What is Your House’s Walk Score?

Here’s a new piece of information to consider when you buy a house — the house’s walk score.  What is a walk score you ask?  It is a score to determine if your neighborhood is walkable.  In other words, are there stores, parks, schools, etc. that are within walking distance of your house?

Walk ScoreFor the health conscious home owner, a high walk score is desirable.  After all, getting out and walking is healthy, not to mention good for the environment.

It’s also something to consider if you are a parent.   It won’t tell you if the neighborhood and surrounding areas have sidewalks, but it will tell you what’s close enough for a walking adventure.

I remember walking to the store with my mom as a kid.  Sure it was the zoo or a water park, but it was still a fun adventure for a kid.  Then I remember when I was old enough to walk to the store by myself.  My friends and I would walk to the store just to get a soda.  Then we’d repeat the trip a couple hours later just to have something to do.  I didn’t realize it then, but it was a great way to get in some exercise.

A few years ago before we had children we bought a house.  We chose a house in the suburbs because of the school system, knowing that children were in our near future.  But now that we are here with toddlers, I miss the ability to just walk up to the store.  Our house had a walk score of 5 (out of 100).  We get in the car to go anywhere — even the nearest park.

So before we buy our next house, I’ll be checking out a few things — the school system, the sex offender registry and the walk score.


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