Trailer for New Jack Black Movie — Be Kind Rewind

If Jack Black’s newest movie Be Kind, Rewind is half as funny as this trailer, I’ll be rolling in the aisles.

Be KindPersonally I love to watch trailers — there’s something about the tease about what’s to come that makes it so exciting.  The best way to experience a trailer is in a darkened theater on the big screen with the smell of buttered popcorn in the air.  Of course, you can also watch trailers on TV now and even the Internet, but in the theater is still the best.

Because of this reason, I don’t usually watch a lot of trailers online (call me old fashion), but when my husband sent me this link and was still laughing, I had to check it out.  I have to admit I wasn’t a big Jack Black fan at first, but he’s grown on me over the years.

The premise is that Jack’s character someone became magnetized and erased all the tapes in his friend’s video store.  In order to replace the tapes, Jack and his buddy make their own version of all the movies.

Here, check out the trailer for yourself.  Then book your seat in the theater for Jan. 25, 2008.


2 Responses to Trailer for New Jack Black Movie — Be Kind Rewind

  1. Craig Montegue says:

    I would not see this film if it was the last film on earth, because it has the traitor Danny Glover in it. Boycott this film if you believe in and love this country!

  2. Craig Montegue says:

    Glover is an America hating bastard!!!!

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