea behind  Five moms got together and developed a site to spread the word about cough medicine abuse

You’ll also find resources at this site to help you identify abuse and to get help.

So visit Five Moms today and help spread the word.


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